15 Best Movie Making Apps for Android & iOS

Too many home videos that you got no idea what to do with? Or maybe you wanna try yourself as a movie director? Perhaps, you need to film a video for your Youtube channel? Whatever your goals are, the list below will help you find the best movie making app to put your ideas into reality! Check it now, choose the app that suits you most, and have fun!

Save your new movie in any desired format using these best video converter apps.


Become a video editing and design expert. With the Filmora mobile app, you can create a full-fledged video from scratch in no time at all. Create videos for social networks, share them in messengers with friends, and make creative gifts with your own hands.

The app offers the most popular tools that you can work with without special skills. Change the length and quality of your video, rewind, and add filters and colorful stickers.

Choose the perfect musical accompaniment. Insert one of the 1,000 tracks in the app’s library or use audio tracks from the gallery. You can also add a voiceover and sound effects.

Work with the color scheme: adjust the brightness and clarity of the video. Decorate your clip with animated text and cute stickers. Numerous choices of transitions will make your clips unique. Get videos in a format that’s perfect for Instagram and Twitter.


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Movavi Clips

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at being a famous director, try the Movavi Clips app. Even if you don’t have the proper experience in this field, you can create an interesting music video with your own personal contribution.

The most convenient and necessary tools are collected here. All functions work quickly and accurately. The resulting videos can be saved in HD quality or shared with your contacts in your address book. Upload video stories to social networks and become a star.

In Movavi Clips, you can even touch up your photos and correct color palettes, imperfections, and other mistakes. Movavi Clips gives you transitions for every category. Use stickers and explanatory text to get the most out of your movie.

Control how long your video lasts when you use it for social media. Eliminate whole episodes, and make transitions and stitching seamless. Make your video creative with popular music.


Film Maker Pro – Movie Maker

Film Maker Pro is a free video editor right on your phone. Get a professional high-resolution clip quickly and easily. The clear interface and easy-to-use menu will make the app your favorite. You can start creating videos as soon as you download the app.

You have at your disposal a whole arsenal of useful tools and popular options. The app is constantly being updated, allowing users to test the latest innovations.

In Film Maker Pro you will find simple step-by-step instructions on how to work with the video editor. Even inexperienced users will be able to create clips based on it.

Use the included templates to make editing as easy as possible. Use filters and special effects to give your footage a touch of atmosphere. Film Maker Pro will quickly turn you into a video editing expert.


Video Editor & Maker: My Movie

Get a bright and colorful movie with a prototype of a real studio in your pocket. The MyMovie app gives you free use of professional options and a large selection of all kinds of options. Become the star of a video clip, and edit a clip for your Instagram stories.

Your creativity has no limits and no conditional boundaries. Slow down the playback speed to emphasize a certain episode. Use musical accompaniment and get a professional clip with your participation. The app works without paid subscriptions or data plans and avoids watermarks.

Make a video that’s big enough to use on your social networks without cropping or editing. Your video will last as long as you want. Let your video get interesting and colorful with numerous stickers for all tastes.

MyMovie has a large set of filters, special features, and tools waiting for you: retro, mosaic, and mirror effects. Let your social media page become interesting and attractive with the MyMovie app.


Movie Editing – Pro Video Edit

The ultimate video editor Movie Editing offers you premium video tools. The powerful functionality will make an unfinished video into a real masterpiece. Create music videos and trailers for famous movies. 4K resolution makes it even more marvelous.

Edit your video before you finish to get the perfect footage. Cut and paste objects and change the background. Adjust the playback speed and size of the finished movie. Use the green screen feature to build a fantasy world without the help of professionals.

The app works with the most known formats. Choose audio from a variety of options or insert your own track. Add a voiceover and sound effects for maximum immersion into what’s happening on the screen.

With Movie Editing, you won’t be ashamed to share your work with your friends and followers on social networks.


Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor allows you to edit whole movies and photos without any extra programs. Use it to create colorful collages and slideshows. Turn your phone into a real studio.

Explore your potential with a huge selection of filters, transitions, and special effects. What are the uses of this app? Now you can make creative photos and videos for your social media page. Each project will take less time than you think. The result is stunning with excellent quality and no flaws.

Besides, you will be able to make a memorable gift for an important date for a loved one. Use the right soundtrack to evoke pleasant emotions. Finish what you started: with Magisto Video Editor you will easily finish the work you started years ago.

To create a video clip or collage, take 3 simple steps. Choose a photo or video clip, choose the right template or theme, and insert the right music.


Movie Adventure

Movie Adventure mobile app has an unusual format that will take you into a fantasy world for a long time. If you’ve wanted to create your own movie for a long time, but didn’t know where to start, welcome.

This app is as easy as possible to use. With it, you will become the director of your own movie. It’s up to you to decide the length of the film and what theme you want to explore. The app is suitable for creating a surprise move, a visual aid for students, and a fun evening in the company of close friends.

Cute characters from the games “Nighty Night” and “Little Fox Music Box” will be your assistants. Choose locations, decorations, and musical accompaniment. Use special effects to get your message across. More than 30 characters are waiting for you.

Movie Adventure is great for young users because it lets you explore the world of technology in an accessible game format.


Video Editor & Movie Maker by TikiP Studio

Use the Movie Maker mobile app to create interesting video content. Turn your average photo into a slideshow and get lots of love and compliments from your friends and followers.

Create a new video every day, because editing is quick and available to everyone. No tedious registrations or paid subscriptions. Just install the app on your phone and start creating.

Use the camera to create videos in real-time. Choose any template, and complete your masterpiece with a soundtrack and special effects. All options are freely available and do not require payment.

Choose a video resolution when you’re done and save it in your cloud storage. Send the clip or slideshow via email or messengers if you want. Creating movies is easy and fun with the Movie Maker mobile app.


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Movie Maker by Photo And Video Apps

Movie Maker gives you the opportunity to collect your favorite photos into a gorgeous slideshow. The number of selected images must not exceed 50. Edit pictures right in Movie Maker to save time.

Create clips and movies for social networks in just a few clicks. Choose from templates, transitions, and music. Add cool text and fancy sticker inserts. Make your friends smile and followers envious of your photo stories.

Use Photo Slideshow Maker to add an interesting voiceover to your movie or slideshow. Get creative: select music from the app or insert your favorite tracks. Instantly send the finished video via email, WhatsApp, or social media.

With Movie Maker, creating movies and slideshows will never be the same again.



What do you need to make a complete movie? Just install PK Film: Movie Video Maker on your phone or tablet. You have a lot of possibilities to create an unusual and stylish movie. Hundreds of handy templates have been developed for you to make your work fast and pleasant.

Decide on the theme of your video, and choose a title and a storyline. Upload photos and pictures to find out the length of your finished movie. Bring your ideas to life with the latest technology and editing tools.

The themes of the templates are diverse. You can create an entire western or action movie. Or maybe you are a fan of the detective genre.

Your professional film starts with the introduction of the actors and director. Change any data when necessary. Use any transitions, filters, and useful options. Just a few quick steps separate you from a true masterpiece.


Image To Video – Movie Maker

Who would love the Image To Video – Movie Maker app? It is a unique multifunctional video editor that everyone needs. It contains only the best and most convenient features. Go step by step to create a real movie.

The result will be pleasantly surprising with excellent quality and bright colors. Create video clips of your favorite music, make a slide show as a gift for your mom, and prepare a video surprise for the reunion day.

A huge selection of music tracks-themed frames, backgrounds, and stickers. Mix up your video with funny titles, and add filters and various effects. No more monotonous: each new movie will be completely different from the previous one.

In just a few seconds you’ll get an original tape, which you can give as a gift and post on social networks. Don’t pass by Image To Video – Movie Maker: show your creativity today.


Stop Motion Studio

The next-generation video editor Stop Motion Studio offers you to try your hand at stop motion art. Despite its simple interface and simple menu, the app is feature-rich and powerful.

Here you will find everything you need to get started: useful tips, easy-to-follow instructions, and a wide range of features. Your animations will be no different from those created by real experts. You can make adjustments at any stage of the work.

Change the order of frames and transitions between them. Use a melody, song, or audio recording as your background sound. Work in comic book technique using text bubbles. Send characters to fairy tale lands using the green screen option.

Experiment with the color palette: color the characters and scenery so that they become part of the picture. Be sure to insert credits at the end of the movie to celebrate the actors and the talented director.


Movie maker by Bip Studio

Bip Studio knows exactly what a true video editor should look like. The Movie Maker mobile app harbors unique opportunities to produce entire movies based on your photos.

You’ll have a lot of fun with clear menus, helpful templates, and advanced special effects. Don’t think that only users with experience are suitable for this kind of work. The app is designed for a wide audience and gives everyone the opportunity to prove themselves.

Here you will find popular templates that will become the basis of the movie. Select photos from your gallery or use your camera to take them right now. Insert transitions between frames depending on your idea.

Music in the background will be a nice addition, and bright and funny footage will give the film a finishing effect. Complete the movie with unusual subtitles to celebrate the participants and the creator of the video.


Movie Maker by EasternStudio.Inc

Movie Maker for phones and tablets makes you feel like a video editing expert. Create an entire movie or a short clip for free. Different categories of templates are collected here: Halloween, New Year, birthday, and wedding.

You won’t have to waste your time looking for a suitable background, stickers, and captions for the design. All this is already at your fingertips. All you have to do is download the app and get started.

Get your photos ready for the main work. Edit the shadows, set the mood with light effects, and remove any imperfections. Let the action of your movie take place in your favorite song or melody.

Just choose a song from the app’s hit collection or use any other audio file. Constant updates contribute to the collection of patterns and music. In Movie Maker you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.


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Movie Maker by VIDEO STUDIO

Quality Movie Maker app for the most demanding aspiring filmmakers. Thousands of exclusive backgrounds, special effects, and transitions. The largest selection of musical masterpieces. Simplified menu for maximum user comfort and high speed.

With its help, you can create any slide show, which will not be unnoticed at family celebrations or on social networks.

To create a slide show you only need this app. It combines the functions of a photo editor and a video editor. Only you can determine how many photos are in a slide show, its theme, and its duration. You can use up to 60 photos in one project.

In a few clicks, you can create a colorful slideshow suitable for any purpose. Test the suggested filters, color palettes, and transitions. Stickers and colorful captions will put you in a good mood and make you feel great about what you’ve done.

Save your clip in HD quality so you can upload it to your social networks and send it to your friends.

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