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A person can change their life on their own. Useful tools have been developed for this purpose. One of them is affirmations. Affirmations are short phrases that a person repeats daily. Do you believe that phrases can change your life? We are fully confident in this and strongly recommend downloading the app ThinkUp right now!

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It allows you to choose affirmations from a professionally edited list or create your own. If you use this technique correctly every day, your subconscious mind will be filled with the right thoughts.

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It allows you to formulate what you want to have and achieve a goal faster. The constant repetition of these settings fixes the necessary information in the brain. It is not enough to make a list of affirmations and read it twice. For the method to work, the execution technique must be correct.

You need to follow some rules and the app will be the best friend supporting you! We promise, work with this app will make self-hypnosis effective. Affirmations can be used by everyone and in various activities: entrepreneurship and creativity, there are special affirmations for men and women, children.

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You need to select at least 15 affirmations. The app offers you to choose phrases from various categories, like self-esteem positivity and positive thinking, stress relief, relaxation, and calm, body Image, pregnancy, and parenting overcome anxiety, overcome depression, new career, etc. Everyone will find what you need. We recommend pronouncing prepared phrases immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

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The app is provided with a microphone, which allows recording affirmations in your voice. You need to say the affirmations of the day out loud so that you can hear your voice and repeat each statement 20 times.

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Your voice will make it more powerful. Record your voice and listen to the same set of affirmations for at least 21 days. Repetition makes all the difference. For more immersion, you can use the background music option. Inspiring music makes the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Believe in the force of thought, thousands of people have tried it on themselves. For better results, we recommend upgrading to Premium and recording more than ten affirmations. The Premium version also allows you to change the background music and offers additional features to enhance your practice and achieve more.

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ThinkUp stands out among other apps by leading experts in personal growth to help people developing new, positive thoughts and reduces negative self-talk. Powerful things will always be nearby on your phone. You can check for more recommendations and reviews. Very useful app!



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