5 Best Telephone Pictionary Game Apps for Android & iOS

You have probably played Pictionary when you were a child or a teenager. Still, this game is for adults too.

Drawing and guessing a word can be pretty challenging but it worth it. You can develop your imagination and creative thinking.

However, you need a big number of things to play Pictionary. It will be easier to find a good application and use your device only.

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Most of the games listed here are free. There are applications for Android, as well as for iOS users.

Drawize – Draw and Guess

It’s high time you started practicing your imagination and your drawing skills! 

With Drawize, it is a very simple thing to do. This game unites thousands of players from all around the world. 

The app is packed with cool features:

  • There are two modes available: single and multiplayer. When you don’t feel like playing with others, this mode will be a great solution. The multiplayer one allows you to share your drawing with others.
  • You can tell the world about your success by sharing the progress on social media. 
  • Choose and edit avatars. There is a possibility of customizing them according to your tastes. You can be unique and outstanding in this app.
  • Face exciting challenges every single day. There is a special daily challenge that helps you to test your power and skill. If you win the day, you are going to get a big award.
  • Make sure you try various brushes. There are pen, spray, brush, and many others. 

Still, there is a huge disadvantage in this nice game. You can not enjoy the content you have downloaded offline. Even if you want to play alone, it is impossible without a connection to the Internet. 

Every person will start as Scribbler, but only the best will become Masters.

You can get the app on Google Play for free. However, you’ll have to put up with ads. 


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Pictionary Air

Here is another good application that is a great tool for playing a classic Pictionary game. 

This app was designed to be great family entertainment. You can play it with your little kids and your senior relatives. Let the game put you all together and relax while drawing and guessing.

There are many ways to use the application:

  • Draw on a screen with your fingers. This function is basic and, therefore, is available for free right after the download.
  • You can use your Apple TV to monitor the process of the game. This is exciting!
  • Choose between two cool modes. You can use the play mode, where you can choose and regulate the length and the number of rounds to play. The other mode is called a selfie. It allows you to draw when you are alone. 
  • There is a special air pen that helps you to make sketches by waving your hand. Try it to experience a new level of the traditional Pictionary game. 
  • The interface of the app is very simple so that you can concentrate on drawing, not on struggling with the app’s buttons and functions.
  • You can forget about having to save your progress. The application will do it for you. When you are done with the drawing, you can share it with your friends at a click of a button. 
  • The game supports a wide variety of languages, such as English, Russian, Chinese, French, Dutch, and many others. 

The game is pretty big – you need to have at least 177 MB of your phone memory to start the download. 

The application is free in App Store. There are no ads. 

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DrawGuess – Telephone Pictionary Online Game

Are you tired of sitting at home and just studying? You probably are. This is why you need to try the DrawGuess application. 

To play this exciting game, you simply need to download the game and create an account. 

The rules are very simple and easy to remember:

  • Push the ‘start’ button. When you do it, the game will automatically establish a kind of a phone call so that you can play as if you are sitting in the same room. 
  • The game starts when all the members of the group create a secret phrase and add it to a sketchbook. All of the people involved should do it. If the number of players is even, one player should pick a phrase, draw it and pass to the others. When you are done with that, you can move to the next step.
  • Play until every player gets his sketch back. The result will turn out to be hilarious. You can share it on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

There are many ways to play such a game. The first one is to download the application on your smartphone or tablet. 

The second way is to visit their website that you can find in the description of the app. 

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Here comes a fairly significant disadvantage. You can not enjoy all the functions without a connection to the Internet. Even if you have downloaded the app, you still need to be online.

You can get the app on Google Play for free.


Pictionary Word Generator

This is another nice Pictionary game that can help you spend your time in a very interesting way.

Still, this is not a typical Pictionary game. This is just an application that can help you to play this game in real life.

With the help of the app, you can make the process of the game easier and faster.

In fact, it is just a word generator that thinks instead of you. This is a great solution if you would like to concentrate on drawing, not thinking of the words.

The app is divided into 5 categories: 

  • person/place/animal
  • object
  • action
  • difficult 
  • all play

For sure, it makes the game less complicated, as you know in advance to which category the word can refer. 

If you want to keep the game hard, choose the ‘difficult’ mode. 

Another cool thing is the interface of the app. It is extremely simple with no additional features and even no design at all. 

For some people, it might be a disadvantage but it is not. The lack of design makes the app very small so that you can install it at no cost in terms of your phone memory. 

The app is available in Google Play. There are many ads popping out of nowhere but it is the only way to keep the content free. Unfortunately, they can’t be removed.

We recommend that you use the app on your smartphone. If you want to play on a tablet, the quality of graphics can be worse.


R-rated Pictionary Word Generator

Pictionary is widely associated with children. However, it doesn’t mean that adults can not play it. They can and they should because it is so fun!

Here is another word generator. Still, it is very different from the previous application that is aimed at kids and families.

This word generator is for adults only. This is why it is rated 18+. We highly recommend that you don’t play it with your kids.

The app is separated into a few categories:

  • Person
  • Action
  • Object
  • Miscellaneous

The number of cards is seemingly limitless. We can recommend that you won’t see the same card in the next game, it is highly unlikely.

Even though the app is packed with thousands of cards, its size is quite small, it is 5.9 MB only.

You can get the application for free in Google Play. 


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