11 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Looking for the healthiest way to lose weight? This article has you covered!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of yours you’ve probably heard of periodic fasting. This is by far the most natural and safe way to get in shape — it activates your fat-burning process.

To help you incorporate this dieting method into your life, we’ve made this out of the 11 best intermittent fasting Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS). These apps let you control your fasting phases along with monitoring your body mass. Some of these apps even offer various systems— for both newcomers and amateurs.

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Let’s start with the Window app. This is your personal diet assistant that will help to put periodic dieting into practice.

The main trait of this app is a smart assistant that lets you trace all your dating and feeding phases. Herewith, you may rather use this tool to control your feeding cycle or to plan it up. For instance, you prepare you’re eating routine hour by hour or go for daily plans. Another good thing is — the tracker is fully customizable so you get to set all the dieting and feeding windows by yourself.

Additionally, you can also use this app to keep your body mass in control and trace its dynamics. You get to mark your weight daily, weekly, or monthly to see how far you’d come. Plus, you can add pics to all the body mass marks. You can also write notes on your condition or anything else you feel important.

In case you’re new to the whole periodic dieting thing the app offers several plans for you to stick to. There are various plan options for newcomers and skilled users so you’ll be able to find something that meets your preferences. There are even individual water dieting plans if needed.

BodyFast 1 BodyFast 2

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Next, we have a fasting assistant that will help you stick to your eating regime.

If you were seeking over guidance into a healthy lifestyle without any strange diets — this is the one for you. The central concept of this app is to help you get in your best shape while staying healthy and energetic. The app covers several tools that will help you follow the regime. First of all, there’s a timer that observes the starving and feeding phases.

There are also various dieting regimes you can try — from the ones for body count loss to the muscle-building ones. Plus, there’s a tool that shows your body status so you could track how your body changed with periodic starving. You can use this tool as a full-on fat-burning journal by adding pics and writing some notes on how you feel and all that.

Then, there’s a healthy habit tool that will help you stick to some useful practices. For illustration, there’s a water tracker that counts the amount of liquid you absorb in a day and tells you to stay hydrated. The app also covers a step board that lets you trace your daily actions. Herewith, you get to set goals and suggestions if needed.

Fastic 1 Fastic 2



This app is your own fasting coach that will help you grow a strong practice.

To put it differently, this is a well-made coach that lets you follow your consuming plan and watch over the growth. Herewith, the tracker enables you to pursue your whole course. You can also attach some pics and reports to get a clear view of your course.

At that, the app will ask you to designate your mood, symptoms, exercises, and mass. In case you’ll ever need to edit some of your previous notes you can freely do that. As the main point of this app is to attend to your dieting status, its design matters as well. The app has stylish minimal graphics and a simple UI with easy navigation.

Furthermore, the app lets you observe your dining and starving phases. Therewith, you can set the starving phases whether it’s day or night. You can also set multiple goals and set alerts to remind you once the dieting phase is over. The app is also cross-platform so you can reach it on multiple devices.

Fastient 2Fastient 1



This iOS app will help you healthily lose body mass.

The central goal of this app is not only to help you get in shape but also to help you build a useful eating habit — with no calorie counting or exhausting exercises. Differently speaking, — this is an ultimate periodic fasting coach that will change your eating routine once and for all. First of all, the app comes with a timer to keep up with the fasting phases.

Plus, there’s a food tracker that lets you log every meal you’ve had in a day. Herewith, once you’ll add a food item, the app will automatically find its nutritional info. You can also pick one of the detox regimes the app suggests— there are ones for newcomers and specialists. The app also covers a full-on weight journal that lets you trace your mass loss in graph form.

Additionally, there’s a water diary that will also suggest you consume more liquid. Plus, the app covers an activity tracker that runs on your GPS data. And if you wanna go even deeper you can also use a sleeping diary. There are also lots of educational articles bout the use of periodic fast and all that.

Femometer 1 Femometer 2


MyFastThis is a feeding regime calendar that lets you organize your dieting routine.

Frankly speaking, all you need to do here is to arrange the dieting phases and the app will cope with the rest. Your calendar will be turned into a diagram for your daily goal. It should be said, the calendar is very detailed and you get to set the schedule for a week up. Thereby, you can set a timer or notifications to remind you once the starving for feeding widow starts.

You can also start fasting periods rather it is nighttime or daytime. In case you’ll need to adjust the timing or make the windows shorter or longer you can effortlessly cope with that. Besides, you can put your phase diagram on your HS as a widget to always have it on hand.

The app also covers a body count loss journal that lets you trace your fat burn. Herewith, you can adjustable the journal as needed by adding pics and notes. You can also use the app to level up your liquid consumption, activity, and even sleep. All the trackers involve condition, mood, and symptom logs.

MyFast 2 MyFast 3

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VoraIf you need a minimal cross-platform diet regime manager— this app is for you.

The first thing to be noticed, this app doesn’t have lots of weight-loss-related tools apart from the main one — the tracker. All you get to do here is to begin detox aims and accomplish them. This is how it works — you can make posts with dieting goals and mark them when you achieve them.

Herewith, you can set fast goals of any length. When the starving period is about to start you need to tap the same-called button and come back to tap finish once you’re done. It should be said, the app doesn’t offer you any dieting agendas so you can use the one that suits your preferences — from periodic dieting to full fast, or else.

You can also make posts about your detox regime — pics and personal notes. Once you have seven posts, you’ll view them in a diagram form that visualizes your progression. The app runs as an SM and other users comment on your posts. Thus, if you wanted to make detox friends this app has you covered as well.

Vora 1 Vora 2



This is a manager app that will help you stick to your dieting schedule.

Apart from the previous app, this one suggests various plans and tips. There are programs for both newcomers and amateurs and different goals are covered as well. Herewith, the app works with the best doctors that make sure all the systems are helpful and safe to use. The app even offers you an expert guidance service if needed.

Besides, there are lots of educational articles about the use of periodic detox and how it affects your body. All of them are written by the pro doctors so all the content is verified. The app also covers a starting timer that lets you set aims and stay on them.

Herewith, the app won’t leave you alone during the starving windows — it will send regular motivational suggestions o keep you on track. All your goals will be saved in your acc and you’ll get to view a detailed progress report if needed. The app also grants you to trace your liquid consumption, sleep cycle, and all that.

Zero 1 Zero 2



This app will help you form an alternate dieting habit.

The app lets you set fasting phases of any length and turns them into daily goals. You can also arrange the alerts to tell you as the starving phase is over and drive you along the way. Herewith, the app syncs to your smartwatch so you can see the dieting timer and the warnings right on your wrist.

Furthermore, you get to write a full-on fasting diary about your mood, symptoms, and all that. In case you’ll need to adjust the dietary window or edit any of the reports you can easily do that. The app comes with a minimal UI and intuitive controls so you’ll quickly find out how to use it. And if you’ll have any troubles with that you can inspect the starter guide.

At that, the app also covers a mass diary that lets you monitor all the lost calories. The tracker looks more like a journal so you can add pics and notes if needed. The app saves all the data to your private history so you can view how far you’ve come right away. You can also send all your data in a couple of touches.

FastHabit 1 FastHabit 2



The next app will introduce you to periodic detox and show you all its pros.

In the first place, this app covers various educational materials so you’ll get the full picture of what periodic fasting actually is. There are also lots of dieting regimes for newcomers and amateurs you can use for free. Then, the app lets you take an ultimate fasting program with all the windows.

Herewith, the calendar is fully customizable so you can see the windows of any length any time of night and day. Besides, you can set notifications to tell you when the new window starts and keep you inspired on the way. All the windows will be shown in a diagram form so you’ll get to see how much time you have left till the end of each phase.

You can even put the diagram on your HS as a widget if needed. The app also covers various quick and healthful recipes that you can use as an inspo. There’s even a page with exercise tutorials that will get you in the right shape.

DoFasting 1 DoFasting 2



This is a dieting assistant app that will assist you in your mass loss.

The main idea of this app is to keep you stimulated on your periodic dieting regime. Herewith, this app covers both the amateurs and experienced users so no worries about that. The app contains a full-on library of educational articles and suggestions you can learn from. All of those carefree which is nice.

At that, the app permits you to arrange your starving phases. The good thing is you can easily stop and change the fasting windows if needed. There are also no duration limits and you can set them for any time of night and day. Each window looks like a diagram scale so it’s easy to pursue the window status. You can also add mood notes to each fasting window if needed.

Furthermore, the app comes with a detailed weight tracker. This tool lets you observe your weight, waist, and other parameters. You may also log your glucose info if you have the right equipment. All the data can be easily imported to any other health app right away.


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And lastly, BodyFit is an ultimate coach to the periodic fasting system.

This app is made to assist you in your fay-burning way and keep you on it. The app is made for amateurs and skilled fasters as you get to compose your own agenda and set all the dieting windows.

There are no duration limits so you can make your plan as custom as possible. In case you’re new to the whole dieting thing and don’t quite know where to start the app covers over 10 fast projects you can pick from. You can also use one of the pre-made systems as a foundation and customize it as you need. The app lets you easily keep up with the status of the phase as all the data is visualized in diagrams.

What is more, the app covers a body mass diary where you can put all your measures day by day. You may also add some pics of yourself to get a clearer pic of the result. Plus, you can add daily notes on how you fell and all that. There’s also a built-in water tracer that will warn you to consume more liquid.

BodyFast1 BodyFast2

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