5 Best Twitch chat apps for streamers 2020

Today live streams are still gaining their popularity across the globe so more apps are appearing in this industry. The quality connection between games and viewers is impossible without the immediate chats which allow conducting the conversation in the real-time mode. Unfortunately, the original apps don’t always have the necessary functions. To help you to make your chats more upgraded we found 5 useful apps that organize conversations during live streams on Twitch.


This is the only app that allows gamers to send both text and vocal messages during the gaming process. Stay connected to all your viewers and friends even gaming in APK mode. This is a perfect option for team players in order to see who is online and have a chance of not missing interesting chats. The message exchange works in the real-time mode.

You will always get notifications on the chat updates.

Moreover, you can add more friends to a live chat just by sending them invitations links. You can also send private messages. The app supports a number of servers. You can manipulate all the chats in one client. The connection itself is built structurally so you can stay connected with no breaks.


Pocket Plays for Twitch

Pocket Plays is a unique service developed by a Twitch fan. No one knows better than the user and the viewer what they need! Maybe that’s the main reason for the usefulness of the application.

The service offers several unique features that cannot be found in other mobile applications. This is a disabling of notifications for a certain period of time, night mode, additional emotions and, of course, the interface of the application. You can adjust it according to your color scheme, change the theme and so on.

There are also basic functions of Twitch: the viewing of broadcasts, notifications, the ability to include only audio tracks of broadcasts on the background, donations, and most importantly – chat.

Chat can be presented both during direct viewing of the stream and in a full-screen mode. Enjoy the broadcasts of your favorite games and events, while not distracting from what is happening in the chat room. Communicate with streamers and their viewers directly online while watching.


Streamlabs – Stream Live to Twitch and Youtube

When other streaming applications mainly connect you to a new network or ask you to set up an account for broadcasts, Streamlabs connects you to the present and existing YouTube and Twitch channels. But the object of our attention now is only Twitch streaming.

In addition to broadcasting from cameras, Streamlabs allows you to transmit video from your smartphone screen. You can easily conduct lets plays of mobile applications, demonstrate your skills and level. Switching between the front, main camera and screen is incredibly simple: it takes a minimum amount of time, while the quality is preserved.

You can set up ChatBoxes for your broadcast. You can view messages from the chat room right during the streaming. This will allow the Streamer to communicate with its audience, answer their questions about the game and not only, as well as viewers can communicate with each other.

With the help of chat, you can easily find new friends and fans from all over the world, who will become your subscribers in the future and maybe send you donations.

The rest of Twitch’s functionality is also preserved: streaming, tracking statistics, paying bills and making donations, and much more. It is because of this that Streamlabs is considered one of the best applications of its kind.


Live Screen for Twitch

This is an additional app for Twitch to optimize the work of the latter. Many users complain that the ultimate image that they get during the live streams is chopped so the problem is solved in this app. It helps to reduce dropping frames along with getting the best Internet connection with the quality as good as possible. This is achieved by automatic bandwidth detection and adjusting the bitrate according to the current network conditions.

In general, this app gives you a chance to do a live stream with all the applying chat functions without measuring the network speed and wondering what bitrate to choose in advance.

This effect is achieved by applying hardware accelerated video encoding. All in all, the whole app is similar to the original one, it just has some settings which improve the quality of the video and give you a possibility to chat.


Mobile Streaming for Twitch

We are no longer recommend this app, but you can read about it.

Mobile Streaming for Twitch is an adaptation of such a popular streaming service as Twitch to iOS-based smartphones. The application has a large enough functionality that allows using it as a convenient analog of the computer version.

With the help of Mobile Streaming for Twitch, you can broadcast directly from your smartphone. Now the technical characteristics of cameras and microphones on mobile phones are so good that the quality of broadcasting will not suffer.

You can also get full information about your favorite streamer channel or your channel. The number of subscribers, statistics, account data and so on. There is also the ability to view ads, add and remove new subscriptions, and of course the most important thing – the basic chat.

Connecting to any channel or any broadcast, you can use the function of the simplest chat to communicate with viewers among themselves and directly with the Streamer. Of course, it looks minimalistic, but the functionality does not get worse.

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