5 Best Waterproof Test Apps for Android & iOS

Many modern smartphones have a water-resistant feature that allows you to use them underwater. So you can take unusual pictures, not leave your phone unattended when you visit the beach, and more.

But how do you make sure and not expose your smartphone to breakage? For this purpose, we have collected for you the best waterproof test apps, with which you can check the functionality of your smartphone and check the permissible level of being in the water.

To keep the performance of your smartphone high, we recommend you to check the level of its battery capacity with battery analyzer apps.

WaterProof Test and Tips

WaterProof Test and Tips logoThis app allows you to determine the water pressure around your phone.

It also sets the amount of time the phone can stay underwater.

It has a depth detection feature that allows you to use it at the lowest level possible.

All of this helps you take pictures underwater or use the features you need even where it’s hard enough to do so.

WaterProof Test and Tips screen 2 WaterProof Test and Tips screen 1

It can also save your phone from flooding and breaking.

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Waterproof Quickcheck

Waterproof Quickcheck logoThis app uses an internal pressure sensor to detect certain pressure fluctuations while the user is touching the screen.

That way, you can tell if your phone is waterproof. “Detail” mode shows a graph of pressure variations in the phone.

If you open one of the phone’s covers, you’ll find that the pressure doesn’t change when you touch the phone.

So, if the phone is sealed, you will find fluctuations when you touch the phone.

Waterproof Quickcheck screen 1 Waterproof Quickcheck screen 2

It is worth noting that this app does not directly guarantee whether your phone is waterproof. But, it does give you a hint that all covers are firmly sealed.

Phone Check and Test

Phone Check and Test logoThis app is designed to quickly test your phone for water resistance.

You can also use it to test cellular, WiFi, display, touchscreen, GPS, audio, camera, sensors, storage, memory, processor, and battery.

Phone Check and Test allows you to check key device usage and signal strengths.

It provides an easy-to-use guided process to quickly check and test all major components of your phone or tablet.

Phone Check and Test screen 1 Phone Check and Test screen 2

It also displays an informative report about your phone that you can email.

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Water Proof Test

Water Proof Test logoWith this app, you can determine if your phone is water-resistant.

Applying simple functions and pressure sensor readings the app will be able to determine if air can escape from your phone.

If the test is positive it means that your phone is not waterproof and you should not keep it near water.

Water Proof Test screen 1 Water Proof Test screen 2

If the test is negative, then you have a good chance of having a good functional phone after getting out of water.

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Check Water-Resistant

Check Water-Resistant logoThis app will allow you to do not only the water resistance test, but also check all the other functions of your phone.

The phone check and test are especially useful if you have just purchased a phone or tablet, are planning to sell your phone, if it has been repaired, or if it just doesn’t seem to work as well as it should.

Identify the problems so you can return the phone or fix the problem now.

See if there is a hardware or other problem that can be resolved without buying a new phone.

Check Water-Resistant screen 1 Check Water-Resistant screen 2

Useful for troubleshooting and diagnosing your phone.

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