11 Best Search Engine Apps for Android & iOS 2023

The main feature of any smartphone user is access to the Internet. That is why every person needs to have a fast and convenient browser.

Most people don’t want three dozen search engines, especially people who are not trained, internet users. Most people want a single search engine that delivers key features: relevant results, easy-to-read interface, helpful options to broaden or tighten a search

With these criteria, several great options come to mind from which you can choose the most suitable one. These search sites should meet 99 percent of your searching needs. So if you are looking for search engines that have so much to offer here is a list of the best engine apps for Android and iOS 2023 you can check out.

Do not let anyone to reach your personal information using these best private browser apps.

Google Chrome 

chtome ico

Well, there’s no way you have not heard about Google Chrome yet.

Google is the reigning king of searching and it is the most used search engine in the world.

It is fast, relevant and the largest single catalog of web pages available.  Google Chrome provides a strict design and all the necessary features to make your web-searching pleasant and convenient.

If you use Google Chrome as a desktop browser, you’re going to love the way everything is synchronized. It is so user-friendly that you might avoid downloading anything else.

Make sure you try the Google ‘images’, ‘maps’ and ‘news’ features… they are outstanding services for locating photos, geographic directions, and news headlines.

If you don’t have it already, get it now for free and enjoy everything you need in one place! The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Price: free

chrome sceen1 chrome scren1


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The second most popular search engine is Microsoft’s Bing.

Bing is something different. It is more of a visual search engine offering different tools to users for a better experience.

Bing’s homepage has an ever-changing background displaying, so say goodbye to boring search homepages.

Best search engine for video search, it displays a grid of large thumbnails that offers a preview if you hover over them and play it on the same page with a single click.

You can earn points for searching with Microsoft Rewards and redeem them for free gift cards from Xbox, Target, Walmart, and many more.

Bing stands as one of the best Google alternatives, so you should definitely try it.

Price: free

bing screen1 bing screen2



aol logo

From the latest headlines to fast-loading email and trending videos, the AOL app brings it all together on your mobile phone. The app has been around for a long time and still delivers on free email addresses, as well as it’s iconic “You’ve Got Mail!” alert when you have unread messages in your inbox.

It doesn’t have as many tools as other apps but what it doe it does well.

It has unlimited inbox storage, so you won’t ever have to delete messages to make room for more. You can also create custom folders inside your inbox to organize and store your messages.

AOL has push-notifications around breaking news and important emails so you’ll stay informed and connected.

So give AOL a try and always keep up with important things.

Price: free

aol screen1 aol screen2


yahoo logo

Yahoo Search helps you to find the information you need while on-the-go and get fast answers to help navigate your life. This is an app that has everything you could wish for.

It has a minimal design you will never get lost in and a voice-to-text search for quick access to what you need.

You can explore “What to Watch” to find a movie for the night, find local restaurants and services around you with a moveable map showing nearby results.

Every day you will get the local weather forecast on your start screen so you will never forget your umbrella. The app also offers a safe search for your kids and manages your user settings.

Yahoo Search certainly deserves its place among the best browsers!

Price: free

yahoo screen1 yahoo screen2



ecosia logoEcosia is the tree-planting browser. Creators use the money they make from searches to fund reforestation programs and empower communities around the world. They publish all their monthly financial reports and tree-planting receipts on their website. Ecosia is CO2 positive. It owns and operates its own solar plant to power your searches with 100% renewable energy.

Ecosia is based on Chromium and is as fast and secure. This browser features tabbing, private mode browsing, history retention, bookmarking pages, downloads history, and ad-blocking.

Forests need protection as much as your privacy, so Ecosia doesn’t save your searches, doesn’t track the websites you visit and doesn’t sell your data to advertisers.

Make Ecosia your default browser and join a global community of more than 8 million people reforesting the planet with their searches.

Price: free

ecoia screen1 ecosia screen2



qwant logo

Qwant is another browser for multitasking. It gives you access to the whole Web, the last news and social media content.

With Qwant Search you can find everything at first glance: exact answers to your queries displayed instantly below the search bar. No need to scroll anymore to find the right information.

Qwant is the first search engine dedicated to music and video games.

Qwant Music is entirely dedicated to artists and their fans so you will never miss the live concert of the year anymore.

Qwant Games is the perfect place to become the games master. It gives you the opportunity to discover exclusively detailed description, ratings, and live Twitch videos.

The app also respects its users: it does not keep any track of your queries so no one will what you are looking for on the Internet.

To sum it up, Qwant is a great app to choose as it is fast and highly customizable.

Price: free

qwant screen1 qwant screen2


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Firefox Fast & Private Browser

This app allows users to search for any information in private mode. This is done by blocking third-party trackers that want to track your online activities.

The browser will allow you to set passwords and create tabs to quickly access the necessary pages. You can switch to the private or incognito mode by pressing a single button, making the service easy to use.

Each user can customize the search according to individual preferences. Improved protection allows you to keep your privacy. You can open an unlimited number of tabs and even create your own collections from them for easier browsing.

Add-ons and updates are regularly available for download, so each user can improve the use of the service. With the browser permissions, you can watch videos and clips in separate tabs and search for other information at the same time. The browser can be synchronized with other devices.

Price: free

Google-Play appsrore

Neeva Browser & Search Engine

This app is an updated browser or search engine that will work without ads. Thanks to this service, you will be able to search for any information without being distracted by pop-up windows with advertising offers and spam.

Also, this updated browser has improved security, which allows you to keep your privacy and confidentiality.

The browser and its search engine will block any third-party trackers that want to get your personal and private data. You can customize your own search to quickly find the information you need.

You will have categories of your frequent searches and the best pages where you can find the data you need. The browser is available for use on multiple devices simultaneously. To do this, you need to synchronize them with each other.

For convenience, you can save and create new tabs for quick browsing and navigating to the desired page.

Price: free

Google-Play appsrore

UC Browser – Video Downloader &Win Cash & Vouchers

uc browser logo

UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers in the world by usage and tries to be all things to all people.

This is an app designed for fast downloading, data saving, and to help you to access music, video, and information with a smooth experience.

It is a smart browser that saves your traffic up to 60% and allows you to block ads so you won’t get distracted.

UC Browser is reasonably fast. The download speed of it is on the fast side, and it handles concurrent downloads.

The interface of this browser can be customized easily, it includes the night mode so you can read more comfortably at night. It also has a  variety of stickers you can share with your friends. This app provides a smooth experience to users and also has a feature of Facebook mode. Download this fast, secure and private browser now!

Price: free

uc browser screen1 uc browser screen2


Private Browsing Web Browser

Private Browsing Web Browser is also one of the best search engine app iPhone 2019 but only for IOS users. This is the simple, no frills web browser that have everything you need.

In this app, you can view all your websites privately and in full screen for free. Private Browsing Web Browser always starts in Google, Yahoo or Bing search homepage and has the hidden status bar to make more space.

The app works simply – the history, cookies, cache all completely deleted when you exit the app. No one will know where you’ve been.

It has the same back end safari browsing engine which means maximum speed, security, reliability and familiar Interface.

It is completely free with no annoying ads bar! So get it now and start browsing websites on a beautiful full screen without anyone knowing where you’ve been!

Price: free

privat browser screen1 privat browser screen2


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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

duckduck go logo

If online privacy is what you seek, then DuckDuckGo is the best alternative to Google for you. It has quickly gained popularity because of the user privacy it offers. The website never tracks you or your online activities which means there are no ads following you.

Moreover, it has a clean interface and brings the search results from Yahoo and other search engines.

It offers all the standard features of a search engine like Google but there is one cool feature called “bangs” that is worth mentioning.

It allows users to search directly on other sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, or Youtube, by starting their query with an exclamation mark!

DuckDuckGoalso has a slick feature called zero-click information (all your answers are found on the first results page)

Give DuckDuckGo a try. You might like this clean and simple search engine.

Price: free

duckduckcom screen1 duckduckcom screen2


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