11 Best Vibration Apps for Massage for Android & iOS

Nowadays, each of us is running ragged by the increased fastness of living. After a hard day’s work, all we need is to have a rest and relax. However, we have so many things to do, that is why half an hour for resting is not enough for a tired person.

Moreover, for better relaxing, you should seek professional advice. These specialists can be masseurs that provide the highest quality service to all customers. It remains just to go to any beauty salon and pay for a massage session. But what if someone doesn’t want to waste time and money on it?

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We would like to suggest the best decision on this question ever. The solution is your mobile phone. To be more precise, there are many apps that can massage your body. Best of them are described in this very post. Since now, a human’s place in this matter can be easily filled by your mobile device. That sounds incredible, but that’s the way it is!

We have reviewed the best vibration apps for a massage that are available on the App Store and Google Play. Read information about these apps, select several of them and try! It will be hard to choose because each of them is excellent. But we promise, after installation, you will forget about any solicitudes that you wearied with.

iVibe – GVibe

This is one of the most popular vibration massage apps on the market. Using it you can turn your phone into a multi-functional massage device and make all kinds of vibrating massages. There are more than 10 levels of various vibrations, that you can combine with each other in order to get one unique pulsation that you need.

An interesting feature of this app is that you can lock it with a password, and no one will be able to use this app except you. In order to start using the vibes, you need to just tap on the screen. The same works for turning it down. Vibration has been proven to help relieve stress, calm sore muscles, and aide in sleep for all ages.



App Store

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Massager Vibration App: for women & girls

We can’t help adding this great app in the list of best vibration apps. Install it and see how many capabilities it has! Choose any of 4 modes and start relaxing.

For better effect, you may listen to preset music, nature sounds (such as rain sound, sea waves sound, birds singing and much more) or sleep sounds of high quality. That is why this app can be used as a sleep helper.

One more distinguishing feature is a timer. It means, that you can be unmindful of time – the app will be turned off automatically. Massager Vibration App works offline, so you can use it everywhere. Just keep calm and massage!

Massage vibration app


iMassage U Vibrating Massager

iMassage U Vibrating Massager will become a free personal masseur for every iOS owner. In this app, 10 different vibration patterns are available for you. All you need is to choose a vibration pattern, set vibration strength and speed. After that enjoy relaxing. Because of a special Power on/off button, it is very simple to use.

Moreover, Apple Watch owners should pay special attention to this fact: it is the first vibration app to support the Apple Watch.

As you can see, this app’s interface is very convenient, so take enjoyment in unlimited customization!

iMassage U Vibrating Massager

App Store

Vibrator Phone Massager

Today you don’t need to buy the massage devices to get your muscles relaxed. You can just get an app like this and turn your phone into the vibration device that you can use for the massage. Here you will find several vibration patterns, that will make your phone vibrate at various frequencies.

Moreover, for each pattern there is an adjustable intensity of the vibration – so you can make the frequency extremely precise and get the exact effect you want.

This kind of massage is great for treating cellulite and wrinkles, stimulating hair growth, calming sore muscles, and many more. The interface of the app is super easy in usage and in general, this is a great vibration massage app.



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Body Massager – Extreme Vibration

Are you wearied with perpetual solicitudes and laborers? Download this app and forget about all worries. Install Body Massager and enjoy a powerful and strong vibrating sensation from your mobile device.

It has 5 different modes to choose from. Select one of them and put the phone on any part of your body. You will definitely like the result. Moreover, you can change pattern speed at your pleasure. We strongly recommend you to use this app that is able to simulate a powerful massage machine.

Body Massager - Extreme Vibration


Body Massage Vibration

One more great app is called Body Massage Vibration. Download it and make yourself sure how simple the interface is and how powerful the app is.

It has 9 different vibration modes supported (Continuous High Vibration Massage, Medium Delay Vibration Massage, High Delay Vibration Massage, etc.).

You should pay special attention to the app’s background: just like in beauty salon or Thai massage parlor. Moreover, it is an animated one. That is why the app will become a perfect tool for certain meditation techniques. Use the app and enjoy an in-home professional massage!

Body Massage Vibration


Extreme vibration app

In the case of insomnia or overwork, you can use this nice app in order to relax. Extreme vibration app will be used instead of a masseur, so you don’t have to pay money for massage sessions anymore.

There are 4 auto vibration modes with an ability to set your own interval level. The user interface is very simple and has only basic functions.

Nevertheless, there are many options to use the app: you may massage yourself, relieve stress and even soothe yourself or a baby to sleep. It remains to download the app and enjoy its capabilities!

Extreme vibration app


Best Vibrator PRO

There is no doubt, this app will become one of your favorite. Best Vibrator PRO is suitable for those who want to make use of massage service as often as possible.

There are almost unlimited vibration modes: you can set your own pace, vibration length, and pauses between vibrations. The app will become your personal masseur that makes your dreams come true.

The main distinguishing feature is that the app also works when the screen is off. Or you can use it in the background while other apps are opened. By the way, there are no ads, so nothing can disquiet you. Open the app and derive pleasure from a professional massage.

Best Vibrator PRO



If you have trouble sleeping, this app is listed special for you! With the help of Vibes, you will be able to relax and feel yourself somewhere on a beach.

Its 7 massage modes will make these massage sessions unforgettable. The vibration is quite strong and equals special massagers by its strength.

Like the previous one, this app works when the screen is locked or in background mode along with other apps. As you can see, it’s very convenient and easy in use. So you’ve got everything to avoid being disgruntled.




Do you feel tired and stressed? Can’t fall asleep because you feel like all your muscles are extremely tensed? This app will be your self-help. In Vibrant you will find several levels of vibration intensity, along with the possibility to regular each of those.

Moreover, you can st up Vibrant not only on one mode of vibration – but also combine modes and use them in a transition from high to low-frequency mode and otherwise. The interface design of this app is not as good as in other apps, but if you’re looking for functionality at the first place – this is a nice choice.



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This is a more simple app that also has several vibrations frequencies for the best massage. In general, there are 4 modes of vibrations with the quite easy description: normal, constant, burst, lite. A feature that is remarkable for this app is that it also includes a soothing music background.

The app is absolutely free and super easy in usage. It is new on the market, so it is not very popular yet, however it already has positive reviews from users.



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