6 Best Royalty-Free Music Apps in 2023 for Android & iOS

Finding copyright-free music is hard, especially if you’re just starting to create content. Luckily, we’ve for everything figured out for you!

There are loads of web services providing you with royalty-free music, but wits not that easy to find apps for that. That’s why we’ve gathered together the 6 best royalty-free music apps in 2023 for Android & iOS that will help you find safe-to-use tracks for your videos. Some of these apps serve you stock music on a golden plate, while others take some effort, but it’s totally worth it.

In case you still won’t find any track to use — just mix your own one, there are apps for that as well.



Let’s be real — this app doesn’t even need an introduction. It’s one of the most used music streaming apps on the market with plenty of cool features.

The question is — does it have royalty-free music? Yeah, it does! However, there are a few nuances for you to consider. First of all — what do mean by royalty-free music. If it’s something you can safely use for streaming or put as a background of your YouTube vid — this app can help. In case you’re hoping to cheat with songs copyright — go look somewhere else.

Finding royalty-free music in this app is quite simple — there are plenty of playlists ready to serve. Just use royalty-free or copyright-free as your keywords while searching, and you’ll quickly find what you’ve been looking for. Herewith, if you wanna avoid all the possible copyright problems — make sure to check the license first.

An easy way to check if the playlist is actually safe is to sue it t check the profile of its creator. If the creator has all the rights — feel free to use all the songs needed. You may also create custom playlists with verified copyright-free music for simple navigation. Herewith, it’s up to you whether to make the playlist private or not.

Spotify 2



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Next, we have an android app that provides you with copyright-free music for your streams and vids.

This app was specifically developed to help content creators find suitably licensed tracks for streams, YouTube vlogs, and all that. All the tracks included in this app come with a creative commons license, so you can be sure you won’t have any problems with copyright.

Besides, all the songs are downloadable with one tap, so you can easily import them on your PC. There’s a special page that explains how to download the songs in case you’ll face many problems, so no worries about that. Additionally, the app covers the songs for multiple moods, so there’s something for everyone.

All the racks are precisely sorted by categories such as bridge music, angry music calm, happy, sad, romantic, and so on. There are over 1K songs for now, and new ones are being added all the time The latest releases can be found in the NCS section, but you can sort the categories by release date as well.




YouTube 1

What YouTube has to do with royalty-free music — you may ask? If the goal is to find background music for a YouTube video — this app has everything you to cover your needs.

You may not know about it, but YouTube has its free music archive specifically for video creators — It’s called an Audio Library. This archive includes thousands of copyright-free songs for all possible moods and occasions. All the songs are verified by YouTube, so you won’t have any copyright issues with them.

Besides, all the tracks are HQ, so no concerns about that as well. Herewith, you need to consider that royalty-free doesn’t mean that you can just download the song and use it by your will — you just don’t need to pay the fees. Not all the songs are free — some require a one-time payment, so keep that in mind as well.

Once you’ll get the song, you may use it in your vids, shorts, and even commercial products. However, if there’s an attribution icon next to the song you’ll have to credit the artists in the video description while using the song. You get to save the tracks you like to a custom playlist for easy access which is quite handy.

YouTube 2 YouTube 3





This is another popular music-streaming service that you can use as a source of royalty-free tracks.

As you may guess, this app is not made to serve you copyright-free tracks, so you’ll need to research to find it. Here’s the deal — this app allows its users to upload music on various terms, including the ones under creative commons. Not all the tracks are free — but some of them are, you just need to know where to look.

Lucky for you, finding copyright-free music in this app won’t take loads of effort — you just need to filter your search. That’s right — there’s a filter by license where you can find all the tracks without royalties. You may also search by playlists like you would with Spotify but make sure to check all the songs twice before using.

Once you’ve found the right songs, you may add them to your custom playlists. There are no limits for the number of playlists, so you may sort the tracks by themes, moods, and all that. All the tracks may be downloaded with one tap, so you can easily import them to your laptop, or whatever else.

soundcloud 1



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It’s another Android app that picks up the best royalty-free tracks for you.

The main goal of his app is to let you easily find copyright-free music for your projects. Whatever you need the tracks for — YouTube vids, shorts, commercials, or podcasts — this app has you covered. For now, the app already includes thousands of stock music tracks, and news ones are being added on a regular, so you won’t run out of content.

All the tacks are sorted by genres such as funk, ambient, acoustic cinematic, classical, experimental, and all that. Plus, all the tracks come through a strict verification process before getting into the app, so you can be sure all of them are absolutely safe to use. You may listen to all the songs within the app or download them to your device with one tap.

As for the player, you may create a full-of line of tracks to listen to f needed. The only trouble here is that when you try to play the next song it’s being automatically added in the line instead of directly playing. You may also make a custom playlist with tracks for your future projects.

NCSMusic 1 NCSMusic 1


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And lastly, we have a video editing app with a built-in royalty-free music library.

Fair to say, this app is not for everyone. But if your goal is to make a video for social media — it’s a perfect all-in-one tool for you to use. The app comes with powerful editing tools that let you come up with professionally-looking vid right on your mobile. But let’s get to the music — the app covers thousands of songs you may add to your vids.

All the tracks are verified to be royalty-free, so no concerns about that. You also get to trim and merge the audios, adjust the volume, and add multiple song effects. Herewith, you don’t get to download the songs without making a vid first — it’s an issue, but you can easily cope with it.

As for the editing tools, the app lets you adjust the speed of your clips, play with color correction, and all that. There are also plenty of overlays, stickers, and other decorative elements you may use for free. The app comes with various pre-made ration settings for various platforms, so you can get a perfect-sized vid with one tap.

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