7 Best Window Design Apps for Android & iOS

Windows are an essential part of any house. We usually don’t pay much attention to its design, but we definitely should – imagine how beautiful and unusual windows could improve the looks of your house! And in the following article, we offer you to explore the best window design apps.

And in case you want to project and design not only the windows but the whole house in general, we recommend checking out the article about the best free exterior design apps that will help you to project the overall outside looks of your house.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a famous house designing app that also allows you to choose the design of the windows and they are placements in your project. You need to install the app and then choose the interiors that you like the most so it could provide personalized recommendations for you.

After that you get to the main menu, where you can start creating your project, you can use already existing templates or create one from scratch. For example, you can choose the kitchen template and see which design developers offer for you to explore.

In order to choose the design of the windows, you need to go to the construction section and windows will be the first category you will find there. You will find about a dozen types of Windows and you can choose any of those and place them in the room.

Unfortunately, in order to get access to all the models of windows, you will have to go for the paid subscription. After you have placed the windows in the walls, you can switch to the 3D mode in order to see how those windows are going to look in the real life.

You can always save your projects in the app and then export them as a file to your phone so you don’t lose them.


  • Create projects from scratch or use ready-made templates
  • The broad selection of windows
  • Ability to place the windows anywhere
  • Possibility to view the project in the 3D mode


  • The majority of the window designs are only available in the premium version
Planner 5D

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Home Design 3D

This app has fewer interactive possibilities and it looks a little bit more boring in general, but it brings better opportunities for designing the actual and precise plan for your rooms. It works similarly to the Planner 5D. You just open the app and start your plan.

You can choose the type of room and paying that room on the clear canvas. To be more precise, you just choose the shape of the room and then place this square on the canvas. After that, you can add additional elements to the room and decorations.

You can add walls commodores, and, of course, windows. That provides about dozen types of windows to choose from. You can just click on the window and then drag it onto the plan and place it on one of the walls. You can also choose the color windows and you can even select their sizes up to a centimeter.

Later on, you can also choose the furniture for the room, you can also select the stairs and all other elements so you can actually plan the whole house with this app and see how the windows are going to look with the overall design.

The disadvantage of Home Design 3D in comparison to the previous app is that here you have to create every project from scratch, it doesn’t bring any ready-made templates that you can just improve.


  • Allows to create of the real project of the house with scaling and precise measurements
  • Good choice of window design
  • Users can select the color of windows and measure their size
  • View your projects in 3D mode


  • No ready-made templates
Home Design 3D1


This is another app for designing your house, and it’s more concentrated on interior design rather than on planning the size of the rooms and so on. Probably, that’s why it will be more fun to use this app, you don’t need to do scaling here and all the precise measurements and you can just enjoy the objects of the interior.

As for the window design, it might be tricky at first to find the section with windows in this app because it’s hidden somewhere in the additional attributes in the side menu bar. But once you find it, (a little tip: it’s in the “structure” section), you can select between the very beautiful designs of windows.

We were really impressed by the beautiful windows that we found here and they are not similar to any other designs in the previous apps. You need to select the window and then place it on the wall. You can also rotate the window drag it up or down and your test is to place it on the wall.

For some reason, it’s impossible to place certain windows and curtain walls so keep that in mind. And before you can place the window, you need to put it into the right position so it fits. The app doesn’t do the automatic fit here in this case.

All in all, this is one of the best window designs app on this list but it’s not really user-friendly and sometimes it really requires an effort from you to put a certain object into the room.


  • Focuses mainly on the interior design
  • Exquisite windows designs
  • 3-dimensional depiction of the room
  • Possibility to rotate windows


  • Not very user-friendly

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Smart Home Design

This is a nice home planner app and it’s a reliable app in terms of scaling and accurate measurements, but in terms of window design, it’s quite a lean choice. You will only have more window designs if you go to the paid subscription of this app. And in the free version, you have only four different designs.

You can choose one of the types and place it in a room so you could compile the whole project of your room once again. The app will give you a chance to take a look at how the windows would look in a certain room in the real life.

But to be honest, in comparison to its competitors, the app is not that multi-functional, and the overall quality of images is a little bit lower.

Maybe, if you don’t have the latest version of the device or you just want a lighter app for your smartphone in general, this is a nice option just to put on the windows on the walls so you could have the overall scheme. But this is not our first choice.


  • You can create any room project fast
  • Good measurements and scaling


  • Very few options for the design of the windows
  • Older graphics
Smart Home Design1

Room Planner: Home Interior

This is one of our favorite room planner apps because it turns the boring and mundane procedure of projecting the room into a fun game. Actually here you don’t need to project anything, you need to just decorate the room and add beautiful things to it, including windows.

You can start creating your product from the scratch or you can go with one of the ready-made templates that you will find in the app. The app provides a wide choice of windows and you can place those windows on the wall to see how they’re going to look in the real life.

Hold the rooms are displayed in the three-dimensional mode. You can also change the size of the window and you can also choose its colors of it. The app is totally free and there are no locked units. After everything, you can save your project in the app.

All in all, this is a great app where you can find a lot of interesting and unique window designs that you will not find in other apps in the segment.


  • You can choose whether you want to create a design from scratch or use ready-made templates
  • Wide selection of windows
  • Windows are easily placed on the walls
  • The size of windows can be changed


  • More a game format than a real-life planner
Room Planner: Home Interior1

Home Designer 3D: Room Plan

This application is basically another copy of the Planner 5D app. But it doesn’t mean it’s a bad app though. It’s rather an alternative and if for some reason you don’t want to use the first app in the list, you can go with this one.

As for the selection of the designs of the windows, the choice of all window designs here is suspiciously similar to the one that we found in the Planner 5D app.

But here, by using this app, you can actually find a little life hack that all types of windows in the app are available in the free version, while in the Planner 5D app, you have to pay for the subscription, so you could have an access to all types of windows.

In Home Designer 3D you have to start your project from the scratch, first, to define the shape of the room you add the rooms, and then you can choose additional elements of the exterior and interior. You just go to the construction section and once again, you find the windows section there.

You can explore different types of windows and add them to your room, see how they look and if they would fit, and so on. You can also view your project in the three-dimensional mode to make sure everything looks fine.

The scaling here is also quite accurate it’s so we can claim that home designer 3D allows you to create real-life projects.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • The collection of window designs is basically the same as in the Planner 5D app, but here all the designs are free
  • Accurate scaling
  • View the projects in the 3D mode
  • Start your project from scratch and create your unique design


  • Lack of the originality of the app, it’s basically a copy of Planner 5D
Home Designer 3D: Room Plan1

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Door and Window Design

This is a more simple app where you can just find different pictures of windows and doors. Maybe some people don’t want to create the whole house plan, but just to find the general idea of what they are looking for.

There’s not much to say about it except that you can just download and open this app and start exploring it. There are several categories, but we didn’t really get the logic behind them. The pics of some windows come with the measurement which is a plus. You can always download the image you liked.

Door and Window Design1
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