Track-POD Software Review

Track-POD is an advanced delivery program that allows users to keep track of the real-time driver performance and delivery confirmation. The software is full of excellent features, so let’s read more about them.

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First of all, we have to admit that Track-POD comes with a very straightforward interface. So, when you open the program, you will find the following sections on the top of the screen:

  • Routes
  • Analytics,
  • Vehicle Check
  • Directories
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Admin


Under these sections, you can easily add drivers. For this, you should click on the Drivers button and then tap on the New Item button. In the last stage, you should add all the driver’s data – Name, Vehicle, Username, Password, etc. When everything is ready, click on the OK button to save all the data.

In Track-POD, you can easily monitor the current location of any car on the map, check real-time deliveries, or record actual distance. Plus, you will receive delivery notifications and email updates on your delivery.

If you want to track your delivery, click on the Analytics section. You should enter your number of delivery, client name, or address name in the search bar to find an appropriate delivery. After that, you can also enable the filter option on the “Status” and receive a list of your deliveries.


The system will display results for any period. When you click on the card in the search area, you will get the point on the map where the driver arrived and the open route of this order. Due to Track-POD, you can easily plan and optimize the fastest drivers’ routes to deliver more things in a short time.

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As for the additional options of this program, it comes with API Integration, Reports Export, Fleet Optimization, Analytics Reports, Fleet Optimisation, Up-to-Date Detailed Maps, and so many others! Overall, Track-POD is a must-have delivery tool for small and medium businesses. So, hurry up to try this app – you will not regret!

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