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Good news for all musicians out there! We have found an excellent tool for you – smart Chord & tools. So, let’s read more about its features! The first advantage of this app – it is extremely lightweight. So, you will install it in a couple of seconds! So, this program offers a wide range of instruments – f.ex. guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, etc. Moreover, it contains almost all types of chords.

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When you open this app, there is a simple guide on how to use it. Then, you should choose a preferred musical instrument and your professional level. On the homepage of the app, you will find a great variety of necessary options. If you want to add new ones, click on the + button at the bottom of the screen.


Another useful feature there – the app is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed musicians. This is certainly a rare option for this kind of apps. We have to admit that this app offers a well-developed songbook that contains a great number of songs to choose from. Plus, it comes with a built-in online text editor and viewer.

The next thing that many users will find very useful – the app supports import and export options. In addition to the aforesaid, smart Chord & tools provides such interesting features as ear training, chromatic tuner, metronome, setlist, timer, fretboard explorer, and so many others!


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Despite a great number of functions, this tool comes with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, even inexperienced users will instantly find out how everything works there. All in all, smart Chord & tools is a must-have app for both beginners and professional musicians. We have not found any significant flaws there. So, hurry up to try it – we believe you will not regret!

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