7 Best Tier List Maker Apps for Android & iOS

If you need to rank something by any metric — a tier list is the best way to do it. There are plenty of platforms that can help you to cope with that on PC, but what about mobile apps?

Luckily, there are several tier list maker apps for Android & iOS that lets you do the ranking fast and easily. These apps let you rank whatever comes to your mind — from game characters to juice flavors. The only limit you got here is your imagination.

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Here’s the list of the 7 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Tier List Create

Tier list create

Let’s start with a classic tier list app. This app provides you with the easiest way of making a custom list of anything you need.

The main idea of this app is to make the list-making process as fast as possible so it will only take you a few mins to get the result. As for the mechanics — everything is quite intuitive. The app has a classic tier list layout with colorful blocks and black rows.

Herewith, you get to add as many routes as needed and name them by yourself as well. In case you’ll want to change something you can easily cope with that at any time. Once you’ve done with this part, you’ll need to load pics of whatever you want to rate in your list. The app supports several pic formats so no worries about that.

Besides, you get to drag the pics between the rows to organize them. You can also play with the image style by transporting the bg or whatever else. Then, you can save the draft of your list for future editing. Otherwise, you can share the list with your mates right away.

Tier list create 1 Tier list create 2

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The next app lets you make tier lists without much effort.

It needs to be said, this app gives you an ultimate source of tier list-making — there are several templates you get to customize to your liking. For instance, there’s a dark theme with black bg if you wanna stick to the classics. In case there’s nothing that gains your requirements you can also make a tire list from scratch.

In case you’ll choose to do so you’ll need to pick the bg color, the block’s color scheme, and all that. Once the template is done you can save it for further use or share it with your mates. As for the rows, you can add as many as you need along with naming them. You can also make names for your projects and organize them.

Speaking of the firing of the list, the app has a built-in image searching engine that lets you search pics on the web. In case you already have all the pics ready you can load them right from your device. The app supports several pic formats including PNG. You get to drag the pics between the rows and replace them at any time.

Tierli.st 1 Tierli.st 2

Tier List Maker

Tier List Maker

This is another app for making creative range lists.

Frankly peaking, this app fits for making all kinds of lists. Wanna range your fave game characters from best to worse? You can do that. Feel the need to range fruits from your faves to the ones you can’t stand? This app has you covered as well. What this app does is gives you tier list templates you can fill in as needed.

Herewith, you can add as many rows as you want, name them, and even pick a color theme. Plus, you can change the tier colors to match the rows or stand out. The same goes for the big color — you can rather stick to the classic black or white or play with colors here.

Once you’re one with the base, you can move to the best part — the filling. The app supports various pics formats so there will be no troubles here. Then, you’ll need to arrange the pics by rows according to your taste. In case you’ll need to change anything you can always drag the pic from one row to another.

Tier List Maker 1 Tier List Maker 2

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Tier List – Ranking Maker

Ranking Maker

This ranking manager lets you come up with lists quickly and easily.

The app comes with an intuitive and simple UI that is not overloaded with buttons. Due to this, you’ll be able to make a full-on ranking effortlessly even if you’ve never done it before. This app lets you make a tier list of whatever you want — from your fave cartoon character to football players. You can even rank food or political parties if needed.

In case you have no ideas for your own list, you can always complete pre-made ones. As for making your own list, the app gives you a base template for your projects. Herewith you get to name your list and customize the theme.

You can also add as many rows as needed and name them too. Once you’re done with that, it’s time for the pics. You can load pics in several formats and arrange them between the rows. Besides, get to adjust the number of pis each row can fit it and you can replace the pis at any time as well.

Ranking Maker 1 Ranking Maker 2

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post

And how does the graphic design app can help me make a tier list you might ask? Don’t rush to judge this app by the cover.

Yes, this is the ultimate graphic design platform with lots of tools and templates. Thus, it’s easy to imagine this app to have tier list templates we well (which it does have). Herewith, if you don’t wanna go with classic racing and need something more creative and outstanding — this is a one-stop app for you.

The app covers various tier list templates with unusual rows design. You can use them as your base and edit them by your liking. As ts was already mentioned, this app covers a wide range of tools, graphic items, and other stuff that can pop up your list.

As for the pics, the app has a built-in library and you can load your brown images as well. All the most-used formats are cover so no worries about that. The app also supports GIPHY in case you wanna be extra creative. Then, you can save your ranking to your device or share it at any SM.

Adobe Spark Post 1 Adobe Spark Post 2

Tier List Maker

Tier Maker

Next, we have another ranking maker source with a simple UI.

This app gives you complete freedom of action when it comes to listing customization. There are no limits for the number of projects you can make and you can order them as needed. Plus, the app covers a built-in pic searching engine that lets you search images via browser.

In case you already have all the pics on your device you can load them right away. Besides, you can download pre-made tier list packs for different themes — from cartoons to food. You can also adjust the rows individually. To be more precise, you can pick the color scheme of the rows, the bg, and pick the name.

The same goes for the images you load — you can pick between round or square image shapes, resize them, and all that. As for the visual, the app has a nice minimalist design. When you’re done with the project, you can share it right from the app or save it.

List Maker 1 List Maker 2

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Tier List Pro

Tier list pro

And lastly, Tier List Pro is an app for ranking whatever comes to your mind.

This app lets you create a tier list based on literally secs. Therewith, you get to pick one of the templates and customize it as needed. To e more specific, you can pick the color theme of the rows, rename them and switch the bg. Besides, you are free to add as many rows as you need and delete any of them as well.

Speaking of the pics, the app has a searching engine attached to the web that you can use to search for images. Apart from that, you can load pics from your gallery or take a shot right away. What is more, you can not only use pics but add text as well. You can also adjust the images by changing their shape and size.

There are no limits for the theme of your ranking so no worries about that. When you’re done with the tender list, you can save it as a draft to be able to come back to it at any time. Plus, you can post on SM or share with mates right away.

Tier list pro 2 Tier list pro 1

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