12 Best Text-Based Games for Android & iOS

If you’re someone who likes writing and you express yourself through text, then you will be happy to discover there are wonderful text-based games for you.

Try other stories playing these best decision making games. Make crucial choices that will lead you to a surprising result.

Now, you get a chance to feel like one of the main characters of your favorite novels – of different kinds and genres. Discover the best apps in the article down below!


A unique text game in which each user has to get out of a tangled and complex story. Unmemory based on a crime detective story. The plot of the game is interesting from the first minutes and then completely captures. The key idea of the game revolves around the killer of women.

It was who killed the protagonist’s girlfriend. But the game has one significant drawback. It lies because the principal character suffers from memory loss, which complicates revealing the secret. A riddle opens up for you to be solved. Unmemory brings together a variety of gameplay. The user will greet with puzzles and accompanying text.

The perfect design specially designed for the aesthetic pleasure of the gameplay. With a deep plot, the interesting narration will allow you to feel all the horrors of this story.

Extraordinarily high graphics with various stylistic combinations. One another argument in support of Unmemory is that the game supports many languages. This will allow users to play in their own language, increasing the comfort of the gameplay.

By installing Unmemory on your Android or iOS device, you will feel the intrigue and immerse yourself fully in the historical features of Unmemory. Use all your efforts and knowledge to get closer to solving this terrible secret.

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An interesting game with an exciting motive will consume the player for the entire day. The game developed by the guys from Mujo Games, Stuffed Wombat. Ord is a black and white game with an interesting story that unfolds from the first seconds. The user will have to choose and think over each decision, otherwise, your decision will affect the final and not for the better.

Choose the most optimal and correct solutions to get closer to a positive and happy ending. In the game, the user will have to try on the role of God. In addition, you will defeat the evil old man who strives to do dirty tricks.

A beautiful interface with stylistic features will delight you. Moreover, the game made in black and white style, which will allow you to immerse yourself and feel the entire atmosphere reigning in the game. Easy and dynamic control that carried out with just one touch on the screen. The soundtrack creates an atmosphere of mystery filled with riddles.

Another great advantage of Ord is the ability to play without an internet connection. It is enough to install the game from PlayMakret or AppStore and start your journey through secrets. But be careful, every decision you make is worth considering twice before moving on to the next. Lots of puzzles are trying to confuse you, but you can handle it right?

WarQuest: Game of the Gods

Another unique game in the RPG genre. A perfectly drawn plot with an excellent retro style will allow you to feel all the magic of WarQuest: Game of the Gods.

The plot of the game in the game unfolds around the protagonist of a toy creator who has a dark past. In WarQuest: Game of the Gods, understand the hard fate of the toy creator, plunge into the old atmosphere and make the toughest choices that will affect the fate of the chief character.

The unique design of the game with many choices will fray pretty nerves for each user. Nice sound design with many distinct elements that accompany the gameplay will drag users into this crazy world of mysteries.

Deal with this terrible story and find the truth that each approach will move away from you. For each correctly completed mission, you will be rewarded with keys and other values, which will be sure to be useful to you later.

The most important goal in WarQuest: Game of the Gods is to choose the best solution and keep the chief character alive. Faced with the important task of solving puzzles and guessing the riddles of which the game WarQuest: Game of the Gods shrouded. Android and iOS users will surely enjoy the old atmospheric art and amazing gameplay with simple controls.

Eldrum: Untold, Text-Based RPG

Eldrum is a text-based adventure game that lets you immerse yourself in a fantasy world with an interesting plot. Using only text descriptions, players can go through the entire plot, making important decisions and influencing the development of the story.

Your choice of resource usage and commands will determine the outcome of your journey and the fate of the player. The game offers multiple development options and multiple story endings, depending on the decisions you make.

In the course of the game, you will encounter various challenges, puzzles, and events. Your experience and wit will be the key factors for its successful completion.

The game allows you to shape the character of your hero yourself, and choose its appearance, skills, and characteristics. From the immortal and powerful warrior to the stealthy and agile thief, you decide what your hero will be like and how it will meet challenges.

You can customize voice control for the blind or visually impaired. The game can be accessed from any device, as it is supported on both tablets and smartphones.

King of Dragon Pass

An interesting game that takes place in a fictional empire. After installing the King of Dragon Pass, the user offered to familiarize themselves with the history of the clan. After reading each point, they will ask you questions to which you must answer correctly. Further actions and tasks will depend on each of your answers.

If the beginning of the game with the introduction seems boring, you can press “Proceed” at any convenient moment and go to the dominant clan. The bright design in the old version will allow you to plunge into the aesthetic retro atmosphere. The user-provided with the main game screen with representatives of various sectors of the national economy.

Clan representatives can take part in the development of society by offering their advice. The best part of King of Dragon Pass is an interactive book, the ending of which each user determines for himself. All events in the game take place in the world of Glorant.

Many players may notice that the game does not have animation or graphics, but this does not interfere with enjoying the gameplay. All information provided to the players on the screen was text. With any information, you invited to make a choice that can change the history of the clan.

The perfect soundtrack, combined with Celtic national music, immerses users in the gaming atmosphere. No unnecessary sounds, just music. High graphics and simple controls will allow even a beginner to master the game. King of Dragon Pass is a game for those who love puzzles and search for solutions.

Meet: Messenger Dating Game

Meet: Messenger Dating Game – this is an app for writing your personal virtual love story without any restrictions. Also, here you will need to try to select the desired messages and not miss.

The essence of this kind of game is that you will find yourself on the playing field, where you will get different messages on the way, some of them will be positive, and some will be angry comments that you will need to jump over and avoid. The goal of the game is to collect as many hearts and positive comments as possible, some of which include nice compliments.

There are also three different modes in this app:

  • Story mode (here you will need to study the provided love story and try to avoid negative moments in it, which means not to touch angry comments)
  • Endless Mode (in this mode you will need to aim at collecting hearts. Here you will have no restrictions, you just need to collect as many points as possible, that is, hearts)
  • Space invaders mode involves a battle with alien creatures in an arcade format, where you will become a hero protecting the treasure and repelling the attacks of alien invaders

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Reigns: Her Majesty

An interesting game for those who like to plunge into the era of the king and queens. Reigns: Her Majesty will be a real find for lovers of the Middle Ages. Simple and easy-to-use gameplay.

The major task of the user is to manage the kingdom. You will face problems, the solution of which will present on the screen of your Android or iOS device. The player’s task is to choose the right solution for his kingdom.

The kingdom itself comprises the people, the army, the economy, and the church. Besides the fact that the user needs to solve problems, the ruler needs to establish even development between the 4 factions.

Any deviation from the norm will lead to the death of the ruler. After the death of the queen, the user forced to continue the game in the person of another queen. Try to be as careful as possible about solving problems and managing the kingdom so that the consequences do not become catastrophic.

The plot of the game develops as you receive special cards. Cards issued for successfully completed tasks. An excellent retro card drawing will appeal to many. A pleasant soundtrack creates a special atmosphere of royal rule.


A fascinating text quest with interesting puzzle elements will attract your attention with an unusual plot. The major character is a certain astronaut Taylor, who got lost on the moon. Your task is to save Taylor no matter who or who he is, you need to help him by choosing the right solution that will offer gameplay.

Can you solve it and save Taylor? History tells us about him as an astronaut. Taylor’s spacecraft crashed and fell to the moon. All Taylor has left is him and the transmitter that connects him to Earth.

Lifeline’s unique storytelling style is the hallmark of the game. Perfect adaptation to mobile devices will allow each player to feel the style and graphics of this incredible game. Taylor is shocked, tired, and needs to get out of the moon. He will constantly ask you for advice. Lifeline’s peculiar style of play will interest you from the very first minute.

The interface made in dark shades that will allow you to better feel the cosmic atmosphere of loss. The game is not boring and will allow you to enjoy every moment and effect. An effective messenger built into the game will allow you to communicate with the principal character and answer the questions.

Bury me, my Love

A text game with elements of survival. Bury me, my Love is an adventure that revolves around a Syrian refugee. The plot is complex and with a fast-paced scenario.

After the start of the civil war in her native Syria, the chief character collects cash and leaves her hometown of Homs. You become a member of the correspondence between Nur and her husband in which she asks for advice in every way.

Based on the plot, which in Bury me, my Love is intricate. The developers of the game Bury me, my Love has made a special meaning that every player will have to know. The ending in the game is not always successful and happy. Bury me, my Love is very close to real life, so we strongly recommend it. When you first start your game, set your Android or iOS device to a vertical position.

In this position, it is convenient to play and choose a solution for the chief character. Bury me, my Love developed on a relevant topic. The game has received many positive reviews and ratings.

Simulacra 2

If you are looking for an interesting text game, then we can safely offer you Simulacra 2. A modern game based on modern realities. The plot of the game lies in the phone of one of the principal characters who died.

You will uncover the secret of her murder. Maya Crane, the principal character, dies an unknown death. The local police did not consider it necessary to disclose the circumstances and closed the murder case. The only person interested in death is a detective named Murilo.

Detective Murilo steals the victim’s phone from the police and gives it to you. From this moment on, unleash this game. Will you be able to find the strength in yourself and solve the murder? The game interface made in the style of a phone. All characters in the game are fictional and have nothing to do with actual people.

It is on the phone that the secret of Maya’s murder kept. The user will have access to mail, social networks, and other platforms. You become a real detective. Read correspondence, watch posts, and audio recordings to get closer to the mystery of the death of the principal character. Scan and collect evidence.

The gameplay will automatically suggest options for the development of events that the user will have to choose. A lot of interesting moments await you in Simulacra 2.

A Dark Room

Another representative of MUD quests that will amaze your imagination with its unusual graphics and flexible gameplay. A Dark Room is a game designed to hook the player from the very first minutes.

What is special about this game? Simple gameplay but with an unrealistic plot. What do you see when first start the game? Your smartphone screen will display a white background with text.

The player’s task is to put the desired word in the gaps. Choose the best solution after which the course of events will change. Your actions may not always lead to a better course of events. An engaging text that will fully make the player feel the atmosphere and plot of the gameplay. Long text with an intriguing plot will make you sit in the game A Dark Room all day long.

In A Dark Room, you will not find a soundtrack, minimalistic graphics, and text quest. The game starts with the word “light the fire”. Click on this greeting. After clicking, you will take to the unique world of the game A Dark Room.

The game is full of crazy obstacles. Each time you will face different spells, difficult riddles, mysterious strangers, terrifying secrets, and the answer to the fundamental question “Where am I?”. The beginning of the game tells about the world in which you find yourself.

A Dark Room is a text detective in which you will have to figure out all the secrets. The user will have to make a choice every minute. In the game, the final written by the user himself. Only you can solve mysteries and get closer to the riddle of the black room. Overall, A Dark Room is an addicting game with a gripping storyline created specifically for text game lovers.

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The Choice of Robots

Kevin Gold came up with the most interesting and unusual game in the history of text games. Have you ever played as a robot and decided? If you have never played on behalf of a robot, then The Choice of Robots designed especially for you. The Choice of Robots is about science fiction that contains over 250,000 words.

By installing the game on your Android or iOS device, you will have ample opportunity to control every element of the game. Easy and convenient control panel available to everyone.

The plot of the game takes place in the world of robots controlled by users. Only you decide the fate of the robots. Be careful that your choice does not lead to an uprising or death of robots.

The Choice of Robots is lightweight so you can install it on any device regardless of memory. Without a complex and flamboyant interface, the game focuses on a complex storyline with multiple choices of answers. The user finds himself in a world where he has to solve many secrets.

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