7 Best Surf Weather Forecast Apps for Android & iOS

If you’re into surfing, you know how much of an effect the weather has on every session. And it’s incredibly disappointing to plan a surf day that ends up ruined by the wind, rain, or whatever else.

That’s why having the right information can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the perfect spot to catch a wave. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best surf weather forecast apps for both Android and iOS you could try.

These apps offer detailed marine weather forecasts with in-depth info on waves, wind, tides, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, these apps are absolute game-changers. Take a look!

MSW Surf Forecast

Let’s start with the ultimate app for surfers. It delivers up-to-date forecasts for all the most popular surf spots around the globe. Herewith, the predictions get very detailed, and they get updates all the time, so you won’t miss anything. You’ll also get to mark the areas you’d like to monitor and add these to the dashboard for easy navigation.

The app lets you view over 900 surf cams worldwide, so you could check out the water condition by yourself. Feel free to add some to your faves as well, it makes the process a lot quicker. The app will send you daily reports from the expert team, covering the daily forecast, wave height, wind info, and even the water temp.

It will also track your GPS data to send accurate info all the time. Beyond that, the app lets you track storms and see how these swell in real-time. You can also check out the pressure info if needed. And if you’re seeking a new surf spot, the app covers a whole bunch of spot breakdowns for you to read.


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This app is here to provide insight into wind speed, waves, tides, and overall weather forecasts. It will serve a good use for everyone who wants to find the best surf spots nearby. You can view precise forecast data for tons of spots around the globe and analyze it to find the perfect spot for yourself.

In fact, the app will help you to prepare for a bunch of outdoor activities from surfing to fishing and biking, so if you’re into this kind of stuff, make sure to give it a try. It also covers multiple spot breakdowns you can save to your faves for a future visit. And if you enable the app to track your GPS, it will automatically show the nearest spots right away.

As for the forests, the app covers both 1 and 3 data intervals. However, when it comes to wind and waves info, you can track the changes 24 ahead. You can also set up alerts for high wind speed, dangerous waves, and other weather conditions.



It’s one of the best apps when it comes to forecast visualization. It’s not specifically made for surfers, but it’s still incredibly useful for it. The app works fast and comes with an intuitive UI that is simple to understand. Although you might get a bit overwhelmed by the weather map at first, you’ll get into it pretty quickly.

You can actually switch between over 50 maps dedicated to wind, rain, pressure, and all that. There are also thousands of weather webcams around the globe and over 1.5k you can watch live at any time needed. The app is all about customization: it lets you add all the tools you use most to the dashboard for quick access.

Plus, the app lets you track and set alerts for all kinds of severe weather from tropical storms to tornados, so it’s a gem if you’re planning an outdoor trip. It will also show you if it’s going to rain or get windy in the next couple of days. The info gets updated all the time, so you won’t be caught by surprise here.



If you’re seeking for a simple yet powerful surfing assistant, this app might be the one. The main goal of this app is to help you catch better waves and avoid unsuccessful sessions. It covers around 1K webcams around the most popular surf spots worldwide, and you can browse them all in a few clicks.

Speaking of cams, you can actually get a cam rewind of your sessions and download them with a few taps, how cool is that? There’s also a whole section of the latest surf news, gear, training, and all that. The app will send you daily reports, featuring all the necessary info on the nearest surf spots.

You’ll learn about the height of the wave, wind speed, water temp, and tide. The app covers in-depth forests for 15 days ahead, which is good if you need to plan a trip. The forecasts get updates all the time, so if anything will change, you’ll know. The app has a paid version, but the free one is totally useful.


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With this app, you’ll get to monitor the wind, waves, and tides all over the glove. It will be quite helpful for surfers, sailors, fishing, hiking, and a bunch of other activities. The app displays both current measurements and observations and lets you check out a forecast for almost two weeks ahead. It’s easy to use and free of charge, so there is no reason not to try it.

The app comes with animated maps you can switch depending on what you’re interested in. There’s a wind map, a tide map, and a few of the other ones, too. As for the wave info, you’ll get to view the height, movement, and even the wave period.

Plus, you can mark your fave places to be able to reach the forecast in a few taps. You may even add small widgets to your home screen if needed. And let’s not forget about the notifications: you can set up wind alerts for specific requirements if needed. The same will for severe weather conditions as well, and you can pick the ones you’re interested in.



This app lets you find the best surf spots with no effort. It works simply: first, you need to enter a few of your sessions and rate the current condition. This will help the app to understand what works best for you and start sending personalized forecasts and spot recs. Yeah, it is a little different from the regular forecast service, but it gets the job done.

As it always is with such apps, the more sessions you log, the more accurate the reports will be. And if you’ll get to the new spot, the app show you the ratings from other users, so you’d know what to expect. It covers multiple sports across the globe, and you can mark some as your faves for quicker navigation.

The rating reports are pretty minimal, but it displays every metric you may need to know. You’ll get to see the recommended skill level required for the place, the tide info, wave height, and all that. The app is free, but there’s a pro version that lets you add private spots and remove the ads.


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And lastly, there’s an app that lets you view multiple surf cams and get accurate forecasts on a daily basis. It covers plenty of spots all over the world, and you can view any cam easily to check if it’s okay to go surfing there right now. The video quality is pretty high, so no worries.

Plus, the app offers pretty detailed spot reports that tell you about the current wind situation, wave height, tide, and overall user rating. Make sure to rate the spots you’ve visited to help other users, too. It also covers wind data, so you’ll get to see the current speed and direction. There are forecasts for several days ahead, so you can use the app for planning as well.

You’ll get to view a long-term forecast for every spot, and the app will tell you if the weather is appropriate in detail. You can easily add some spots at your faves and pin them on the dashboard for easy navigation. The app is fully free, but you’ll have to deal with ads.

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