9 Best Anti Tracking Apps 2024 for Android

With the advent of the Internet, a lot of us practically live in virtual reality, however, we cannot know whether all our personal information is protected or not.

For instance, almost everyone is registered in Tik Tok, we may notice that when something happens in our life, we get recommendations regarding our problem, as if they continually track us. In order to ensure the safety of our personal data we found the nest anti-tracking apps for Android.

And if you want nobody to find you in real life, you can fake your GPS location with these apps.


This privacy browser allows users to search queries based on four hundred sources without tracking their personal information. After downloading they need to choose DuckDuckGo as a default browser so that all searches would stay confidential and safe.

This app don’t send input search queries to other sites, don’t use cookies by default, don’t gather any personal data, and, moreover, don’t register IP address or any other information about the computer lest it should be added to the data profiles.

In the majority of sources DuckDuckGo is a secure browser; however, it is applied only to the aspect of privacy. It means the app is not able to protect itself from malware and viruses.

As for the popularity, in two thousand and eleven DuckDuckGo processed approximately two hundred and thousand sources a day, now it reached up to forty million a day.

DuckDuckGo interface in a search engine is standard, without having expanded data. The app suggests a flexible setting so that users are able to configure search engine pages to their taste. For instance, change color and font for Title and URL, enable or disable display of site’s icons.

There are a few advantages in using the app: uncomplicated integration into a browser, usage the app as a proxy, availability of extensions for blocking advertisements, and so on.


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Orbot is a free anti-tracking app for proxy connection that works with Tor browser to obscure Internet traffic and uses the most secure Internet connection.

Tor browser is a transparent software with open source code for the implementation of anonymity. In the browser Internet traffic is sent through worldwide network in order to track and hide location from anybody who keeps tracking.

As The New York Times reports: “You will never know the position of the user who has sent the message through Tor browser”. Exactly this fact makes Orbot stand out.

Several advantages of the app:

  • In contrast to traditional VPN apps, which have many advertisements upon the commencement, Orbot ensures the usage of the Internet without any advertisement.
  • Orbot encrypts Internet connection via sending it through the whole network before reaching the destination server. Due to it the app guarantees the safety of personal data from outsiders.

Orbot is quite easy to use; users just need to configure it accurately. The appearance of the app is fine-looking, not tedious. Orbot has multi-colored onion split into half which changes its color when it is clicked to connect.


Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN is a swift and secure software of proxy servers without any restrictions. The app allows users to be anonymous, unblocks sites and browsers with limited access and encrypts privacy of users’ data. In sum, it is an anti-tracking app with valuable functions.

Several advantages of the app:

  • Shows simplicity in using, users need to activate the app by a single click.
  • Works at fast speed, without buffering.
  • Allows using VPN without restrictions.
  • Allows users to change their location, VPN can be connected in thirty-six counties around the world.
  • Secures more than four hundred and thirty five millions users around the world, the fact ensures the app’s reliability.

We claim the operating principle is comprehensible. Avast SecureLine ensures the safety of personal data through using an encrypted VPN-tunnel so that fraudsters will not be able to find out users’ location, any information about them, their accounting data, their payments and messages through public network.

As for the appearance, it has a dark background, bright buttons and basic set-up.


Privacy Scanner

Privacy scanner is another anti-tracking app that has many additional functions. However, the app does not have the feature to protect users from malicious software because its main function is to find out spywares and parental control apps.

Privacy scanner is intended to identify whether users’ telephone is tracked or not. The apps such as parental control and surveillance apps which is used with GPS-track (reading personal information: chats, contacts, calls, location tracking) are no obstacle for Privacy Scanner, it will identify them with ease.

Several Advantages:

  • Scans suspicious apps that have success with user’s personal information
  • Has a simple design
  • Users are able to add or delete some apps to/from the white list
  • Easily detects a lot of parental control and surveillance apps
  • Gives a detailed description of detected suspicious apps
  • Users can constantly update the app on Google Play

As many apps have free and premium version, Privacy Scanner is not the exception. There are some differences between these two versions. Pro-version has many additional features, for instance, daily background scheduled scanning, priority updates and showing date and time of the last scan.

The app design is dark and gloomy, and it is a disadvantage. But for the rest, it is quite easy to use too.

It would be better to use Pro-version with much more additional functions, in another case we can’t see the point in downloading Privacy Scanner.


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Pure VPN

Pure VPN provides an anonymous and fast success to the Internet network without any restrictions. It is, of its kind, an anti-tracking app through using VPN to conceal personal information and location. The main disadvantage is 7-days free trial and then using only Pro-version.

Despite this fact, the app has much more advantages than disadvantages mentioned above.

  • Users have 7 days to test-drive all the features of Pure VPN without any restrictions
  • Users are able to evade the constraints and find out success to any site that has limited success
  • The app allows to encrypt personal information with the help of the newest encryption AES, ensures safe data transmission on any device
  • Pure VPN provides for round-the-clock technical support
  • Reliability. The app has been tested by famous companies such as KPMG and ALTIUS IT.
  • Users are able to connect approximately 10 devices simultaneously in order to secure all the devices

Moreover, Pure VPN design is marvelous and at the same time tranquil and simple, with bright green buttons and light background.



Malwarebytes is an anti-tracking app that allows neutralizing fraudsters’ break-ins and securing users’ personal data. It ensures a complete verification of the device for viruses and spywares, and eliminates them at ease.

The app has 30-days free trial so that users are able to use all the features during the period.


  • The app blocks ads for more comfortable usage
  • Distinguished by simple and calm design
  • Eliminates all the spyware, viruses, surveillance apps tremendously which other apps are unable to perform.
  • Popularity. More than four millions spyware are find out and eliminated and more than three hundred and thousand installations are held every day

Free features:

  • Express check. The app checks all files and apps in the device swiftly
  • Deep check. The app checks all files, downloads, apps in detail. Deep check requires long time.
  • The app eliminates spyware and viruses, limits success to suspicious apps, checks telephone’s updates.

Pro-version featuares:

  • Opportunity to schedule a verification in advance
  • Protection from spyware, secure work in the Internet, additional protection
  • Opportunity to check device only during battery charge, opportunity to skip the check because of low battery

Anti-Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware

Anti-Spy 4 Scanner & Spyware is intended to protect people from fraudsters and potential spies. With the help of the intelligent Deep Detective the app is effective against malware, spyware and surveillance apps.

Hackers are not able to track people because Anti-spy program is created to identify not only spy apps, but also SMS and GPS trackers.

The design of the app is contemporary with dark background and comfortable interface. Millions of users rely on Anti-Spy program because it has been tested by Protectstar.

Moreover, the app has Pro-version, as mentioned above programs, so that people should test before paying for it.


  • The app finds out spyware and malware without even scanning files and downloads and eliminates them
  • Ensures protection from spy apps and SMS and GPS tracking
  • Opportunity to add some apps to the white list
  • Reliability. The app is used more than in one hundred and seventy five countries
  • Users don’t have to provide for root rights

Pro-version features:

  • Additional protection from suspicious apps
  • Priority updates
  • Opportunity to identify malware and viruses not only on device, but also on Android TV
  • Opportunity to have enhanced AI cloud

Spyware Detector Anti Spyware

The app is similar to the one mentioned above, from the same Protectstar company. However Spyware Detector is anti-virus program, its main feature is to identify spy apps and eliminate them.

The design is the same, but there are some differences between Spyware Detector and Anti-Spy Scanner. Spyware Detector has much more bright buttons that draw users attention.

The app is a smart and contemporary contemporary tool for elimination such programs as backdoors, Trojans, keyloggers, exploits, ad viruses, ransomware.

Spyware Detector is useful for those people who desire to know whether foreign spies, hackers or the government track or nor. Users are able to press the bright button and the program will scan the whole device.

Features of the app is the same as Anti-Spy program has. To my mind, these two apps are the best anti-tracking apps for Android.


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Antistalker is an anti-tracking program with a guarantee from Malloc. The app protects user’s confidentiality through the work in the background and the opportunity to identify whether other apps use the device’s camera and microphone.

Antistalker instantaneously notifies users of the duration of the device’s camera and microphone.

The app is comfortable to use because all the functions are split into several icons with bright background, there are quite simple and at the same time modern design.


  • Protection from tracking
  • Availability of the white list. Users should add some exceptional apps to the list
  • Opportunity to turn on and off notifications
  • Shows what apps use the device’s camera and microphone for tracking and determine the length of it
  • Comfortable, contemporary, and minimalistic design

The main disadvantage is the availability of Pro-version, but users have the opportunity to test the app before paying for it.

Pro-version additional features:

  • Mute the microphone before the conversation, because the device has an automatic unmute program that allows people to listen to the conversation
  • Availability of the alarm system. It works when someone transfers or tries to hide the device.
  • Priority updates
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