Witty & T-Rex App Review

Witty & T-Rex is an enjoyable game for both kids and adults. This game is designed for those who want to spend their free time without much stress and know more about the Jurassic Period.

Witty & T-Rex1

The interface of the game is very bright, colorful, but cheerful to look at. The graphics quality is very high. When we open the app, we see a little robot called Witty. It will help to know how the app works and will show us the information about dinosaurs. The goal of the game is to give people, especially children great knowledge about T-Rex.

Witty & T-Rex2

The colors are selected very professionally and the main screen of the application looks organic. The rules of the game are very uncomplicated: we can make different things with T-Rex and Witty gives us knowledge, then asks questions. So this app has entertaining and educational functions.

The technical support of the app is great because the developer cares about all appearing problems. The game is payable but the fee is so low that I’m sure nobody will regret it. If you want to spend your spare time with pleasure, awake your curiosity, and forget for some time about all your daily worries – this app is definitely for you!


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