5 Best Fake Alert Maker Apps for Android

Have you ever felt the need to get out of awkward and uncomfortable situations by faking a message from your friends or family? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered together the best fake alert maker apps for Android that will help you to escape from any unwanted circumstances or just prank your mates. These apps let you create realistic notifications from various apps in secs, and set a timer for them. In case you wanna go bigger — there are apps that let you fake an entire chat conversation.

Here’s the list of the best 5 apps in that category you may try. Have a look!

Fake Notification

Fake Notification

Let’s start with an app that lets you create custom fake notifications.

Although the concept of this app may seem quite obvious, there are few ways to use it. The first one is to prank your pals or imitate an emergency to excuse your runaway from some awkward situations (and that’s what it’s most used for). However, if you’ll get a bit more creative, you can also use this app to send yourself delayed notifications about whatever you need.

The mechanics of this app are simple — you start with selecting an app that will send you a notification. Speaking of which, this app covers all the most-used messengers and social media platforms, so no worries about that. Sooth to say, it may even send you notifications from gaming apps, but it won’t work for all of them.

Your next step here is to fill in the text form and pick the person who has to send it to you (if we’re speaking about messengers, and all that). And lastly, you’ll get to set the time the note will pop up on your screen, and there are no limits for that.


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Notifications Simulator

notifications sim

Next, we have a notification sim that lets you send fake messages to yourself.

It needs to be said, this app lets you send notifications from multiple apps like IG, FB, YouTube, Telegram, LINE, and even Tinder. More to that, it lets you imitate the alerts for incoming and lost calls if needed. Plus, the app has done a great job recreating the notification of all the apps, so it will look as realistic as it can be.

Along with that, the app has an intuitive UI, so it won’t take much time for you to figure out how to use it. Your first step here will be to create the notification itself. To cope with that, you’ll need to pick an app you wanna get notified from, fill in the message title (aka the sender) and body (aka the text).

Next, you get to pick the date the message should come in and set the exact time of it. In case you want to get this exact message multiple times, make sure to add it at your faves. You may also plan several notifications to the same time, and even make a schedule for a couple of weeks ahead.

notifications sim 2


Fake Notifications

Fake NotificationsNeed a simple tool to create made-up notifications? This is the one for you.

This app lets you send yourself texts and notifications from multiple apps, so you can create any notification you need. What is more, the app not only supports messengers, SM apps, and email — it also lets you fake standard SMS messages, and even get fake game notifications.

All the messages will appear in the bar like they always do, so nobody could tell they are fake. Beyond that, the app lets you create high-priority notifications for any app which is quite handy. The notification maker itself is easy to use so no worries about that. You get to pick an app the message will come from, add the title, write the message, and even pick the ticker text.

Then, you’ll need to select the time and date, and you can also set the repeating cycle if needed. The app will save all the notifications you’ve ever sent and there are no limits for the number of them. You may also add some at your faves and schedule them for several weeks ahead.

Fake Notifications 1 Fake Notifications 2


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Fake Notification Creator

It’s a fake notification maker that lets you send yourself made-up messages from various apps.

This app supports dozens of app icons, so you can make a fake notification for any occasion possible — from a prank to an exit from an uncomfortable situation. All the icons look legit so no one would have a clue you’re faking it. Plus, this app is fully free with no ads or sub-packs.

The notification builder itself is incredibly simple. You must need to pick an app’s name (and sometimes an icon) and fill in the text form. However, you don’t get to send media files, there’s a limit for the number of words per message. Then, you get to pick the time it will be sent to you (unfortunately, you can’t delay it several days ahead).

Additionally, you can make the notification em old when it will be sent, and you get to set the “age” of it too. Besides, the app lets you plan several notifications for the same time, and there are no limits for that. You may also pick if the message will come silent or standard if needed.

Fake Notification creator 1 Fake Notification creator 2


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Fake Notifications

And lastly, we have one of the simplest notification sims on the market.

This app lets you come up with a fake notification in just three steps. First of all, you’ll need to pick the app the message will be sent from, and select its icon. Then, you get to pick who will send you the message, and it doesn’t have to be someone from your contact list or even a real person. All you need to do is to write the name and then fill in the message form.

Beyond that, the app lets you create several messages from the same person at once if needed, but you’re limited with 3. You also get to pick the time and date the message will come at, and even make a schedule with multiple apps on several days or weeks ahead. The app keeps a history of all the fake messages you’ve ever sent, so you can always resend them with just one tap.

Plus, all the old notifications are editable, so you can easily change small details in the text, or switch the app. As for the apps, you get fake messages from your standard SMS app, WhatsApp, Telegram, FB, Gmail, and more. The app also supports notifications from games, music services, and even Tinder.

Fake Notes 1 Fake Notes 2



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