33 Best Board game apps for Android & iOS

If in the 20th century we played backgammon and chess, moving figurines on the board, today we just need to move a finger on the touchscreen of iPad or iPhone or different Android devices. This is the beautiful reality of our time. We present to your attention 33 Best Boardgame apps for Android & iOS.

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Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is the most famous board war-game in the world. The theme of the game is the Cold War. Leaders of the countries, during the Cold War constantly had to deal with non-standard and out of the ordinary situations, and based on the existing state of affairs, make appropriate decisions.

This game will give you the opportunity to be in the role of the head of state, and personally take the main part in governing the country, during the so-called arms race.

The world represented in the game and all the events taking place in it are based on real facts of history, this will undoubtedly give even more realism, and for a time will really allow us to present ourselves as the president of a huge state. You will have the opportunity to rewrite the story within this game, and take a lot of important decisions at your post.

Twilight Struggle covers all the world politics of those years, and by the role you play in its formation, this is a very global strategy. The game cannot be called simple but having understood the basic principles, you will get real pleasure and good food for the mind. For fans of this genre, the game is really of great interest.

Twilight Struggle on smartphones

Immediately it is worth mentioning that the game is developed by Playdek company, which has not yet been seen in the hack. Twilight Struggle did not become an exception.

From the point of view of design, everything is thought out practically to the smallest detail. All data are submitted beautifully and informatively. Important indicators are placed on one screen. More detailed information is opened and closed in one click.

We’ll give out a soundtrack. Every now and then, different audio recordings of those years in different languages sound. Even in Russian … For example, part of Stalin’s speech. It’s very cool and atmospheric. In the settings, you can find the map gallery and rules of the game. Each map in the Twilight Struggle is a historical event, and in the gallery of maps, you can find a little help in this event.

You can play both online and offline in single-player mode against artificial intelligence. As such, there are no levels of complexity here, but you can set up ahead start or vice versa to take ahead of points if the AI level does not suit you.

In addition to the standard game in the application, two additional modes are built-in The Chinese Civil War and The Late War. The first one is a variant of the game with a lot of nuances related to China (it has not even touched yet), the second is an opportunity to try to win for the USA, starting the game with the 8th move under certain conditions.

Twilight Struggle will appeal to fans of sophisticated atmospheric strategy games. On the smartphone – it is the easiest and budget way to thoroughly get acquainted and play enough in one of the best board games in the world.

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Galaxy Trucker

Another iconic board game has received its digital embodiment. Galaxy Trucker settled on Android, iPhone, and iPad, and users can now build spacecraft, dodge meteorites, and fight with bad guys on their mobile devices.

Your main goal: to earn as much money as possible, so you have to deal with the transport of goods in space. Defend your enemies and defend yourself against asteroids, becoming a successful galactic trucker.

The most interesting thing is that you need to collect the ship yourself! And all the collection occurs as a designer – a piece by piece: you draw cards from the deck and from them – craft yourself a ship to your taste. By collecting the ship you will get into the game itself: each turn will be pulled out a map that sets the conditions, for example, “There was an abandoned spaceship, what to do?” and the players choose.

And such cards will be pulled out a few pieces, there will be dangerous ones – for example, asteroids, if your ship does not have a shield or guns, you can lose valuable cargo and come to the finish with empty hands! The winner is the one who received the greatest benefit: all the extracted resources are taken into account, as well as the received damages.

To play Galaxy Trucker can be a maximum of four, both on one device and on the network. The step-by-step development system allows also using an asynchronous multiplayer. In addition, the Galaxy Trucker has the ability to play against the clock, upgrading its space truck with all sorts of improvised materials.

If friends have no mood for the game, then, in this case, it is possible to compete with artificial intelligence. To do this, Galaxy Trucker has a separate campaign mode. Nonlinear development of the plot allows you to stretch the passage of the Galaxy Trucker for dozens of hours.

Separately it is worth noting the lack of paid content. This feature cannot but rejoice. In addition, the Galaxy Trucker has more than 80 different achievements, and if you decide to play with artificial intelligence, then, in the game, there are already a dozen different kinds.


  1. Ability to improve your ship, dock new elements to it.
  2. Multiple levels.
  3. An excellent system of battles with real opponents.
  4. The game process can be real-time or step-by-step.
  5. Interesting tables with achievements and leaders.
  6. Become a real cosmic genius.

Puerto Rico HD

Puerto Rico is a classical board game that has just been transmitted to the screen of your phone. By the way, it is essential to note here that if you want a digital board game with a more advanced graphics and more advanced animations then Puerto Rico is not your first choice.

On the other hand, for those who really want to get nostalgic and feel the authentic atmosphere of the board games, this is a great choice to play.

The whole action of the game takes you back into the times of colonial Spain and Puerto Rico’s famous island governors. Try to get as rich as you can but watch out because so many burglars have an eye on your gold! Protect it as much as possible along with trying to get even richer.

Players will have to take on the roles of mayors, settlers, traders, captains, and craftsmen to beat out their opponents. There is a Game Center that allows several players to connect to the game and play together. The best thing is everyone can play using a different source – someone can play via PC, someone – via their smartphones.

The game might seem a little complicated at the beginning of the process, but don’t worry there is a video tutorial on how to play Puerto Rico. The resource distribution is automatic and the game itself reminds of the Monopoly in some sense. This board game app has gained many awards and has a high ranking on the App Store.

If you are ready to dive into the atmosphere of the classical board games – invite your friends and start playing!



Card Crawl

Everyone knows that valiant heroes and rescuers of the world after work settle in nearby taverns and other places of entertainment. But books and films diligently avoid showing characters on this side of their lives.

But Card Crawl, on the contrary, offers us to look into one of the taverns and personally watch how the creatures of different suits spend their leisure time. In our case, there will be a very interesting and fascinating card duel between the regulars of this institution.

This is a very interesting card game that you definitely need to install on your mobile device. The thing is that Card Crawl has a number of differences from analogs, which, in fact, provided it with popularity. At the moment there are 4 levels of the game, each of which lasts no more than 5 minutes. Thus, you will always find yourself busy, standing in line, or waiting for transportation.

The plot of the game is simple and intuitive. In order to understand the rules, you will need very little time. The authors of the app invite you to a small tavern, the inhabitants of which spend their time.

The mission of the gamer is to clear the dungeon from the terrible monsters with the help of an unusual deck of cards. As you understand, each card is endowed with unique abilities and can be used as a weapon, a tool for improvement or currency for the purchase of new cards.

The gameplay itself is very attractive due to the magnificent art created by the talented Max Fiedler. And thanks to the excellent thematic musical accompaniment, it seems as if you are entering a magical cartoon world with carefully traced characters.

Card Crawl is liked by lovers of solitaire games, although its concept does not belong to this direction. As for strategic skills, they, of course, will be needed. But basically, it all depends on your luck and perseverance. The main thing is to treat the game as entertainment and to understand that the defeat will necessarily win.

Of course, there are secrets in the game that you can understand after a while. For example, there is a card-joker or card shield, which is smashed to pieces by enemies.

As practice shows, the more time you spend in a virtual tavern, the more frequent your victories become. The more rationally you use your inventory, the more evil monsters you can kill with one deck of cards.

We can say that the new Card Crawl card game is a great opportunity to have fun and escape from the real world. The application is designed for a wide range of users and is available in the free version.

Raiders of the North Sea

Another super popular game for your gadget that combines the elements of a board game and a strategy game. Thus, if you are looking for a board game with better graphics you should definitely check this one out, because it doesn’t only make you think about your strategic decisions, but it is entertaining as well.

The game itself is an app version of a popular PC game. And if we go to the very roots of the Raiders of the North Sea, it has always been a popular board game, and then it went to a digital format.

On one hand, playing this version on the PC is much more convenient since it is easier to click on icons and so on. But true fans will appreciate a chance to have the Raiders of the North Sea on their smartphones as well, so they can take this game anywhere with them.

The first thing you do when you start playing – you choose the mode of the game – you can choose a mode starting from up to 4 players. It is not many, compared to other board game apps on this list, so this is rather a disadvantage.

The reason of that, once again, lies in the fact that it was initially developed for PC so it didn’t suppose to have more than 4 players in it because of the gameplay.

When you start playing you can see the map of the landscape with all the essential objects on it. In the lower part of the screen, you have the set of cards with all the available characters you are playing for. Choose one of them to decide who is going to make the next move.

Then apply the action of this character to any object on the map. For example, you see a fortress that you want to conquer. You choose a character and then click on the fortress. The game starts animations with battle sounds and after then you see a result with the bigger score you just gained.

It is essential to note that other players can affect their actions on the same objects as well. For instance, even if you have already conquered that fortress, another player can take it away from you or rob it – you will see how the robbed player loses his money.

It is essential to collect the resources here as well – they will help you to go till the end of the game. By the way, if you are playing in a single mode, you can always discard some of the characters. Well, to be more honest, at some point of the game you will have to do that.

Thus if you are ready to spend hours playing this game, don’t lose any more time!




Pandemic: The Board Game – you have an incredible opportunity to take part in the creation of medicine from several different diseases together with a group of scientists. There is very little time because very soon they can cover the whole world, after which it will be impossible to save it.

The task of this game is that you have to move around the world, to find yourself in the foci of infection and try to prevent it. To achieve a positive result, you will not only have to make maximum efforts but also understand what works in one team is.

Try not to lose time because every decision you make will depend on people’s lives. Download Pandemic: The Board Game on your smartphone means to assume a huge responsibility for the life of all mankind.

This application is a game that is suitable for the whole family and all thanks to simple rules and an exciting plot. The graphics are done at a high level and allow you to plunge headlong into a post-caliptic world where everything has been on the verge, and only one team of scientists can help with solving the global problem.

The rules of the game are quite simple, at the very beginning, each participant gets a character with different abilities, together with which he will make moves in the future.

One move is four actions, each of which is aimed at solving their problem. It’s only necessary to download Pandemic: The Board Game onAndroid and iOS to learn a lot about this game.

Features of this game are a variety of cards, each of which is significantly different from each other. You can play in a single or multiplayer mode with your friends. There are three modes of complexity, which is why every player will find something interesting for themselves. Adapted music will allow you to feel the atmosphere of what is happening.

Collect a brave team, search for funds to create medicines, move around various parts of the planet, extinguish epicenters of diseases, and save the planet together which is on the verge of destruction!


Agricola: All creatures is a wonderful board game in which you get a chance to develop your farm, plant animals, sow fields, and cultivate garden plantations in order to get money from the sale of products.

What else is interesting for a real farmer? Fishing, hiking for mushrooms, baking kraft bread, taming animals … Or maybe you want to work as a lumberjack or a priest? Your fate is in your hands!

Having at the beginning a small hut and undeveloped fields, you will gradually develop your possessions and then trade the crop with your neighbors. Agricola All Creatures – a game in which you will become a real villager and will cultivate the land and grow animals.

The secret of the success of Agricola is in the perfect combination of the well-adjusted mechanic of the Euro-game and the high the subject scope of the gameplay – almost everything in the game is like in life!

Agricole has many components and ways to manage the farm but it is very easy to understand and remember the rules of the game because the actions of the players are sensible and intuitive. All actions that you can perform are listed on the game board. You can only choose what you need!

The game is multiplayer, with several players able to play on one device, which will allow you to lead the competition.

Agricola Each is characterized by such features as:

  1. Cultivation of a variety of animals, the creation of a real herd of domestic pets.
  2. Visiting the village market will allow you to change the goods for livestock and continue.
  3. Gradually, the farm will build up with various structures, then to compete with neighbors.
  4. Participating in eight rounds, your three employees must go to the right place in the market and win.

Agricola – one of the most titled table games in the world. It was awarded in Spain, Canada, Russia, Poland, Portugal, and many other countries. In 2008, Agricola became the game of the year by the version of BGG, the largest global portal about table games, and also received the prestigious award – Spiel des Jahres Complex Game. Now Agricola is in the top 10 of the best BGG games.

Carcassonne: Official Board Game

Carcassonne: Official Board Game is a full-scale card strategy for Android with a turn-based system, simple but rapidly changing rules and a whole collection of modes that allow you to compete with friends or computer opponents: the focus is on several rulers who decided to study and then conquer the untouched lands of central Europe.

The goal is set, the research groups are organized, the era of painful battles for the great future has begun, it remains only to understand the management and nuances.

Mechanics. This strategy is entirely based on the rules of the eponymous desktop puzzle. That’s why – all participants are divided into teams (both real and computer opponents – it all depends on the chosen mode), and then they receive a pack of original cards that allow them to move on an unprecedented global map.

The main goal is to properly display the available cards, and, depending on the landscape and the current state of the world, to receive special points that bring victory. In this order, the whole party passes – the participants spread cards, the world grows more and more, there are more opportunities and unexpected situations that can lead to ambiguous and controversial finals.

As for the fight and attack, by the way, – it is impossible – the strategy of the developers from Asmodee Digital turned out to be peaceful and based solely on diplomacy, trade, and research. In general, it is interesting to study the global map, and for several reasons at once.

First, the developers took care of the system of random generation of terrain. In short, even a hundredth or a thousandth party always develops uniquely and develops its own unique route. Secondly, you can start individual games with pre-defined conditions. Depending on the chosen company, the narrative will change, and even the complexity.

Modes. As an additional plus – the ability to specify the parameters of each match being played. For example, you can invite two friends and hold a match against three computer opponents.

Standard dueling 1 on 1 and parties exclusively with people (in the main menu for free selecting a server or creating a new one) are allowable. The second stage is the choice of the character.

Here the characters are unique and with their own capabilities. In general, you can put everyone in their places, invite someone through social networks, find someone on the server, and then rush into battle!

Decor. Visually, the strategy is fine. The bright stylistics of the global map, detailed maps, where churches, houses, castles, and markets are drawn in the most detailed way, a stunning interface that includes a bunch of statistical information, quick access buttons, and other eye-catching effects.

By the way, it’s impossible to assign even advertising to cons – there are no banners or notifications, so you can safely concentrate on the passage!

The strategy Carcassonne: Official Board Game for Android, albeit is not the standard of modern entertainment, but a perfect example of how a tiny studio is able to embody the ideas of desktop puzzles in life, do not miss it!

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is an interesting board game for Android and iOS, connected with trains, now and your mobile device! We will be in the role of the dispatcher, who will need to not only instruct the drivers but also build the routes for the movement of trains. Before us, there will be a specific list of cities.

And in every city, the train will have to stop. Accordingly, we will need to draw up such a route, according to which the train would pass by certain settlements.

Another goal is to make the journey as long as possible, that the railway car could visit as many cities as possible. If you think that for the construction of the route it will be enough to draw a finger from the original station to the final one, then you are cruelly mistaken.

And the difficulty lies not only in the construction of the route but also in our rivals. Do not be surprised, this is a multiplayer game. If our rivals will assign trains faster than we on a certain route, then we simply will not be able to “ride” through the cities on which the train of rivals will pass. So try to lay and take routes as fast as possible.

If the train is moving along a really long way, then from this flight we will earn more money than from a flight, at which the car will need to visit only a couple of cities.

What else is remarkable about this game?

  1. The railways, which will be presented to us on the map, actually exist. Our trains will travel to many countries of Europe, so we will visit the United States and Canada.
  2. A huge number of various sounds, which, of course, do not give us a special advantage, but they act as a beautiful decoration, which will not let us get bored during the game process.
  3. If suddenly we encounter any difficulties, or if we cannot route for any reason, we can ask for a hint. Naturally, the prompt does not immediately reveal the complete route but only hints at how to proceed further.
  4. Players can build routes without connecting to the Internet. But it is much more interesting, of course, to play with real rivals, rather than with a computer.
  5. Thematic design of the game cannot but rejoice. You literally plunge into the unique atmosphere of trains.
  6. The more points we earn for the flights of our trains, the faster we will break out into the leaders in the table of achievements!

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RISK: Global Domination

RISK: Global Domination is an excellent step-by-step strategy in the style of the board game, where we will be able to fight both AI and real players! This is a historical strategy, dedicated to complex political relations between states and unusual staging world battles: adventures begin with distinct but partly prolonged training.

We will have to learn all the rules of the attack, the methods of distribution of troops, and the general goals of all actions. In general, to conquer new countries and turn into an invincible empire can be in a semi-automatic mode, including clues.

The plot and the gameplay

To begin with, it is recommended to try your hand at fighting the computer opponent. After the start of the game, we see a multi-colored map of the world. Red marked areas are under our control, purple and green – the colors of our opponents.

In the gameplay, there are three phases: Draft – at this time we create new troops. Their number will depend on the territories we seized and on the bonus cards available in the reserve.

The attack is the phase during which we will attack the enemy and conquer his lands. Tap on the enemy ground and throw game “bones”. If we have a larger number, then we will take up a new territory with little loss of soldiers. Or you can choose luminous cubes called Blitz and instantly win the battle by sacrificing some of your soldiers.

And in the Fortify phase, we can move our main troops to any territory under our control.

RISK: Global Domination provides the possibility of playing several people on one tablet or with gamers from the World Wide Web. Here it is not so easy to win against a computer bot.

The system of battles in RISK: Global Domination is a gamble – when you capture the desired areas you will have to throw dice: if good numbers have fallen, then victory is close, well, and if you are unlucky, you will suffer, paying with soldiers and other valuable resources.

In principle, on gambling attacks the entire gameplay is being built – the common goal is to capture the whole world, where can you get away from it?

Graphics and sound

The strategy is executed in a minimalist design using bright colors. The animation is simple but spectacular. The thematic “military” soundtrack completes the big picture.

RISK: Global Domination – an exciting strategy, which should always play to all fans of the genre!

Le Havre: The Inland Port

Le Havre: The Inland Port – in this application you will have to plunge into the world of a very interesting board game in which you can compete with your phone and with players from all over the world.

You will develop your own harbor, arranging it and increasing its throughput so that it brings more profit. The main task in the game is to get ahead of your opponent in development, the one who will be able to do it is the winner.

The players have 12 rounds, during which they acquire and use buildings. The use of buildings brings the resources needed to acquire more profitable and efficient buildings. At the end of the game, the player’s buildings are turned into victory points. The winner is the player who scored more points than the opponent.

During the round, players walk in turn, performing one action each. As an action, a player can either purchase a new building (having spent the resources necessary for this), or use one of the previously acquired ones, and also sell any of their buildings at half price.

You can use not only their buildings but also the rival’s buildings, but in this case, the player thanks to the opponent with a coin.

The central element of the game is the player’s personal field, divided into 6 sectors, and a pointer. The pointer of the personal field’s circular scale at the end of each round moves to 1 position (counter-clockwise) and sets three things: which buildings will open for acquisition at the beginning of the next round, how many actions can players make in the next round and who can go first.

The pointer performs a very important role since it changes the properties of the sectors of the player’s personal field. In the first (if to go clockwise) from the index of the sector are transferred the acquired and used buildings of the player. The use of the building, which lies in the second sector, allows you to apply its main property twice.

If the building is in the third sector, its base property is used three times, if in the fourth or fifth – four times (when using the building of the fifth sector, the player also receives 1 coin). All the buildings that stayed in the sixth sector at the end of the round are sold for half the price.

Graphics in Le Havre: The Inland Port is pleasant and not too bright, and the gameplay will take you for a long time and leave a lot of positive emotions.

San Juan

Does everyone think that the island of Puerto Rico is in a wonderful condition, but is it really so? San Juan – this is a mesmerizing, role-playing, card game. It especially will appeal to all gamblers. This game will give you a sense of power, excitement, and adrenaline, which many now do not have.

You will have to try on the role of absolutely not one character. You will have to become a governor, builder, trader, advisor, and prove to everyone that this city is prestigious and rich. Also, you have to prove yourself smart enough, cunning, and creative in order to rebuild the infrastructure and create an unblemished image of this city.

Nobody promised that the task would be easy. But do not doubt that at the end of the game you will not regret any one minute spent in San Juan.

Do not lose your vigilance and do not relax for a second because your competitors are always at the ready and eager to denigrate your reputation. Absolutely every object, be it a house, a castle, a factory, has its advantages. And your main task will be to present them in the most favorable light.

You have to make every effort to preserve this beautiful city and give a head start to your crafty and cunning rivals. A significant advantage of this application is a wonderful soundtrack and bright, beautiful graphics.

Make from an old town a new, improved, rich and prestigious city of dreams. Raise him up the rating ladder, and make him an example for imitation.

Small World 2

Small World 2 – this is one of the most interesting board games on Android and iOS. Once it was replicated and sold in an amount of 500 thousand copies. Now the entertainment is transferred to mobile platforms.

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where mysterious characters live. Collect a deck of cards with their image and defeat the enemy. Do not give your opponent the slightest chance because every piece of land should be yours.

The main goal – to seize the territory, which will bring a huge profit. The winner is the gamer, on account of which will be more coins to the end of the round. As in all desktop strategies, moves are performed in the order of priority.

Special abilities, a variety of characters, and a lot of fun quests waiting for the success of the operation will depend on how well you know the characters and their characteristics. Therefore, do not be lazy to study all the details of Small World 2 and understand the nuances.

For example, combining several maps will improve the abilities of the characters. But for this, you need to combine strictly defined characters. Learn, develop, and be the first in capturing new lands in Small World 2.

Here you will need to arrange cards on the card, apply for special bonus cards, throw dice, and do everything to grab all available land. The game has the ability to play against bots, as well as participate in online matches against real rivals.

And also there is a mode of playing together on one device, in which all the cards of each gamer are located face to him and upside down to the opponent. In addition, there is a special rating of Small World 2, daily, and weekly tournaments.

The size of the game is not small, so get ready for the fact that your mobile device will have to cope with the necessary technical requirements. The game has attracted the attention of thousands of avid fans of turn-based desktop strategies around the world and continues to receive more and more supporters.

The creators of Days of Wonder certainly tried to please us with the following features:

  1. Several game modes, including online for five participants.
  2. A lot of characters.
  3. Two dozen races and special abilities.
  4. There are many different regions.
  5. Educational video-manual.

Colt Express

Colt Express – an interesting application, based on a fairly well-known board game, designed for the Android and iOS operating systems. This project was created by the Asmodee Digital studio.

Presented developers have long been engaged in the release of various applications for mobile phones. It was at the expense of great experience that they managed to make a really high-quality game, which the users liked.

Running the game “Colt Express”, the user is transferred to the past. Actions take place during the Wild West when practically no one was safe. Every day in the streets of the city there were murders, thefts, robberies. Anyone could buy weapons.

Yes, in cities and even small settlements there were sheriffs who tried to calm the situation, but it was not possible to do this for a long time. It was during these times that the main characters lived. Developers added 6 characters. They have individual abilities, skills, and proficiency.

Before the start of the game process, you must select the main character. Pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the characteristics. They play a big role in the process of passing.

After selecting a character, the user is transferred to a train consisting of 6 cars. In each of the different heroes make their way and begin to steal passengers. The winner is someone who, over a certain time, will be able to loot more gold, silver, precious stones, money.

When performing tasks, the user is given a reward and a certain number of points. In addition to the main regime, there is a “History”. Entering it, you can learn more about the main characters, learn their history and some facts.

All robberies, firing occur at the expense of special cards, which the user uses at the necessary moments. This format of fighting has already become familiar and quite popular.

The presented game is executed due to a good two-dimensional graphics. It is worth noting the detailing, drawing of the main characters and main objects. Transferring the popular desktop game to the mobile platform, the authors retained its distinctive style.

All objects and characters of the game are made of cardboard and paper, and the atmosphere of the Wild West is supplemented by the sounds of shootings and pleasant background music.

Elder Sign: Omens

The most puzzling puzzle in the world made in the style of a board game has already reached the masses! Now you can also break a couple of gyrations about the sharp edges of unsolved charades, abundantly scattered around the game Elder Sign: Omens.

It all started with the fact that the provincial museum seized the forces of evil. Monsters, devils, and Satan himself are bursting out into the world of people and passions. The walls of the old building barely hold back such pressure but they are about to collapse.

To save the planet from the invasion of hell creatures can only one creature, peacefully asleep for several thousand years. This creature can appear in very different guises: in the form of the god Cthulhu, then in the form of Azathoth.

But how to wake him up? To do this, you need to collect a team of the most daring, strong, and dexterous characters (by the way, you can choose them yourself) and send this “gang” to the museum.

In the walls of the huge mansion, packed with artifacts, a brave squad awaits a myriad of puzzles and riddles, which they will have to guess for 64 levels. Every time before entering this or that hall you will have to weigh the strength of the team and the strength of the opponent, suddenly someone better to stay on guard.

A powerful plot, atmospheric sound, lots of challenging tasks, excellent graphics, and stunning 3D animation make the classic game of the puzzle genre into an exciting adventure into the world of magic and miracles.

Features of Elder Sayne: Omens:

  1. The game takes place on 64 beautiful levels.
  2. The ability to assemble a team of intrepid travelers to save their brethren.
  3. The chance to become one of the few saviors of our physical world from being exterminated or enslaved by evil.
  4. Thinly worked out maps.
  5. The ability to choose the level of complexity of the game at any time.


Tasks and rules. The table puzzle Splendor finally appeared in digital format on mobile formats – the bestseller acquired a new form, gained additional modes and colorful graphics, added to the complexity, and characteristic change in the fate of the main characters.

The idea of the puzzle is that the gaming table is represented by a site for the trade-in jewelry, players are merchants from overseas countries that are bargaining for the whole state with the help of cunning maneuvers and risky operations. The rule is one – gain prestige points and destroy enemies!

Modes and players. Puzzle Splendor for Android and iOS supports several standard modes and a couple of story missions, wherein the 15-16 century a handful of characters are experiencing a number of trading stories.

In addition to the single-player mode, there are also multi-player battles that take two to four players in one place. The positive aspects of the game with friends are obvious, but it’s no less interesting to play with a computer – the configurable complexity allows you to have fun while playing or to get stuck in a world of secrets.

Tutorial and rating. To download Splendor o a smartphone is recommended for everyone – this is a puzzle game that is rich in events, filled with non-standard actions and curious situations.

Be sure to invite friends, brag by rating, and make battles with a high rating. And do not be afraid to start an adventure in the world of commerce – for each novice tutorial with detailed information is available, train and fight!


  1. The official adaptation of the board game.
  2. Quick and easy to learn gameplay.
  3. Good graphics.
  4. Solo mode and multiplayer mode from 2 to 4 players.
  5. Different types of artificial intelligence.
  6. Excellent interactive tutorial.
  7. Achievement board.

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Catan is an exciting and legendary strategy for Android and iOS smartphones! Play in the colorful world of the island of Catan, explore it, conquer, trade, in general, establish dominance over this island.

In this game, up to four players can compete simultaneously, fight for settlements, roads and the largest army. Establish economic relations with each other and seize precious lands with all their resources. Become the Lord of the Island of Catan!

Everything will begin with a study of nearby territories. Then you can develop trade. Also, you will have the opportunity to seize new lands. Your main task will be to fight for the settlements and capture as much as possible. To do this you will need a large army. You can compete with both artificial intelligence and real players.

However, at first, it will not be very profitable to fight alone. That is why you must find allies interested in cooperation and establish economic ties with them.

A very big role in the gameplay is assigned to a different resource. Their extraction should be given due attention. With a shortage of resources, you will not be able to build new facilities and hire an army. Unlike many other strategies, here they are distributed among players at the beginning of each new move.

In the game statistics are maintained, a user-friendly interface is implemented, for each event, pleasant, thematic music is chosen.


  1. Available languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese.
  2. The version is optimized for medium and high-resolution smartphone screens.
  3. The original set of rules “Colonizers”.
  4. Hot multiplayer.
  5. Smart computer opponents with individual strategies.
  6. The scrollable playing field, including with zoom.
  7. Freely combinable game settings.
  8. Dynamic music and sound effects, depending on the situation.
  9. Game statistics.
  10. Comprehensive textbook.
  11. The new script “The 4 Islands” and two additional versions of the game.
  12. Thoughtful interface: watch the actions of other players still keeping an eye on the playing field
  13. 3 different graphic sets to choose from: classic set, or original graphics from American or German editions of the board game

Turn your device into a boundless world, with exciting adventures and limitless possibilities. To do this, you just need to download a game, the actions of which take away from you a lot of free time. You are waiting for fascinating campaigns, special quests, an unknown world full of dangers, sea battles and much more. Wisely dispose of your opportunities, grab land and resources to become the ruler of Catan!

Through the Ages

Through the Ages – one of the greatest board games of all time. You will be available hundreds of maps to build a mighty civilization. Explore the many ways that your country can lead to victory. Carefully manage your resources.

You will be given a variety of tips that you will first use, but then you will understand what and how to do it. In fact – this is a very laborious work that will force you to fully study all the technology of state management so that all your residents are very happy.

Gradually you will gain experience and will develop your huge city. Your military will support you and ensure peace of mind while you direct civilization to greatness.

From the very beginning, you are given a very small settlement, which you will have to develop somehow. Improve your buildings, study a wide variety of technologies, discover incredible wonders of the world, and you must manage your resources with the mind.

Still, we need to study the entire description of the game in order to correctly imagine the management of the state. We will have to deal with the economy along with religion. The game has thousands of maps, on the basis of which you can build an entire empire.

You will have a variety of options for the development of civilization, analyzing each of them, consider that resources need to be spent wisely because they are finite.

It will be necessary to choose the path that is simply obliged to lead you to victory. You can play with the computer, as well as with your best friends. Everything will depend on you and all the expectations of residents simply have to be justified. If you just start, then it will be difficult to stop.


  1. One of the biggest board games.
  2. Hundreds of cards.
  3. A large number of resources.
  4. Beautiful graphics.
  5. Ability to play with friends.
  6. Multiple game modes.

Star Realms

Card strategy from the White Wizard Games studio, finally, got to mobile devices – this is a rethought version of the desktop puzzle, based on trade and economic development, battles, and beneficial interchange. The main task of each battle is to conquer the galactic space during the gaming session, destroying the enemy’s positions.

Game actions of card novelty Star Realms occur in the distant future – mankind managed to find suitable for life planets, new resources, and technologies, but without the victory over neighboring factions, access to finds is closed. Players will have to choose one of the dominant empires, get an initial set of cards, and begin to evolve.

From the first minutes in the novelty of Star Realms for Android and iOS, only trading cards representing ships, bases and mining buildings are available, the task of the players is to exchange or sell the acquired property, acquire the perfect cards and attack the enemy, selecting the resources.

Opponents are both real and computer opponents and choose, respectively, one of the four available factions. Victory or inevitable defeat is already waiting for those who want to download Star Realms to your smartphone, do not miss it!

Race for the galaxy

Race for the Galaxy – a strategic board game in which players will try to create their own empire, and with the help of playing cards are sent to the development of the main food regions of this planet.

Knock out the phase when you go in search of what you need to win. Lead ahead of your rivals and always be the first, and for this, you will have to understand all the nuances and trivialities of this wonderful desktop.

Network multiplayer game Race for the Galaxy – is a great thing if you are looking for something to occupy yourself for several hours.

Choose the right game for your opponents or call your friends through social networking accounts. A new generation of familiar board games is just this game, so hurry to see for yourself something new and enjoy the gameplay.

Choose for yourself the path of development, be it either the conquest of mines or the exploration of rare and valuable resources that you can find on this planet – decide for yourself.

Maybe you are cool in the strategy of fighting? Then you will also be able to show your skills to everyone and fight off huge territories from your opponents. A free game for the real professionals is already available for free download!


  • 2 – 4 players can play over the network;
  • a mode for one player against AI based on a neural network;
  • five starting worlds and ninety maps of worlds and technologies;
  • free promo pack: New Worlds with additional starting worlds;
  • supplement Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium is available for in-game purchases.

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Burgle Bros

Burgle Bros is a complex, controversial but incredibly attractive table puzzle, schematically telling about the hard life of professional scammers who can clean the safe of any provincial bank with their eyes closed: of course, with each new achievement, the characters dream of more, and therefore they urge users to help in the performance of several large robberies.

The goal is still the same – to open the protected storage, pack the money in bags, and hide in an unknown direction. Unfortunately, the rates have greatly increased, and therefore to count on an easy victory is not necessary – everywhere guards, alarms, encrypted terminals, and locked doors.

To get through the labyrinth of limitations and all sorts of puzzles will only be done by a real genius who does not know the problems with orientation in space, luck, and, of course, with tactics …

Features of Burgle Bros

Training. The first ten minutes in the puzzle will have to be followed by a large-scale instruction detailing a bunch of various actions – starting and received opportunities, characters, and available strategic combinations, ways to deal with guards, and the distribution of actions.

Mechanics. If very briefly, the main goal is to overcome several randomly generated levels and get to the bank’s storehouse, where millions of ever-green dollar bills are hidden.

Understand the task in step by step, turning over located on the starting table (a sort of level map, divided into interconnected areas) maps. Behind every inverted shirt is an action, area for use, an object or an accidental event that can bring benefit or harm.

Diversity. To the pluses of the puzzle much can be attributed. Here the characters which are a whole collection and each has unique features and unexpected features, and levels are always generated randomly, and even the complexity grows according to the latest user results.

In a word, you can constantly entertain without experiencing any difficulties with finding new tasks – just change some starting settings (such a free generator of unexpected ideas).

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics component of the product is presented in a funny cartoon style, everything looks nice, and funny characters will be able to cheer up and adjust to the gameplay. The game process is to move around the map, throwing dice, the success of any business will depend on which cell you get to.

The table puzzle Burgle Bros is a sacred find for true connoisseurs of complex, unusual, and exciting entertainments that require no reaction and ingenuity but assiduity, logic, and the desire to learn and develop mastery …


Before you – a port of the famous board game. Unfortunately, not knowing the rules (and it goes to a pretty thick notebook with a description of the laws) it will be rather difficult to understand.

But for fans and owners of boxes – this is a real gift because the ability to play online all over the world eliminates the problem of finding players in your environment. What immediately you notice when playing Ascension is an incredibly beautiful drawing of maps and interface.

The non-standard artistic design of the game by the famous artist makes it beautiful and memorable. Deep mechanics and a huge field of all sorts of tactical actions make Ascension one of the best card table games.

The goal of the game is to collect a deck of cards laid out in the center of the field, and with their help to win monsters and earn “glory points”, which will determine the winner. To make things more interesting, the cards have their value in glory points, which after the match will be added to the fact that you managed to “snatch” for the game.

The cards themselves are divided into 4 factions, which give a positive effect on their “own” factions. The factions themselves are sustained in their own style, which also has an impact on the game. In addition to dividing into factions, the cards are divided into “heroes” and “designs”, the first act only one move, the second give a permanent effect from the moment you enter the game.

Due to this diversity, the game strategy becomes very multidimensional.

You need to think through a winning strategy, see what your opponent or opponents are taking (2 to 4 people can play) and try to counteract this, draw the necessary cards into your deck, remove unnecessary ones, build chains that allow you to play more cards than originally given and make a lot of other body movements.

For the game, there are several extensions that change the gameplay, as well as periodically issued promo cards.

As for the game process itself – it’s done perfectly. To play on the tablet, perhaps, is even more convenient than with real cards.

The game itself shows the available moves, warns if you want to finish the move without playing all that is possible, suggests switching to another game if your move has come up there, and in every way makes life easier. There is a convenient view of all available cards.

To summarize, this is clearly not a game for everyone. Many will be deterred by its complexity, since despite the general simplicity of the rules, building a winning strategy requires considerable intellectual effort.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens on Android and iOS is a fun and simple card game for mobile devices about exploding kittens. The game project, which has received insane success from users, is the prototype of the board game. The mechanics and rules of the “Exploding Kittens” are similar in many respects to the Russian roulette.

Thanks to the multiplayer mode, up to five people can be simultaneously playing in the same room. The game is suitable for a great pastime in the company of friends and on the heat of passion is not inferior to popular table games.

Exploding Kitten’s essence of the gameplay is that the players running the game on their device, in turn, draw a card from the deck to the general as long as someone does not fall card “exploding kitten.” The game continues until there is no one player behind the virtual gaming table. Each card has its own unique properties.

The loss is saved by defensive cards, neutralizing bombs, which are very rarely found in the deck. In the game, it is permissible to use various tricks and dodges towards rivals.

You can spy, steal cards, skip moves, make opponents make a move several times. In addition to defensive cards, the game also has cards that cause opponents to draw additional cards or mix the deck.

Despite the simple idea, Exploding Kittens is an excellent example of a mobile card game that will allow you to have fun during friendly gatherings. In the near future, developers are planning to add multiplayer support via the Internet.

In the game, there are in-game purchases – avatars and unique maps. In this case, the first sets can be obtained completely free of charge.


Onirim – Solitaire Card Game – a great board game that will allow you to spend your free time. Solving of solitaire is an exciting activity, contributing to the fruitful work of the brain. Correctly to decompose cards is not so easy, for solving hard problems you need to choose a certain strategy.

And every game has its own challenges. In addition, winning it is necessary to collect cards that will open the door, otherwise, you can get stuck in the labyrinth.

Pleasant animation makes the game exciting, answers to the questions can be found in the textbook. For their success in the game in the statistics can be seen, which gives complete information about the games.

The Witcher Adventure Game

The release of the multiplatform game “The Witcher 3” from Polish developers from the CD Projekt RED studio made a real sensation among the entire audience of fans of role-playing games. The toy turned out to be so successful that it became the topic number 1 for a long time in all discussions on the largest gaming communities.

A great story and the presence of a bunch of charismatic characters led to the fact that the game in addition to everything else and gave birth to a bunch of memes! Move, Roach!

In addition to the original game, the developers decided to release a cool board game with a luxurious design – which is just the most beautiful illustrations, which are considered a pleasure.

Together with the real game, on the shelves of electronic stores of iOS and Android, there was an electronic version of the desktop. And what is most pleasant, the mobile version for tablets is not inferior to the original.

The developers of the game offer everyone to go on a long journey through the fairy-tale world of the game. To do this, it’s enough just to have remarkable courage and pre-select the character for which you will play. The choice is available four heroes: the killer monsters, the wandering bard, warrior, and sorceress.

The principle of the game is in the match between the players – the faster you will perform the quests, the sooner you will be at the end of your adventure and, accordingly, complete the game first.

Interestingly, the creators of the game implemented a battle system. During the battle, players can throw three dice at once – with enough shields, you leave the battle unscathed, and damage from the monsters will depend on the fallen swords.

The developers did the visual part of the game very well. It is immediately evident that the best designers worked on it, as a result of which the game is simply imbued with the original spirit of the series.


  • more than 300 cards and more than 30 monsters;
  • 4 unique heroes with different approaches to problem-solving;
  • achievements and awards;
  • the ability to play against both AI and friends;
  • intuitive interface and simple rules and of course atmospheric, artistic design in the style of the series of games “The Witcher”.

The Game of Life

THE GAME OF LIFE – this is a board game for the whole company, where players will have to relive life. Instead of cubes, there is roulette with numbers, and instead of a classical field with cells – a whole web of tracks, from which each chooses his own.

The bottom line is that the player can really choose his own way. And this is not “left or right”, and “career or study” is, for example, the starting option. And each way is special. Learning is much more promising in the future, it allows you to make better work.

A career with a birth – it’s just again of dough, but not as high as after the university. And there are many such forks, each is fraught with its pros and cons.

Oh, yes, every player has his own budget. And we must try not to remain bankrupt. The game is fiercely popular, as it also exists on PC, and it supports the multiplayer game. And just play with one device with friends no one stops. So if you think that somewhere in your life you turned the wrong way, try again here – just do not make the same mistake again!


  1. Fight with other players and get to the last yellow square.
  2. A new, shorter mode, where you need to meet different conditions to win.
  3. Check your skills and compete on an equal footing in various mini-games.
  4. Send expressive emoji to other players during matches.
  5. Play with three friends on one device.


Mysterium is a cooperative game of deduction from Asmodee Digital, in which a ghost sends a group of psychics to reveal the identity of the killer, as well as weapons and crime scene, using only visual clues.

Choose your way of playing: take on the role of a ghost who gives evidence to other participants, or the role of one of the psychics, trying to decipher abstract clues.

In this digital version, you will find:

  1. Accurate adaptation of the original game with great graphics.
  2. Ability to play with or without clairvoyance.
  3. Extra covers and sleep maps from expansion in the store.
  4. History mode to discover the background of each psychic.
  5. A single way to play with IT.
  6. Multiplayer with support for up to 7 players.
  7. List of Leaders.

In the fascinating card game, users will see a kind of card table. Participants can be from 1 to 8. They direct their efforts to disassemble the messages left by the nameless ghost.

There are no test hints, dialogs, descriptions. Users will get acquainted only with illustrations of the places of murders. Also, you will see pictures of potential criminals. In other words, it is necessary for the search to focus only on visual associations.

Look at the materials given out, and be at the same time attentive. Analyze the evidence, and then confer with the team or use additional tools. The gamer should form the final version.

In the final result, you will understand whether it can be argued that the information converges or it becomes clear that it is incorrect. All tasks develop in 3 stages. It is necessary to think about who was murdered, what weapon, where.

Include logical thinking, and spend enough time thinking about it because the circumstances are very cramped. Immediately do not rush into the menu of choice of answers, even if it seems that your guesses are ideal. Consult the team.

The developers have prepared a chat for users. As for the interface, it does not cause any complaints. All the elements turned out to be detailed, beautiful.

The game itself is atmospheric so it gives the impression that you will fall into a real detective. This great entertainment can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone. Developers did not add advertising to the application but there is a presence of paid items. There are no age restrictions.


The game Tokaido is a mobile version of the game of the same name, the output of which became a real event in the world of desktops. From other games, this project is distinguished by a very original concept.

If the rest of the creators of the desktops prefer either military or economic subjects, then, in this case, the developers went on a different path and released a game about traveling! Players have a long way to go all over Japan, the main goal – to collect as much experience from the trip.

Shy Japanese women in colorful kimonos, sushi, pagodas, colorful landscapes – all this instantly sends the imagination to the mysterious Land of the Rising Sun, whose inhabitants treasure their traditions from the most ancient times. It is with them that you will meet in this incredibly exciting game.

It starts with the choice of a character, the characteristics of which will largely determine your future path through the country. And then you have to overcome many kilometers from the city of Kyoto to Tokyo, which in ancient times was called Edo.

Stay on vacation in hotels, try local dishes, buy souvenirs, and admire the beautiful scenery – and for all this, you can get game points that are eventually summed up to determine the winner. This is not just a virtual journey in pursuit of vain pleasures, but a philosophical creative strategy that conveys the unique atmosphere of Japanese culture.

Tokaido on Android and iOS has a very beautiful recognizable graphic style. The white background with bright objects looks very contrasting, the characters and elements of architecture are drawn with very great attention to detail, and high-quality animation with sound effects favorably stand out against the background of its physical colleague.

Card Thief

Card Thief – a new table card game that can entertain any smartphone owner. If the user likes to play solitaire and he considers himself a master in this business, then he will enjoy the entertainment. The game process is carried out in a virtual limited area, which has a rectangular view.

Our hero needs to get into the dungeon, which now and then is strewn with maps with different meanings: guards, doors, traps, gold, etc. The player must, with special care, draw the card of the main character through all the others and steal the treasure chest.

Players should help the thief to go through the guards, extinguish the torch and try to steal precious things, and also walk away from many traps. After each successfully completed quest, gamers will receive rewards in the form of a set of cards that have unique skills.

Beware of traps, overcome many obstacles, earn a bunch of points, and compare your results with other users from around the world. Become the best thief on the planet who can steal an object even from the most protected area.

The main difficulty that our thief will encounter is the constant updating of maps, which before that were thrown into the dump. At the end of each deck, whence new tests are taken, there is a secret passage through which you must slip away with the stolen chest.

Everything sounds simple enough, however, when passing through each “enemy” card, the thief loses the stealth points, which as a result may run out, and our character will go to serve his sentence in the nearest prison.


  1. Unusual game mechanics with its subtleties and tricks.
  2. Nice graphics with different illustrations of the characters.
  3. The interaction of some cards, with others.
  4. The constant need to calculate all your moves in advance.

The game is extremely interesting and exciting. The game mechanics fulfills with hurray and is sometimes able to put the player in such a difficult situation that it is simply impossible to get out of it without thinking. Therefore, for all fans of unusual puzzles, the application will have just right.

Graphics and Gameplay

The Card Thief toy has a nice graphical interface, which is painted in dark tones with an eerie atmosphere. And your main task for the game is to distract the guards and steal the treasures in order to pass the level and get the reward.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Already deserved many prestigious awards and wide recognition, Ted Olspach’s board game, Castles of Mad King Ludwig finally appeared on mobile devices, in the form of a digital version for iOS and Android.

Following the author’s intention, the players will feel like followers of the famous Bavarian King Ludwig II, who had a passion for erecting beautiful, unusual, and truly fabulous castles, the most famous of which was the castle of Neuschwanstein. Castles of Mad King Ludwig – is a true gift for all fans of board games.

Up to 4 gamers will compete in who builds locks better. In the final, you should get a real medieval handsome man with a lot of rooms and appearance meeting the requirements, because of the intrigues of the players, in the end, can go something unintelligible.

The one who wins the most cunning or who knows how to plan his actions in advance will win.

When planning the layout of the interior, you can compete with other players (2-4 players) or with AI. In addition, the computer version contains a story campaign, in the course of which players will get acquainted with 15 real castles. Thoughtful gameplay will be accompanied by orchestral music.

D&D Lords of Waterdeep

D&D Lords of Waterdeep is a cool board game that takes you to a fictional world – the City of Luster and gives you the power to govern the state, guaranteeing you complete political power and many opportunities. Become a ruler and track all aspects of the state system, monitor them, and make your own corrections.

Enter buildings, build new ones, and of course design real masterpieces of architecture that will become a real indicator of the prosperity of your pride.

The actions of the game take place in the Middle Ages, which means that you will dispose of resources and opportunities in the way that people could use it 500 years ago.

Use traditional tools and build real houses only with the help of stone, wood, and to a lesser extent – metal. Become the supreme ruler of the Deep and conquer all the free territories that you can add to yourself.

The game takes place step by step, and each player can take part in 8 game rounds, which makes the game long, strategic, and very smart. At the same time in D&D Lords of Waterdeep can play up to 5 players, which means that you can download D&D Lords of Waterdeep with your friends and enjoy it together!

7 Wonders

The classical version of one of the most popular board games ever – 7 wonders. When you just start the game, even if you don’t know how to play, you can just watch a tutorial in the main menu. By the way, the app allows the multiplayer mode with up to 7 players simultaneously.

The whole concept of the game is that you need to drag the cards on the board to the right position. The ultimate goal is to get a combination of cards that will help you to make one of the 7 wonders of the world. You can win points by choosing to participate in the battles or other mass events which are based on the historical facts.

In the end, the player with the biggest amount of points will be the winner. By the way, the 7 Wonders is the game that probably was anticipated the most on the digital platforms because the fans have been waiting for its release there for so long.

Try to get different cards, but watch out for how much do they cost. Well, some cards you are going to get for free. The overall design of the game is pretty straightforward and that’s why the game might feel “rough” sometimes – and this is probably the main disadvantage here.

There is no setting for changing the difficulty of the game, so it’s going to be equally hard both for pros and beginners. Though the gameplay is executed decently and it works fast and dynamically. When you just start to play you can choose the location from where you want to start, for example, Alexandria or Babylon and so on.

Overall, 7 Wonders is more a calm card game that doesn’t involve lots of action, it is more about the strategical thinking. If you are looking for a better story and graphics then you should go for another app on this list.



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Another board game which is quite famous in its offline format – not you have it on your smartphone as well. By the way, the digital version of this game has gained lots of awards all around the world – another point for trying it out as soon as possible.

The main idea of the game is the trade on the famous Turkish Bazar. Dive into the atmosphere of the old Istambul, with all those species, meals, drinks… And see how much of an entrepreneurial talent you have yourself. The goal is to hold the success full trade all around the Bazar so you are getting richer and richer.

Conquer your competitor by listing the most affordable prices but try not to get bankrupt. Hire assistants, but watch them not to steal from you – control them all. In the progress of the game, you need to constantly upgrade your wheelbarrow capacity.

The total number of the merchandise points that you have on Bazar is 16. You get a team consisting of one merchant and several assistants. Manage them successfully by distributing them across each point to make your sales more effective.

The only thing about Istanbul that can become its biggest disadvantage is that this game supports only a single-player mode (come on, it is a board game!). However, the graphics and overall so captivating you surely won’t get bored even playing alone.



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