15 Best Movie making apps for Android & iOS

Too many home videos that you got no idea what to do with? Or maybe you wanna try yourself as a movie director? Perhaps, you need to film a video for your Youtube channel? Whatever your goals are, the list below will help you find the best movie maker app to put your ideas into reality! Check it now, choose the app that suits you most and have fun!

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iMovie is a stock video making app by Apple. This one might have everything you need to turn your videos into something cool and memorable. The app has got 8 themes with different titles, music, etc., 10 filters, and 14 trailer templates.

For some people it is not enough – in this case, just scroll down to see the apps that are more complicated – while for others, nothing extra is really needed.

Besides the features listed above, the app also has such editing tools as slow-motion, picture in picture mode, and so on. iMovie has got a user-friendly interface and a nice minimalistic design. So, if you own an Apple device and are looking for a simple app to have fun with, this one is definitely worth your consideration!

imovie app


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Power Director Mobile

Power Director Mobile is a bit similar to iMovie, only it is for Android. The app is probably even better than the one above actually. It has got over 50 video filters! And all of them are free. There is also a solid package of transitions and other cool stuff.

With the help of this app, you can impose music on your videos to make them even more engaging. If you don’t wanna use music, you can record your voice and use it instead, or you can do both, whatever.

The app also has lots of editing tools like trimming, slow-mo, reverse, and so on. Once again, if you need a simple good video making app and this time if you have an Android device, this one is definitely worth checking out!

powerdirector movie app



Magistro is an app for everyone! It will help you to make amazing movies in a couple of seconds. Just choose some videos from your gallery, choose a filter, and then choose a song and that’s it! As easy as that. The app was praised by lots of magazines and in general, got many positive reviews.

Probably the only drawback of this one is that you don’t have much freedom while editing. But the good thing is that you don’t need to spend lots of time to get a cool and interesting movie. Get this app right now and enjoy!

magistro video maker



Adobe Premiere Clips

Glitch Video Effects is a new trendy app for Android that is super easy in usage, and, at the same time, it provides all the necessary features for editing. The app will work perfectly for editing videos for the Instagram stories since this kind is extremely popular today.

What you need to do is to upload the video from the library and then you can cut it, adjust the resolution, change the speed, the background, and do other technical adjustments. In the next step you can layer the filters on the video (there are more than 50 of filters), add music, and add cool effects.

The effects are the main advantage of this app. Adding them is really easy – just play the video, then, at the moment you want to add the effect, tap on it and hold it – until you let go the effect will be added to that part fo the video. Not all the effects are available in the free version, but those which are is quite enough.




Quilk is an amazing video editing app! The greatest thing is that it is absolutely free. 26 styles, various filters, overlays – all of that is available for everyone. The thing is that the app is developed by GoPro – may be, the company uses it to somehow advance its products. Anyways, what we get is a great app without a price!

The app allows you to choose photos and videos from a number of sources, such as your gallery, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. After doing so, you get to choose the order of the chosen files or let the app do this work for you. It is especially useful in case you want to add music to your clip – the app will automatically choose the order that best compliments your music.

Some of the other cool features of the app include adding text, choosing a font for this text, choosing filters, and, most importantly, choosing the format. The last thing is great since you never know what you’re gonna edit your videos for.

For instance, if you want to share them on Instagram, you will probably prefer a square format. In sum, Quilk is that video making app that everybody is looking for, but not everybody finds. Try it now! Maybe, it will be the one you were looking for as well!

quilk video editor



Filmmaker Pro

This app is really similar to iMovie, but with a fact that it has a little bit more editing possibilities. It is totally free and it allows you to create the projects of any desirable length. Plus, it supports even the biggest dimensions of the video, including 4k.

Apart from that, here you will discover lots of specific and elaborate editing tools, such as ability to choose the composition’s aspect ratio, the composition flexible frame rate, and other interesting stuff.




VivaVideo is a perfect choice for those who need a moviemaker mostly for social media. The app will help you make your videos look the way you want them to look – you can use trimming, splitting, reversing, and other tools to achieve the desired look.

After having done all of the preparations, you get to be introduced to an enormous number of cool features like filters, effects, dynamic text, slow-mo/fast-mo, stickers, and others.

The greatest thing is that the frills this app has to offer are in a really large quantity, so you can definitely find the ones that suit your taste. However, VivaVideo has some disadvantages as well.

They’re a limited time in which a movie can last and a watermark. You can get rid of these inconveniences by buying a premium version of the app. So, all the Instagram lovers and Facebook admirers, this one is for you!

vivavideo app




For those who want to go fully professional with making movies/clips, there is a great app called “LumaFusion”. Of course, like any professional and super multi-functional software it is not free, and you should go for it only if you are 100 percent sure you are going to use its full capabilities in a long term run.

When describing this program it is even difficult to start with something in particular… In general, this is a movie editing software you would normally have on your PC.

There are tracks for videos, sound, timelines, filters, and effects, extra specific settings, and much other stuff. For more detailed information, you can go to the page of the app and see the whole list of what this app is capable of performing.




This amazing movie maker app is sadly just for iOS.  The app is really one of the most advanced ones in this category. Apart from standard editing tools, it has such cool features, as special effects, filters, cool overlays… And that is not nearly it! You can apply to your videos text, music, vector artworks and a lot more! The nice thing is that you can make your movie last for as much as you want. Videorama is definitely worth your attention!

videorama app



FilmoraGo is an excellent movie maker, this time – both for Android and iOS. The app has all of the cool features that were mentioned above, except only for special effects. It is a nice one to edit your Instagram videos and Youtube ones – the app has such formats as 1:1 and 16:9. The greatest thing of all is that it doesn’t leave any watermarks!

Among the features are the following: lots of editing tools like slow-mo, transitions, and all the usual stuff; themes and effects that can magically transform your videos into something truly great; animated subtitles, titles, music or voice overlays, and a lot more. Get the app now and see if it is what you need!

filmorago app



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The name of this app basically says everything about it. GoPro is a quite popular camera because of its wide-angle of filming, making the videos look as they would be taken by a professional camera. This app is the perfects addition to the camera that allows the adjusting and post-editing of the videos that you took on your GoPro camera.

This app gives you the possibility to both film live videos via GoPro camera and then edit them, or upload videos to the app and work on them. Another cool feature of this app is it can work as cloud storage for your videos and you’ll be able to access it from all the devices.

As for the editing features – they are quite basic (but in a good sense). Trimming, cutting, adding filters, effects, transitions – all the tools for making a nice vis are included here.




VideoShow is one of the best apps for creating videos. It has all the most useful features and a bit more than that. The app allows you to choose a theme for a video, add music, or dub using your phone’s microphone, you can even add sound effects! What’s more, you can play with a text if you need one – choose a font, a style, and all that stuff.

Of course, there are some basic tools as well – you can trim or change the files’ order and all of that stuff. All in all, if you’d like to have simple yet quite a comprehensive video-editing app, this one is one of the best to consider!

videoshow app



Kine Master

Kine Master is an excellent movie maker. The thing is that it is made in a form of project-maker – some of the PC video-editors are made exactly in this form. What it means is that you have lots of freedom to play with layers like videos and pictures, soundtrack (you can use several songs at the same time), subtitles, titles.

Besides, you can use some basic stuff like trimming or transitions. So, if you are in a search for something that will allow YOU to shape your video, this one is a nice one to stop at!

kine video app



ActionDirector Video Editor

This one is just for Android users. ActionDirector is a nice and simple video editing app. What is special about it is that you can shoot videos right in the app and start editing them right after shooting! Editing tools are not many, but they are definitely enough to make your movies look great!

You can customize saturation, brightness, and contrast, or you can apply one of the app’s filters. After doing that, you can choose one (or two) of the frills like text, stickers, and all of that.

What’s more, you can slow down, speed up, or reverse individual segments of a video. How cool is that? If you also think that this is very cool, no need for waiting – just get the app now and enjoy it!

actiondirector app


Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is known for making the top-quality software and this time isn’t an exception either. It is the total video editor/filmmaker that will make you feel like you are editing not on your smartphone but on your PC – the interface is exactly the same. It allows us to have a more detailed approach to the editing – the effects, trimming, sound, and so on.

There are 4 tracks for the videos and 3 tracks to the audio which is really really cool because it allows you to create long videos with intricate cutting. The editing includes slowing down the video without making it lose on quality which is also quite rare. Besides, you can even improve the quality of the vid this way.

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That was it for movie-making apps. Some of them weren’t exactly for making movies, but I hope you still liked the article and found it useful! Create movies & videos in the way you like most and to do so, of course, be smart in choosing apps!

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