Ultimate List of 26 FREE NFT Games to Play in 2024 on Android & iOS

Have you heard about NFT? You probably have. But what is NFT? This is a non-fungible token. Its main feature is that it’s unique and therefore cannot be replicated.

By the way, if you love racing, you need to check these best NFT racing games.

Understanding NFT might be a real challenge. Before you start creating or buying NFT, we recommend playing some games that will help you learn some NFT strategies and principles.

Blitzionaire – NFT Game


Have you ever been to a fantasy market? You probably haven’t so feel free to try Blitzionaire! This is an exciting game where you can earn NFT without conducting hard operations and programming.

The principle of the game is super simple to understand. After you have created an account, you will be given some free stuff to get started.

You need to choose an opponent and fight him or her. However, this isn’t a typical fight. You need to trade as much as you can. If your digital income outnumbers your opponent’s, you are the winner.

Your rating will grow, while another player’s one will be lowered. Your aim is to win as many battles as you can.

And don’t forget – your time is limited. You have only 60 seconds to win.

Nevertheless, there are some problems with their support. Many iOS users complain that it takes ages to get any respond from the developer and its support. This is why they have to look for the decision themselves.

The game can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play for free.


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Berserk – Crypto Card Game


Are you looking for something epic and fun? Then you need to look at Berserk, a legendary NFT card game that is a mixture of various genres. It has the features of an RPG but is based on cards. This makes the game a truly unique product in the world of NFT.

The game is based on myths and legends so if you are keen on Slavic history and style, you will totally love it!

The game is completely free of charge with its basic options. You don’t need to give the game your credit card info, connecting your digital wallet will be enough.

In Berserk, you need to take part in wars and duels to get NFT and other rewards. To be successful in a fight, you need to have powerful cards to use in the battle.

At the very beginning, you will be a starter pack. This is a set of cards that will be enough for the first fight. Then everything will depend on you. Try not to lose and you will be given cool items and NFTs.

There are two functions you have to use to boost your gaming progress:

  • Summon cards. You can do it with the help of LAVA crystals.
  • Take part in the challenges that appear every week. This will help you to get unique and rare cards for you next fights.
  • Check for giveaways and lottery. This is a perfect way of getting free stuff without doing anything hard.

However, the latest update of Berserk also brought some unexpected bugs. For instance, users often face problems with logging into the game. Deleting and installing the app once again helps at times.

The game is available for Android, as well as iOS users. Get it now and start your first fight!


Battle Racing Stars

Battle Racing Stars

This is a super popular game you can try. This is epic and simple to play. The main aim of this game is to race against others and try to be the first.

You play for a character and you have to run through a big number of obstacles without hitting or bumping into them. As you see, the idea is primitive.

What can you do with the help of Battle Racing Stars?

  • Go for quick races. This is the easiest way to start and understand how the game works. These races are short, they don’t last more than two minutes. This is also a good option for those who don’t have a lot of time to play.
  • Take part in challenges. Just racing isn’t too exciting, sometimes you would like to test your luck and skills. In this case, you will get extra rewards.
  • Go for various races. For example, you can race alone when you feel like relaxing and having fun. However, you can also race against others and compete with players. We recommend going for the multiplayer mode as in this case, you will get more precious rewards. 
  • If you feel the game is too simple for you, make it harder! For example, you can play with different modes enabled. UFO Apocalypse is one of the hardest one. In this case, you have to race against other players and keep the UFO that wants to harm you in mind.

This application requires approximately 150 MB of your phone memory to be installed.

Please note you have to be connected to the Internet, even if you are racing alone, without other players.

The game is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play at no cost.




If you are keen on classic card games, you will probably like this one. Meet Splinterlands, one of the most thrilling games where you can fight against other players.

The game is based on AI principles. It means it can analyze the way you are playing. If you tend to fail often, it will give you easy to win opponents.

When you get stronger and gain more experience, the levels will gradually increase their difficulty.

Here are the best features of Splinterlands:

  • Pass levels. You are equipped with a small number of cards but everything depends on you. Win fights and you’ll be given stronger cards. 
  • Take part in tournaments. This is a great way of obtaining free NFTs and other prizes.
  • Collects cards and change them for other ones. You might have duplicates you don’t need. Why not to change them for something else?

The game isn’t free, if we look at the official description. You have to pay money to buy a pack of cards for 10$. Without them you can’t start the game.

However, you can also enjoy a free trial period. These 7 days will let you understand if you want to keep playing or not.

However, the game is still a bit buggy so be ready for that.

The game is available for iOS, as well as Android users.


League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

Try a new strategy NFT game! In League of Kings, you are the one who can change the plot and the outcome of the game.

When you open the app for the first time and create an account, you will be given a small part of the territory.

In this game, you can do the following:

  1. Obtain as many pieces of land as you can. Your territory will help you defend yourself.
  2. Invite your friends and play with them. It is vitally important to have other players who can support and help you during hard times.
  3. Explore the land. You can look for treasures on the map. This will enrich your cards and give you new items.
  4. If you feel you are too weak, make sure you join a dominant alliance. Sometimes it is better to join a stronger group to survive and become stronger.
  5. Take part in important decisions. Yes, in this game, all the decisions are democratic. If you are a part of the alliance, you can influence the way it develops.

However, there are some downsides as well. For instance, the tutorial is quite long. Users don’t like to spend long minutes learning how to play.And there is no way of skipping it!

The app is available on the App Store or Google Play.




Here comes a nice NFT card game that will help you battle with other players. Skyweaver is famous for its exciting graphics and a big number of powerful cards.

The main purpose of the game is to battle with your opponent using the cards you have. All the cards are different, they have their powers, as well as weaknesses.

What you need to do is to create a strategy. At the very beginning, you will be given a pack of cards to start. Be wise when using them as it will influence the way your game will look like.

Make sure you use combos. It is too hard to win battles when you use the cards only. Some cards can double their strength when used with others. This will help you go through hard levels much faster.

What is more, the game can be praised for perfect graphics. It looks truly realistic and smart.

Skyweaver is a small application. It requires less than 30 MB, which makes it one of the most elegant and smallest apps on this list.

In the game, you can get crypto and NFTs for achievements you earn.

Please note the game will use your identifiers to track you. It will also know your location but this data won’t be linked to you.

Download the game on the App Store or Google Play for free.


Crazy Kings

Crazy Kings

If you love to defend towers and get NFTs, you will probably like the following game. In Crazy Kings, you will need to build a strong and clever strategy.

The game is done in a proper way – you will discover over 500 perfectly-well levels, and each one is designed differently.

Let’s see what you can do in Crazy Kings: 

  1. Defend towers. There are about 20 towers in the game, and each of them has a different style and features. You need to think about the strategy for every tower. This is a perfect exercise for brains! 
  2. Explore over 90 cool collectible cards. Try to get as many powerful cards as you can, you can use them for defense. 
  3. Make sure you take part in tournaments and go for daily challenges. This will make your gaming process a bit easier. Free stuff is always a great thing. 
  4. Try to defeat bosses. This is one of the hardest things to do in Crazy Kings. However, the most precious rewards are there so you have to try.
  5. Trade with others. Once you managed to get some precious things, you can sell them to other players and get coins. Trade wisely, and you will increase your earnings greatly.

The game is rated 4.7 out of 5. Users say they love the levels that gradually increase the difficulty. This makes the game exciting enough and not too hard.

Please note the game is a pretty big one. It will need over 300 MB to be installed on your device. It is better to play on a bigger screen, for example, on a tablet.

Crazy Kings is available for both Android and iOS users.


Tap Fantasy: Crypto&NFT Games

This anime game will give you the pleasure of gameplay and help replenish your wallet with real money. Play Tap Fantasy, earn NTF, or get useful virtual gifts.

This role-playing game has its origins in a magical and unpredictable world. Send your hero on a long journey, collect artifacts, and get sound advice from real sorcerers.

RPG game does not require payment when installing, yet, you can buy some items for real money. On your way, you will have to meet the most unusual heroes and fairy tale creatures. Not all of them are characterized by a calm and peaceful disposition.

Embark on a round-the-world journey on a ship, learn the mystery of the ancient cave, and find the legendary treasures. As you progress through the game, your hero will gain new skills and improve its abilities. This will help to solve even the most difficult puzzle.

Tap Fantasy is equipped with blockchain technology, which allows players to earn cryptocurrency while plunging into an interesting and exciting game.




Do you like playing board games? Then you need to try Upland. This is a thrilling game that requires good strategy and attention.

In general, Upland can remind you of Monopoly. Indeed, there are some features typical for this game, especially the map where all the actions are taking place.

What is the aim of the game? You need to explore the land, moving from one place to another and discovering properties.

NFT technologies are built into the game. You will use it as a currency to trade in the game.

When you open the game for the first time, you will be given some stuff for free. It will help you to start.

Then you will need to obtain property. This will raise your earnings.

Please note that there are a few bugs with signing up and out. This is why we recommend that you don’t sign out when you are finished, just close the app.

Upland is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play. Download it for free.


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This one of the most interesting and universal NFT applications available for Android and iOS users. In general, there are two types of functions available for users. You can either trade on MOBOX or create your NFTs and store them. 

Let’s concentrate on the best features you will get right after the download:

  • Try MOMOS. Can you draw or code? Then we have some goods news for you – now you can craft your own NFTs and give or sell them to others. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • You can collect assets in MOBOX. There is no need to have a special wallet or service you need to integrate, all the things are already built-in.
  • Collect NFTs, crypto, and many other types of rewards. What is especially cool is that MOBOX is a universal tool you can use for anything. Maybe you can’t craft NFTs yourself but it doesn’t really matter – you can always collect and trade, it’s also exciting.

Even though the game can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, you can also visit the website and play there.

MOBOX is absolutely free of charge. Download it and start enjoying this exciting game.


Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis

If you are keen on role-playing card games, you should take a look at Spells of Genesis. It is a fantasy world full of magical creatures and exciting levels.

The game is a super simple thanks to a simple and clear gameplay you can understand at once. If you still happen to miss something, feel free to view the detailed guide.

What can you do in this game? 

  1. Battle with others. Yes, Spell of Genesis is all about fights and battles. You need to use the cards you already have and pick the right opponent. 
  2. Enjoy a great number of cards. There are over 300 of them, and each one is unique!All of them very made manually by professional designers, which makes them realistic and fantastic at the same time.
  3. Go for daily and weekly challenges. Don’t neglect this opportunity as it is the best way to obtain some free things. When you have lost a few battles, you can fix your rating.
  4. Motivate yourself by taking part in a leaderboard. This will inspire you to play more.
  5. The game is simple to understand thanks to its clear system of levels. In general, 210 levels gradually increase their difficulties.

All the basic staff is available at no cost. However, if you need some additional gems and coins, you can always go for in-app purchases. For instance, you can buy 30 gems for 4.99$.

Please note the game will require at least 200 MB of your phone memory, or the game will be too slow and buggy.

Unfortunately, the developer gives no info about its privacy policy. Still, there is nothing to worry about as the only thing you will give it is your name, email, and a crypto wallet (optional).

Both Android and iOS users are available at no cost on the App Store, as well as Google Play.


Monsterra: Crypto & NFT Game

If you want to earn real money effortlessly, Monsterra will be a great choice for all users. You can do your favorite business and improve your financial situation at the same time.

The app is an active project of GameFi, which is popular among players of different ages. Upon starting the game, you will be transported to a fictional planet.

Mongen creatures build cities, grow food, and defend their borders. Everyone will find an occupation to their liking: farming, army, city dweller. Pass dynamic quests and get to know the Mongen race better.

Colorful game is available to players of any age regardless of where they live. The app is constantly updated, which helps to reduce bugs in gameplay and make it more accessible.

You don’t need to have crypto skills to start earning. Choose 1 of the 4 modes offered and start earning NFT and in-game currency – tokens.




If you love the games that are mixtures of different genres, you have to try Binemon. It has a big set of unique features typical for RPG, strategy, adventure, and indie. It is too hard to say which genre Binemon belongs to.

Binemon has only 5 levels, such as Prometheus, Artemis, Athena, The Babel, and Ares. All of them have their purposes and challenges where you can get cool rewards.

There is an impressive number of challenges where you can get some free stuff. This is the best way of making you progress faster and better.

To get the game, you will need over 160 MB of free memory space.

At the moment, you can download the game on Google Play only.


Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is a mobile MMORPG-style game from Gravity Game Link. The number of its fans has already exceeded one million. The essence of the game is to avoid meeting with monsters and safely hide in an underground labyrinth.

The game supports auto-play mode, which reduces the time of battle. To make the game even more exciting, the developers offered users to get NFT for every minute of the game.

Pass obstacles without anyone else’s help or team up with other players. Using the “Share” option, you can send your hero to another participant. Perhaps you will also get help from the outside in a difficult moment.

An entire community has been created to allow players to communicate directly with each other. Combine your strengths and gain even more.

Labyrinth is a magical world full of riddles and danger. Choose between raid or one-on-one battle mode.


CropBytes – A Crypto Farm Game


Do you like to grow vegetables and make food? Then you are probably a farm game fan! CropBytes is one of these games.

In CropBytes, you can try to become a farmer on a digital farm. At the very beginning, you will be given a piece of land for free. This will allow you to start with no problems.

Here are the best options provided by CropBytes:

  • Grow a wide variety of various assets. It can be vegetables, trees, and even animals. Make sure you take care of them and your earnings will grow. 
  • Craft your products, such as milk, water, and power, and then sell them to other players or use them yourself.
  • Visit other people’s farms. Sometimes it can be very inspirational and interesting as you will learn how various people create and grow their farms. You can get some ideas from these visits.
  • Get Superhero NFTs. This can be done while farming or be collected in a giveaway. Superhero NFTs help players boost their farm’s development.

However, many users don’t really like the graphics. Indeed, it doesn’t look like something realistic, it is old-fashioned toon graphics. This is why not everybody will like it.

By the way, if you are keen on Crypto Games, you need to see these best NFT crypto games.

The app needs about 120 MB to be installed. You can download the game on Google Play and start creating your farm in a digital NFT universe.


Crypto Dragons – Earn NFT


Here is another great NFT game that can bring you bitcoins offline and online. In this game, you will need to grow your dragons and use them while fighting.

When you open the game for the first time, you will be given a dragon for free. What you need to do is to develop it as much as you can.

The more you fight, the more dragons you will get. What is especially cool, you can use your dragons even when you are not playing anymore. When you are offline, your dragons will still be working so when you open the game again, you will just get coins.

If you feel you aren’t lucky enough, you can always go for challenges. They will bring you rare items and nice rewards at no cost.

At the moment, the game is available on Google Play. Download it and start your NFT journey!


X Heroes: NFT War

X Heroes is a role-playing game that simulates active warfare on your phone. Recruit a formidable army, fight with the enemy, and get decent cash prizes.

This game gives you the opportunity to have a great time and replenish your balance with cryptocurrency.

The turn-based game is presented on WEB3. With the right tactics and meaningful achievements, players can earn MPL. This currency is active within the game. Coins can be earned when passing daily tasks, as well as when participating in large tournaments.

Amounts equivalent to $11,000 are played here. MPL can be used to buy and improve weapons in the game. You can also exchange them for real cryptocurrency.

More than 300 characters with different abilities and talents have been developed for you. Build your own collection and make your army invincible.


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Crypto Cats


It is high time you started gaining crypto and NFT tokens while playing! This is an exciting game with fun tasks and the chance of a big win. 

The game is packed with a huge number of cool features. Let’s look at them closely: 

  1. LIS token
  2. Take part in the lottery. Well, this isn’t a typical lottery, it’s more like a chance to get some free coins and items that will help you later in the game. 
  3. Enjoy daily quests. Your cats can take part in them and get even more cool things! However, even if you are not playing, some passive income will still be collected. 

Crypto Cats is free of charge. Just download it on Google Play and start!


Forest Knight

forest knight

Do you want to try a fresh game that has been created recently? Then you need to go for Forest Knight. This game is still being developed but you can enjoy early access. 

This game has features of RPG, strategy, and fantasy. In Forest Knight, you can go into the world of magic, brave warriors, and dark forests.

The main aim of Forest Knight is to fight and defend your town. However, this isn’t the only feature you will enjoy: 

  1. A big number of lands you can explore and obtain. It will be easier to defend a town when it is located on a big territory. It’s even better when you have rivers that serve as natural borders. 
  2. Meet different heroes. All of them are customizable so you can decide how to change them. 
  3. Collect cool items. There are over 100 various items to collect and merge to obtain a stronger object. Don’t neglect this option as it will make your characters much stronger. 
  4. Enjoy graphics. It is always different. It can be colorful, realistic, toon, as well as gloomy. Looks like a perfect movie. 
  5. Take part in ratings. Many players find it very motivating and exciting. And, of course, when you reach top positions, you will be given some rewards. 
  6. The game supports Enjin and NFT. Play to earn it. 

Please note the game requires a strong Internet connection for real-time fights, or the game will get buggy and too slow. 

What’s more, Forest Knight has fast and helpful support. So should you face any problems, feel free to ask them. 

Please note that the game is still under development so you may face some bugs and glitches. 

The game is available for free on Google Play. 

forest knight 2
forest knight 1

War of Ants


If you are a true strategy games geek, you need to take a look at War of Ants. This is a new and exciting NFT game. 

This app is still being developed and new features are constantly being added so you are highly likely to face some glitches or bugs. However, this doesn’t spoil a good idea of this game. 

The genre of War of Ants can be described as real-time PvP. You have to build a strategy and stick to it. 

This is a cool blockchain and NFT game supporting Enjin. 

Here are some functions you may find cool: 

  • Use your ants’ army. Each group, no matter if it is big or small, has a queen ant. This is the head of the group. If it dies, other ants can hardly continue fighting and become less effective. 
  • Choose your opponents. You have to take such a step quite wisely. Firstly, compare the strength and decide if it is possible to win or not. 
  • Start a fight. When you initiate a battle, you can view it in real-time. Thus, you may watch your amazing victory or sad defeat. 

The game is being updated quite often. Don’t hesitate to report bugs if you happen to find them. 

The app is free with ads and in-app purchases. You can get it now on Google Play. 




This is another new NFT game that is still under development. It can be described as an RPG game. The best feature of Devikins is n ever-expanding world that you can explore.

The game can be buggy at times. This is logical as the developer is adding new functions and items to it. This is why players often serve as testers of new features.

Let’s see what you can do in this cool NFT game: 

  • The game supports NFT. For instance, each character is unique thanks to this technology. When you start playing, you will have a default character. What you need to do is to breed it and watch it grow.
  • Travel in the endless world. While exploring a new land, you can find something new there, such as cool items and coins.

If you want to get an application, you can do it on Google Play. However, if you are an iOS user, feel free to visit the site of the game.

To play Devikins, you need no money. Just create an account and start.


Runner Champion


This is one more amazing game. If you are fond of running games and you love NFTs, you can’t do without Runner Champion.

The principle of this running game is to collect tokens. Once you reach the number of tokens, you can finally obtain an NFT.

Let’s concentrate on the best features provided by Runner Champion:

  1. What you need to do is to play as long as you can. At the very beginning, you have to collect a maximum amount of dram tokens to exchange them for NFTs later. 
  2. Get your NFT. When you have collected enough tokens, you have to go to www.gamecrypto.co. You will just need to log into your gaming account using the data from the application. Once you have done this, the NFT is yours.

At the moment, the game is available on Google Play only. If you are an iOS user, you can just use the website.


War of Crypta

War Of Crypta

Do you love fantastic and magical worlds with creatures and epic battles? We have some good news for you then. In War of Crypta, you can discover a great number of heroes and try them in the war. 

The game has an exciting plot, simple gameplay, and challenging levels. However, we still recommend that you read the guide before playing.

Here are the best features provided by War of Crypta: 

  1. Take part in battles. You can grab four heroes for a fight. Build a strategy and pick the best heroes for every battle. You have to be attentive and combine heroes wisely – some of them can increase power when mixed with others. 
  2. Grow your heroes. These heroes can be divided into two types – they can be real animals or fantastic dragons. At the very beginning, you will get a baby hero. Then you have to grow it and watch it develop into a strong warrior. The characters are based on NFT so they are always unique and different.
  3. Develop your characters. There are up to 200 various cool tricks and special activities they are able to learn. 

What is more, the app can boast of colorful design and graphics. It is a true joy to play the game when everything is designed so smartly and beautifully.

We need to warn you about the size, though. You will need about 1 GB of your device memory to make sure the game functions properly. This makes playing on an old device impossible.

The application collects no data about you so feel safe and secure when using it.

The game is available on the App Store for free with its basic features.


Econia – earn NFT, crypto game

Become a construction tycoon in Econia. A mobile game with NFT Play support. Building a city requires the efforts of real professionals. Create entire neighborhoods and districts. Complete tasks and pass daily missions.

This construction game in the form of a simulator allows you to get crypto-tokens based on WEB3. Here you do not need to invest from your side.

To withdraw your winnings, you do not have to go through a long registration. More than 70 thousand participants actively use the construction simulator as an extra source of income. Finished buildings can be sold to other users on NFT. The more you build, the more money you can get.

There is a weekly contest in the game. The winner receives a prize in the form of Neutronium. These tokens can be exchanged or sold without leaving the game.


REVV Racing


If you are keen on something extreme and fast, then REVV racing is what you have to try.

This amazing game can help you obtain some crypto, as well as NFT. And this is primitive! You don’t have to study long manuals or understand how NFT works. All you need to do is to enjoy racing.

First of all, you have to sign up. You can’t play as a guest without logging in. The reason is that you will get your rewards and you need to store them somewhere. If you don’t log in, this will be impossible.
This is why create an account using your name and email. Now you can play.

The rest you need to do is to start racing. What is especially cool is that you will be given a starter pack with some cars, crypto, as well as coins. This will help you to start easily and become the first at the rating. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to download the game as an application. However, you can always go to the official website and play there.


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Farmers World

Here comes another cool game for people who love farming. This is a great game for people who love to be a part of a big and friendly community. You can also ask a question and get correct answers from skilled players. 

Getting started is easy. First of all, you need to read the most detailed guide on how to play the game. It is called Farmers World Overview. Then you have to create an account using a digital wallet. The developers recommend having a WAX Cloud Wallet or an Anchor wallet. 

Now let’s concentrate on the functions that you will get after you log in: 

  • Grow various plants, vegetables, and crops. This is a truly impressive process as you can see the result. 
  • Make sure you use animals. It will make your farm grow and develop much faster. 
  • Fight against wild animals. Peaceful life isn’t always possible. Sometimes you can face gloomy and dangerous monsters that live in jungles. And your aim is to protect your land. 
  • Get NFTs for playing the game, breeding animals, as well as mining. This is a simple way of getting NFTs. 
  • Enjoy a strong and friendly community. They are always ready to help if you happen to face challenges and get new info.

The game is free of charge. You don’t have to pay for the game or go for in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, the game can’t be installed on the App Store and Google Play. The only way to play it is to do it on the official site you will see below.

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