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Speech Blubs: Language Therapy logoSpeech Blubs: Language Therapy is an educational app for children that uses video modeling in its technology. It helps children learn to pronounce new words correctly and expand their vocabulary for communication.

It will also be a great help for those children who have difficulty learning to speak. To solve these problems the app provides access to interesting videos, funny pictures, and funny animated content.

This app encourages children to talk more. They can learn a lot of new words by watching short videos. In these videos, other children say the words that the user needs to learn.

Thus, the child associates himself with what is shown on the screen and starts to repeat everything himself. In the video, the words are repeated clearly and many times.

After the child listens to the necessary information, he will need to repeat the information. After the lesson, information about achievements is displayed on the screen.


All the words that your child has to learn are divided into categories. Words, sounds, songs, puzzles, and gestures for imitation and interaction are sorted into 25 different categories.

It includes things like early sounds, dressing, outdoor wonders, vibrant colors, pet zoo, and more. There are over 1,500 different opportunities to learn how to use the application.

You must register with the application. Parents do this because a lot of important information about the child needs to be entered here. Immediately after registration, you should state the speech problems that the child has and the level of speaking skills.

This step can be missed, but it is very important for more productive work and faster progress. The child can also go through interactive games where their goals and level of skill will be determined.

The application allows the addition of many users. So even if you have more than one child, each of them can get the necessary experience and keep their progress. Besides, the application stores data on the time spent on training.

Here children do not need to spend time learning all the instructions and do exhausting exercises. To learn new skills, you need to play and have fun. Then the progress in learning will be obvious.

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Although Speech Blubs is not a replacement for a speech therapist or professional help. It provides a significant number of learning opportunities for children who need to practice and repeat to build confidence and communication skills.

Besides, we recommend you to visit this page: https://speechblubs.com/blog/. It has over 220 articles written by speech and language pathologists and is an amazing library of information for parents on topics such as speech, development, milestones, plays, and more.

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