Track My Trails – Your Ultimate GPS Tracker App Review

Track My Trails – Your Ultimate GPS Tracker is one of the most convenient applications in the health and fitness section.

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First of all, we would like to point out the contemporary design of the application made in pleasant light colors. Each option is accompanied by an appropriate illustration.

After launching the application, you will be presented with the main menu, i.e. the Home button. On this page, you can pick 5 options.

Track My Trails1

The first one is Go Walking. Push on this button and allow access to the application to track your geo-location, so it can calculate how far you have walked.

The second option is Hiking. During your workout, you can monitor the indicators of Speed, Pace, Elevation, Climbed, and Horizontal accuracy. After you have finished the workout, you can get acquainted with the averages.

Track My Trails2

The other options are Running, Cycling and Other activity. Their functions are the same as previous ones. All of them are focused on showing the indicators during the workout.

What is also crucial is that you are welcome to select any type of map. Street, Satellite, Hybrid types are provided. Another benefit of the app is that it accurately detects your location.

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Besides those brilliant functions, we’ve mentioned there is the Workouts button. In this section, you can save your favorite workouts and routes. You don’t need to create a new workout every time, just save the best one and follow it.

Track My Trails3

Another option is about Statistics. There are straightforward circle statistics that show the results of each type of activity. It’s a piece of cake to see the results because each section is colored and shown in a circle.

Moreover, also in Statistics, there is data about the distance you covered per each type. Here you can check it for the different periods: 6 months, 1 month, 7 days – just select the period in the right corner of the screen.

Generally, this application is highly efficient and beneficial for training and workouts, because it’s simple and it provides only necessary options. Moreover, the app can be used offline. Finally, the app accurately tracks the route passed.

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