11 Zoo Management Games for Android and iOS

Many people dream of trying themselves at various things that cannot be realized in real life. For this, there are simulation games with all possible actions. There are zoo management games for those who love animals and want to get a new experience, as well.

Those games are perfect for watching the animals in their natural habitat, but very little attention is given to the underworld. If you wish to be able to observe sea life as well, you can explore the article about aquarium apps.

Idle Star Zoo: Animals Tycoon

Idle Star Zoo: Animals Tycoon is another fairly new zoo management game, recently updated in March 2022.

This game has a much more interesting idea than the usual games of its type. If in other games there is one task – to create and manage your zoo, then this game even has a small plot.

According to the plot, Earth is in danger, as are its inhabitants. The player needs to save the animals by taking them away on a spaceship and placing them in a space zoo.

This game also has a large number of different animals from all over the world, because they all need help.

To successfully manage the zoo, the player must take care of the animals and keep their enclosures clean. The more animals the player can save, the more money will be received.

Also in the game, there are additional mini-games in which players can get various rewards for the development of the zoo.

According to user reviews, they really liked the rather simple, but at the same time bright, and attractive graphics of the game, as well as a wide variety of animals.

This app has another quite interesting feature. It can help make room for more animals and open up new species at the same time. To do this, users need to merge two animals and see the possible outcomes of this.


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Zoo Craft

Zoo Craft is another fun game for animal lovers and those who want to try taking care of them, at least in a virtual world.

In this game, users can build a zoo and save different animals, both common and exotic endangered species. It is possible not only to collect a variety of animals but also to discover new species through genetic experiments. Here players can place mythical animals in their zoo and show them to visitors.

Based on the description of the application itself, each player can place more than 160 species of different animals in a zoo.

To attract visitors and earn more money, players can create tents with food, equip the territory of the zoo for a comfortable stay of people, and install various attractions.

The application regularly releases seasonal novelties and decorations for the zoo.

According to user reviews, the graphics and design of the game are very pleasant. It is relaxing and calm. It doesn’t have a lot of annoying ads. Users can also safely play without paying real money because there it is possible to easily earn virtual coins for the development of the zoo.

However, this game has a minor disadvantage, which was noticed by many users. The game sometimes slows down and crashes, which complicates the process and prevents users from having a good time.


Zoo2 Animal Park

Zoo2 Animal Park is quite a new game, as it was released in 2020 and immediately won the hearts of the players with its bright and attractive design.

The player, as always, in the role of director, develops their own zoo. To do this, the players need to go through various levels, participate in activities and thus improve their skills.

In this game, you can put more pets in your zoo, such as rabbits, horses, and others, as well as exotic animals.

As for the visual component of the application, it really catches the eye with its brightness and cheerfulness.

As for the territory of the zoo, it is possible not only to expand and clean the enclosures for animals but also to decorate the zoo with flowers, trees, and other plants. For the convenience of visitors, users can add toilets, benches, and tents with food.

In addition to everything in this game, you can not only add already existing animals but also change their color for more originality.

As for the user reviews, many people have a problem with opening the game. The game often crashes and users cannot enter the application.


Zoo – Happy Animals

Zoo – Happy Animals is a game that is slightly different in its concept from those listed in this article. Here the player, as in other games, must take care of the animals and manage the zoo.

However, in this game, the player does it personally by completing a variety of animal care tasks. For example, each user can try shaving an alpaca, feeding a crocodile, or washing an elephant.

The design and graphics of the application immediately attract attention, because here the design is quite minimalistic, but at the same time bright and catchy.

In order to keep the game interesting, the level of difficulty will gradually increase as you progress through the tasks.

What is also very important for the image of the app is that it promotes the protection of animals and the environment, and a more careful attitude towards nature.

Most of all, in this game, users liked the fact that the tasks are interesting. They develop logic (especially for children). Also, each task is unique and almost never repeats itself.

But as in any game, there are some shortcomings here, such as the lack of an online game mode with other users and a limited number of animals.


Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon was one of the first games of its kind that allowed players to create and manage their own zoo.

There is an opportunity to place tigers, giraffes, lions, and many other interesting animals that everyone would like to see with their own eyes.

However, in this game, users do not just put animals in the zoo and decorate the premises. Each player is responsible for each animal because if you do not take care of the animals, don’t feed them, they may die.

However, in this game, the user is not required to take care of all the animals and the zoo alone. To do this, it is possible to hire caretakers for animals and other employees. This will help distribute responsibilities and manage the zoo more effectively.

In addition, players need to satisfy the needs of zoo visitors so that income does not fall.

Zoo Tycoon is a series of games that have been released since 2001. One of the versions of the game that was last updated in 2021 is Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D – Animal Park Game. This game has a fairly simple and concise design in a minimalist style.

At the same time, it is bright and joyful. It has many elements in addition to the main buildings of the zoo and the animals themselves.

Also in this game, there are opportunities to unlock ecosystems suitable for various animals.

According to user reviews, they are very pleased with the game, but the constantly occurring ads are very annoying.


Spin a Zoo

Spin a Zoo is another quite interesting game with a slightly different concept. Here, the train is the key tool for regulating and creating a zoo. The player starts the train and gets random prizes or wins various animals. The player can then put the animals in enclosures and collect more and more species.

The main feature of this game is that the player has the opportunity to collect a variety of animals from different parts of the world.

In total, the game can provide animals from six habitats that differ from each other. For example, a player can take both a zebra from the Savannah and a shark from the ocean.

However, the essence of the game does not end with just collecting different types of animals. One of the main tasks of the player is to prevent the animals from escaping while keeping them happy and healthy.

To do this, each user with the help of the train, receives coins, food, and various objects. In order to get it, users just need to spin the train.

In addition to these factors, there are both ordinary animals and rare ones in the game. The player’s task is to collect as many rare animals as possible.

According to user reviews, they really like the game, except for one problem that users have already encountered in other similar apps. This problem lies in the fact that either it is impossible to enter the game or each time all the results are reset and users need to go through it again.


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Zoo story

Zoo Story is one of the typical games of its kind and is generally similar to the first few games reviewed in this article.

Here the main goal is to create your own zoo, improve it, and increase it in size. To do this, users are invited to pick up a variety of animal species, from those that live in the jungle to ocean inhabitants.

Then users need to create suitable living conditions for these animals and continue caring for them. Also, to attract visitors, users must equip their zoo well.

The game also offers to complete small quests in order to receive rewards for the development of your zoo.

Even the most exotic animals are available to users. For example, ostriches, leopards, crocodiles, koalas, and many others. However, this game has a distinctive feature. Here you can collect not only ordinary and even exotic animals, but also magical species. For example, a user can add a unicorn to their zoo.

Also in this game, users can not only buy, as in other games but also grow food for their animals. To do this, the player must grow crops. Animal health means extra profit for the zoo, so growing food is important in managing the zoo in this game.

One of the main advantages is that this game is absolutely free. Almost no comments or complaints were found in user reviews.


Zoo Idle 3D

In this game, attention is immediately drawn to the bright and minimalistic visuals. The game is designed in 3D style, but at the same time the design is very concise; there is nothing superfluous in it.

During the game, users can choose their own strategy to manage the zoo and earn rewards. Updated animal enclosure designs and other details are regularly added to the game. The improvement of the enclosures, in turn, will help the player to open new animals and get more profit.

According to user feedback, the game is very light and runs without any lags. However, users would like to see more interesting details, such as kiosks with drinks and more. In addition, some players went through the game quickly enough and upgraded the last animals.

Therefore, they would also like to see a greater variety of animals.


Zoo Guardians

Zoo Guardians is another fun zoo management simulation game. In this game, each user can develop their own animal rescue strategy and put it into practice.

During the construction of the zoo, players can choose from eight different habitats and then place the corresponding animals there.

In this game, as in many others, the player must take care of his or her animals, and feed them so that they remain happy.

There is also a small educational aspect to this game, as while caring for animals, players receive Fun Fact cards that tell them what each animal needs for survival. Knowing these unusual facts and properly caring for animals allows users to build the best zoo.

Also in the game, you can complete daily quests and tasks, receiving a reward for them.

According to user feedback, they enjoyed the large variety of animals and areas to play. However, there are also a few things to note about the game’s graphics. Many users feel that the graphic design of the animals and their animation is weak and they do not look alive.

Also, for some, the process of designing a zoo, and in particular the construction of enclosures, seems too long. There are also cases when the game does not work correctly and it is difficult to enter it. 


Wildlife Park

Wildlife park is quite an old game that appeared in 2003 after Zoo Tycoon.

The visual component of this game is somewhat different from the previous games on the list. Here, the design is not so minimalistic, but rather has more details.

This game has two modes. In campaign mode, users can pass missions, carry out tasks, and thus increase the quality and quantity of their skills. And for those who just want to build their own zoo, develop its territory, and get new animals without any restrictions and goals, there is a sandbox mode.

In this game, the zones are divided according to different climate zones and habitats. Therefore, users can explore any kind of nature and animals by creating their own zoo.

As in some previously listed games, one of the main tasks of the player is to maintain a high standard of living for animals in the zoo. Many factors play a role here, such as food and the placement of animals in their respective climatic zones.

Also in this game, there is a visitor mode, with which the user can be in the place of a zoo visitor, walk around the territory, and evaluate the results of development.

According to the reviews of users, many people do not like the fact that the game has a limited number of animals. Also, some players did not appreciate the visuals of the game at all; namely the pixel design.


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My Free Zoo Mobile

My Free Zoo is one of the fairly new games of this type in which each user can develop and manage their own zoo.

One of the most significant advantages of this game is that it is absolutely free and everyone can play it without any material limitations.

The design of the app and the zoo itself is somewhat similar to the design of the previous game. There is also no minimalistic style here, but a rather detailed and pixelated visual component. Many users appreciate that the game is bright and joyful enough.

The main goal of the player in the game is to restore the zoo with the help of competent management.

During the game, the user achieves his or her goals and can unlock various animals to add to the zoo. Players can participate in various promotions, attracting visitors to their zoo and earning rewards to develop the area.

Also in the game, there is not only a free mode but also various quests. Of course, there are paid aspects to the game, such as buying special animals.

Most users like the game, but there are also some negative reviews with the same content as in the reviews of previously mentioned games. Problems for most players are caused by a long downloading and opening of the game.

Also, some users were upset by the too-long process of earning money in the game, which complicates the development of the zoo.

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