12 Best Spy Camera Detector Apps for Android & iOS

Do you always feel paranoia that is connected with hidden cameras? Nowadays they are almost invisible, so someone can install them everywhere:  in a hotel room, in a changing room, in a swimming pool and even in your house. That sounds terrible!

But since now we want you to get rid of this fear because there is something we want to tell you. The theme of this post is modern apps for your Android or iOS which are able to detect spy cameras everywhere.

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If you still think that we are joking – read our post. It contains the best spy camera detector apps which we are ready to present.

Hidden Camera Detector

We strongly recommend you to download this app. Hidden Camera Detector provides triple protection from hidden spy cameras, so you will be safe for sure.

With the help of a magnetic sensor of your phone, the app will detect all cameras hidden. It is also possible to see a real-time graph of magnetic activities that have all cameras of this type.

The app indicates possible hidden cameras with the beep and visual red spot on the graph. The app is also able to detect infrared cameras that are invisible to the naked eye. Download this app and stay protected.

Hidden Camera Detector


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Hidden IR Camera Detector

This is also quite a helpful app for those who want privacy. The app detects cameras because they emit infrared radiations which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Just download Hidden IR Camera Detector, open the app, and move your phone near to the suspicious device. If you see a white light in a dark room which you can’t see with the naked eye, it may be a hidden camera, a spy camera or a secret camera.

These hidden devices emit infrared radiations, so the app uses your phone magnetic sensor to analyze the magnetic field in the room.

Use this app in order to be sure that nobody follows you.

Hidden IR Camera Detector


Hidden Bugs Detector/IR Camera Detector

This is one of the best apps for finding the hidden cameras around you since it utilizes the latest technologies to spot the objects with the electromagnet waves. What you need to do is to activate the search mode on the app and go around the place where you think the camera is hidden.

If there is an electronic object near the app will beep and the arrow will be showing the high level of electromagnet waves. The closer you are to the object, the bigger number the arrow will show on the screen.

Apart from that, you can use the camera mode and detect hidden cameras with this app by looking at your screen. When the object will be found, the app will highlight it.



Hidden Camera Detector , Microphone Detector

This app helps to detect not only spy cameras but also the hidden microphones which might be hidden somewhere at the location. It works in a similar way just like the previous app – it detects the electromagnet waves and thus it can tell you whether there is a spy camera or a mic, or not.

The app is also easy in usage, you can open it and switch on the detector immediately. Among additional features, you will find tips and tricks on how to find hidden electronic objects and even can ask the question to the professionals right in the app.



Hidden Camera Detector: Hidden Device finder

Unfortunately, the majority of camera detecting apps on this list are for Android devices. Probably, it has to deal with the fact that not all those apps actually work, some of them are just games. This one promises to be a serious camera detector with a built-in mechanism for finding the electronic devices around.

It will analyze the magnetic field and will give you the signal if there is something suspicious out there. Well, the drawback of this app is that it can detect hidden cameras only by using the magnetic field analyzer, there is no camera or something else – thus, this is quite a simple app.

However, the design of this only analyzer is quite decent and it shows the data quite accurately on the graph.



Hidden camera detector: hidden devices finder

This detector is more functional compared to the previous one. Here you can use several ways to detect the spy camera in your house – use the detection by the meter or the calibrator. Also, you can monitor the graph of the electromagnetic field to detect how close can the hidden camera be.

One cool feature of this app is that it has a nice user interface – it will be easy to use even for people who understand nothing in this field but they have a suspicion that there is a spy camera at their place. The app doesn’t have any reviews yet, but it has quite a big amount of downloads which says it is quite popular among Google Play users.



Hidden Camera Detector

This app is appropriate for those who can’t get rid of a feeling of unsafety. Hidden Camera Detector provides the best features to detect hidden cameras around you.

Its super powerful accurate measurements will let users find all the cameras hidden. The case is that these spy’s devices emit infrared radiations that are unforeseen by people, but not by the app. All you need is to choose your location, then move the phone around and the app will definitely discover Magnetic Field emitted by spy’s devices.

It will be your most effective tool against spies. And if it’s dark, for better visibility we also advise you to download one of the flashlight apps.

Hidden Camera Detector


Hidden Camera Detector Pro

Do you feel an invasion of your privacy? Hidden Camera Detector Pro will be the best solution to your problem. This spy camera detector app analyses a magnetic activity based on readings from the magnetic sensor of your Android device. Just open it and move your phone around all suspected objects.

We may say that the main advantage of this app is its ability to detect hidden microphones and even spy bugs. But don’t forget: the accuracy of the app is entirely dependent on the magnetic sensor in your device. The more the sensor senses the better result you have.



Hidden Camera Finder & Spy Camera Detector 2020

It is not really clear why would people invade someone’s private life, but, unfortunately, these things happen more than often. Well, in case some serious investigation requires it it is OK. But in any other case placing a spy camera at someone’s place is a very dubious idea.

If you want to stay safe from spy cameras and you are suspicious there are people in your circle who could do that, you can use this app to check for sure. This is one of the newest apps on the market. It has a scanner of spy cameras with an authentic design. It shows the presence of the electronic devices on the graph, scanning the magnetic field.

There are two options to go for – scanner and finder – the latter works like a regular camera with the spy camera/microphone detection function.



So if you want to invade into one’s privacy, you don’t have a prayer of doing this. You’d better read this post and be undetected in this matter.

Spy Camera Detector & Hidden Camera Detection 2020

This app is more simple than the previous ones however, it is much more popular. Probably, the reason why is because it has a more understandable user interface and easy algorithms for searching the hidden cameras. It just scans the magnetic field and shows you the strength of the signal.

There is also a hidden camera scanner. If you’re not sure how to use the app you can read about it in the instruction that you can find in the main menu. There is also an IR camera detector. In general, the functionality of this app remains questionable as some users complain it didn’t work out.


Hidden Camera Detector – Spy Cam Finder 2020

As we are coming to the end of our list, here is a little tip about all those apps for hidden cameras detection: the biggest part of it depends on your device.

And it doesn’t mean that you should have the latest version of a cool smartphone, on the opposite, sometimes the older models have those magnetic field sensors that allows you to find other electronic devices.

And don’t take spy camera finder apps too seriously – there is no proof that they work professionally. If you are sure that there is a hidden camera in your private space the best way to solve this problem is to call the police.

But if that step is way too serious for you – you can use this app as well – it is easy in usage spy camera detector with the fun interface design. Apart from the traditional algorithms and mechanisms in the app, such as magnetic field analyzer and scanner cams, you will find detailed instructions on where possibly can a hidden camera be placed.



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Spy hidden camera Detector

See all potential spy cameras live on your screen. Spy hidden camera Detector works best detecting all hidden cameras and microphones. Moreover, the app has an Advisory Guide for better manual or automatic detection.

The functioning principle is the same: open the app, move your phone around all the objects suspected, then learn the result.

The main difference from the previous apps is that this very app is able to search for some Bluetooth-enabled home cameras. Owing to this function this app is quite popular as well. Just scan your room in order to save yourself from being spied.

spy hidden camera Detector


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