11 Cool apps to gain more followers on TikTok

Getting popular is not always easy. You can create interesting content, develop new ideas and engage in promotion, but all efforts will be fruitless.

In this case, you may just lose interest in the matter. In such a situation, a variety of platforms and applications can help beginner bloggers and creators get the original audience.

Blogs that already have a certain audience are much more credible among people. A person understands that someone is interested in this content and subscribes to it as well.

First, you really need somewhere to get a certain number of subscribers – besides your friends and family. We have found 11 cool apps for you, which will really help you to get the initial audience and “spin” a lot of subscribers with minimal effort.

TickTock-Free Tiktok Followers and Fans by Apps Ivy

ticktock-freeIf you don’t want to pay for additional TikTok subscribers, TickTock is the application you need. You will not just buy what you need here. In this application, like a blogger, you will need some fortune and luck to become popular.

In TickTock, the user simply spins the wheel of fortune, which gives you free subscribers and viewers. In order to make the winnings go exactly to your TikTok account, you will need to login to your account after installing the app.

TickTock will help you add likes and views to some videos while being absolutely safe. Once registered, you will receive an email with all the information and various updates.

Your maximum win on the wheel of fortune is 50 thousand subscribers and likes. There are 10 free spins available for you to win. All the points you win are exchanged for real Subscribers.

ticktock-free1 ticktock-free2



tikfameDo you want to be famous for free? TikFame is the app that helps you get fans, new audiences, and likes for free. Lots of likes! Like you know, in TikTok you get videos that get a lot of views from other users. If you have free subscribers, you will also have free views.

TikFame makes your video malicious and popular, thus increasing your views. Once you have a certain number of subscribers, you will get a real audience, which will increase by itself.

All you have to do is release new videos so that your subscribers do not decrease but only grow. Every day TikFame can bring you more than 1000 subscribers – that’s a huge amount for a beginner TikTok blogger. The developers used the best strategies to achieve better results. Popular hashtags, virulent TikTok, the best videos will lead you to popularity with TikFame.

tikfame1 tikfame2


TikTracker: Likes, Fans, Stats

tiktrackerEvery blogger just needs to keep up with his or her popularity. For example, each video you have released finds its own response from the audience.

Because of some content, people can unsubscribe from you, and some videos encourage new people to subscribe to you and make people even more popular. The TikTracker is an application that lets you get all the valuable information about your followers and fans.

The app allows you to track blockers, likes and their absence, stalkers and even the growth of new fans. TikTracker calculates how many likes each of your videos gets on average, as well as how popular new videos are.

A Pro version of TikTracker is also available for purchase, giving you access to visual charts. You will learn more about the full statistics of your TikTok account, which gives you the opportunity to draw certain conclusions and take action to further promote your creativity.

tiktracker1 tiktracker2


Likes & Followers for TikTok 2020 by Maestro DevOps

likes followers for tiktok2020TikTok is really a sensation that became suddenly popular. Thanks to this “Boom” of the new social network, it is much easier to become a popular blogger there than on other platforms.

Maestro DevOps noticed it and decided to help beginner creators in their promotion. The developers offer you to connect with real people and users to get a live audience and many likes and views.

This application allows you to increase the number of fans. The user-friendly interface developed by Maestro DevOps is intuitive for every user and even reminds you of TikTok.

The developers previously worked in a similar way with the social network Musical.ly, which eventually acquired a new, better-known name. A good rating on Play Market convinces new users that the service really works.

Of course, you won’t immediately get millions of likes and new people, but in any case, using this application you will become a little more popular and get a chance to get new subscribers.

likes followers for tiktok20201 likes followers for tiktok20202


Followers and Likes For TikTok Free by Adventure Moon Web

followers and likes for tiktok freeIn case you need a real return on your application, the best way is to use proven services. For example, Adventure Moon Web developers provide you with real services, the result of which you will immediately see on your statistics.

The application does not matter in what area you promote yourself. Tourism, modeling, fitness, and sports – the application will give you new subscribers in any case.

The growth is made up of people who follow the hashtags. This application does not request access to your account, so you absolutely do not risk anything. The service promotes your content with tags and hashtags that are used throughout TikTok.

You get the likes from users who hashtag your videos in the recommendations section or search. The application from Adventure Moon Web is a completely legal and easy way to get a live audience in minutes.

followers and likes for tiktok free1 followers and likes for tiktok free2


New BoostLike 2019 – Get Followers For TikTok by NhiHoang

new boostlike 2019Despite the fact that the application is dated 2019, it is still active and works for the benefit of novice bloggers. If you ever wonder how people are gaining popularity without having an initial audience, we have the answer.

Maybe they were just using special services! If you also want to get hundreds of views of your new video, New BoostLike is what you need.

The app is designed for you to increase your likes and views in TikTok. Developers create algorithms so that using New BoostLike you get free fans and followers in a short period of time.

This way, your video will get to the recommended set of other people who will start to be interested in your content. With New BoostLike you will encourage other users to subscribe to you – after all, your account will already have subscribers!

new boostlike 20191


TikTune – Tik Tok Followers

tiktuneTikTune is a special application for TikTok to help you make your video more amazing. Impressive effects and tools can attract new audiences just as much as special account promotion services. If you want to get real subscribers in an honest way, just use TikTune to edit your video – then the number will increase.

So what can you do with this application? First, apply various unusual effects or add music. Second, trim off unnecessary moments in the video or add something really amazing.

Once you’ve finished editing the new video completely, you can save the result to your smartphone gallery to upload it to TikTok. All you have to do is watch how the number of followers increases.



TikBoost: TikTok Likes and Fans & Followers

tikboostTikBoost is a way to become recognizable at TikTok for free. Think of it as your cheat code for a large number of subscribers and sharp popularity online!

There are such options as getting additional comments on your creativity, increasing the number of likes and views. People will understand your ideas when the video hits their feed. You can do this with a lot of views and activities.

Your videos can really have more likes than you think. Unforgettable and impressive moments can be put on TikTok by sharing your joy with other people. With filters and special popular hashtags, you can take your movies to the next level.

TikBoost tells you which hashtag to put (analysis is based on popularity), which music to put on the background and even funny stickers. No need to spend a penny from your budget!

tikboost1 tikboost2


Gain Fans Likes and Followers For Tiktok Free by Team-coder

gain fans likesTeam-coder is another way you can promote your TikTok account. The team has developed a special algorithm that takes on the promotion work.

Initially, like many other similar applications, this service worked with Musical.ly, but at the moment it completely switched to working with users and bloggers from TikTok.

The application is a pure booster for users. In fact, you will dramatically increase your views and audience, which could not happen naturally. The short videos you upload to TikTok will become really popular.

You’ll use comment tags, regular hashtags, and follow all the social networking trends. The traffic of users on your content will increase a lot, that is, subscribers will also increase. More comments, more reviews, more likes – isn’t that what all users of TikTok want?

gain fans likes1 gain fans likes2


TikBoost by Felimore

tikboost by felimoreIf you thought we accidentally talked about the same app a second time, no. TikBoost by Felimore really has a similar name and functionality, while also helping you to become popular.

It’s another application that increases the number of your subscribers in game form. At the same time, you don’t invest any real money, nor do you buy in-game currency or anything like that.

The process of promotion occurs in the form of a game. You just turn the card over and find out the number of your potential subscribers. The number depends only on your luck – you need a smile of fortune.

However, these are only potential people: after you flip the map, the team will analyze your account and tell you which hashtags are better to use to get to the recommendations. You will do everything on your own and not bribe people – following the algorithms, you will find your own audience.

tikboost by felimore1 tikboost by felimore2


TikLiker – Fans & Followers & Likes & Hearts

tiklikerLike, likes, likes, more likes! That’s what every blogger at TikTok wants, I guess. TikLiker is an application that allows you to get some likes, find subscribers and much more.

Within 24 hours, you can become truly popular and famous in TikTok without much effort. Just like with the previous app, you don’t have to invest real money and pay the app.

You play and in the process, you can find out which combinations of hashtags and trends will help you become popular. To do this, you will not spend much time online, analyzing accounts of more popular people.

The more you play TikLiker, the better your chances of winning and popularity will be. The best hashtags will give you the best results, bring you more views and fame. Play and win!

tikliker1 tikliker2


If you are interested in TikTok and you really want to become popular, these applications will help you in the beginning. Your videos will be released as recommendations for other users and new people will be able to meet you.

You have to admit, it’s hard enough to appear in recommendations when you don’t have any initial base. With the help of special applications that we have tried to tell you more about, you will get new subscribers and viewings.

We hope that we have helped you and that we will soon be able to see you in the top of the best bloggers. Good luck!

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