PhraseMates app review

PhraseMates is both an excellent translator and also a language chat for your mobile phone.

If you like to travel and communicate with people of a different language culture, then this application is for you! It contains a huge number of phrases and expressions translated into various languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, German, etc. And most importantly, the translation is done by a person, not a robot.

Use the application as an interpreter, or add a word or translation to the chat, thereby asking other application users to translate this word for you.

Learn the language

The application contains millions of phrases, and these are not just standard phrases but those that are most popular among students for example. This applies to exams, studies, a search for a hostel, etc. Such phrases you will not find in ordinary academic textbooks.


You can correspond with other users of the application, ask them to translate the word you need, communicate on different topics, view their profiles.


The PhraseMates application is a world of travel and new friends that is always in your pocket!

The main functions of the application:

  1. A large selection of languages that you would like to study.
  2. Possibility to add a word or phrase to Favorites.
  3. The ability to share a word in the community.
  4. You can ask other users of the application to translate the phrase.
  5. Get Karma badges by translating words by yourself.
  6. Viewing profiles of all users of the application, etc.

Learn the language interestingly and enthusiastically with PhraseMates!

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