11 Best Height Meter Apps for Android & iOS

We’ve seen applications that produce accurate data for you without the use of special tools. The most common applications are rulers, corner size meters, voice level meters, and more.

Using smartphone sensors, you can turn your device into a universal measuring tool. It will always be at your fingertips and will not require any additional tools. Smartphones are really becoming more and more versatile, and as you master your photography, you’ll discover even more features.

In construction, the measuring tape is always at your fingertips – it’s one of the key tools you need to work with. But if you’re just an amateur or just suddenly want to know the height of a tree near your home or your height, applications with special functionality will help you.

There are many applications that are ready to make all the necessary measurements for you. We’ve put together in one article the 9 best height measurement apps to help you if you need them (or just for fun).

Ruler by NixGame

When you have to measure a fairly small object that is right in front of you, the Ruler app is one of the best tools. It is used for tools such as calipers, length calculation, thread pitch determination, and of course the ruler itself.

It is a simple tool that you may need at any time and will always be at your fingertips with your smartphone.

With the Ruler app, you can measure objects in different measurement units – all of which are customizable by you. You can also use the built-in converter to calculate already known values.

The advantage of the electronic ruler is that you can obtain precise measurements without using any third-party tools. You only need a few moments to calibrate the dimensions, and then you can get started.

Measurements are made in 4 modes – point, level, plane, and line. It is also worth noting that the Ruler is adapted to many languages for easy perception.

Finally, this app is a great tool for measurements of all kinds. You can surely download it on your device.


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How often do you wonder: what is my height? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to measure it at home by yourself. It’s hard to find such a long ruler or measuring tape, and it’s hard to measure everything accurately.

You only get the exact values in the doctor’s office, but you can’t visit him all the time for such a simple question. With the GHeight app, you can measure your own height in just a few clicks.

The advantage of the app is that it has cool giraffe. You have to admit, giraffes are what you need right now. With ARKit technology, you get precise values. Since the application is designed for entertainment, you can also compare your height with celebrities – for example, find out which of the stars has the same height.

The results are immediately shared on social networks and can be used to entertain friends. Compare your results with your friends and keep track of your growth with the easy-to-use GHeight interface.


Smart Measure

Smart Measure is a lightweight application that allows users to measure the distance in a few seconds.

First of all, we have to mention that the measurement process is pretty simple and takes up just a few clicks. So, you will need to aim the camera at the bottom (on the ground) of the object and tap on the button.

But keep in mind that you should point your camera on the ground – NOT the object.

The app will instantly show you the distance. Next, tap on the height button and aim at the top of it. In the last stage, click on the button to receive the height data. As for the additional features, the app also supports a screen capture option and manual calibration.

In case you have faced any difficulties, we advise you to visit the official website where you will find lots of useful guides.

Smart Measure

MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape

Augmented reality technology has always amazed the imagination of people. With its use, you can create or see things that actually do not exist.

MeasureKit works with AR measurement tools, so you can get data quickly. This requires the use of a camera on your device – a smartphone or tablet. Next, you will be able to get all possible sizes of the object you are interested in.

There are a total of 9 different measuring tools in MeasureKit. These include magnetometer meters, ruler, camera to fixed point distance measurement, and much more.

In addition to measuring tools, you can also try out the Face Mesh feature that exports a 3D model of your face to your device. MeasureKit also quickly measures the height of a person in the camera’s field of view.

The application algorithm is more advanced and allows precise and smooth measurements. On some advanced devices, you can use the LiDAR Scanner to measure indoor and outdoor distance.

MeasureKit - AR Ruler Tape1
MeasureKit - AR Ruler Tape2

AR Plan 3D

“ARPlan” is a mobile application that offers augmented reality (AR) features to measure distances and heights in real-world environments. The app utilizes the device’s camera and AR technology to provide accurate measurements, making it a handy tool for various tasks such as home improvement projects, interior design, and outdoor activities.

To measure heights with ARPlan, users simply need to launch the app and point their device’s camera at the object or surface they wish to measure. The app will then overlay virtual markers on the screen, allowing users to drag and adjust them to match the height they want to measure. The app calculates the distance between the markers, providing an accurate measurement of the height.

In terms of convenience and ease of use, ARPlan offers a straightforward interface that makes it relatively easy for users to comprehend and navigate. The app’s design appears modern and intuitive, enhancing the user experience and making it convenient for making measurements on the go.

Overall, ARPlan is a convenient and user-friendly app for measuring heights using AR technology, with a modern interface design that enhances usability.

AR Plan 3D1
AR Plan 3D2

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Height Meter – AR Measure App

It’s always interesting to measure your own height. People follow their own parameters everywhere – height, weight, and size of clothes. This is just interesting!

However, it’s easy enough to find out the weight – just get up on the scale, it gets a little more complicated with height.

You will have to look for a long enough measuring tool, because a classic ruler will not be enough, as well as asking for help of someone else. But it gets easier with the Height Meter app, which will help you find out all the data you want.

Height Meter is a standard application that takes advantage of ARKit’s smart features. All you have to do is touch the screen and the application will show you a ruler or other height meter.

To adjust it, you will need to swipe up or down the screen – depending on the person’s position. There will always be a hint on the screen – in the form of a funny cartoon boy who holds the text for you.

Height Meter - AR Measure App1
Height Meter - AR Measure App2

Ruler App by Nikola Kosev

Ruler App is another classic application that provides you with a virtual ruler. Here you receive the functionality exactly what is declared and nothing extra.

This minimalism is also evident in the interface of the application – all you see on the screen is just a ruler and nothing more. You can use it to measure everything you need – any of the objects around you.

Ruler App supports multi-touch technology that lets you touch the screen in several places at once. All measurements are accurate and have a tiny amount of inaccuracy.

Everything you measure is stored in a special history, where you can view the data. To fix a measurement, simply click on the screen in Ruler App. Easy to use and easy to measure, nothing complicated. Some people just need a minimum of functionality.

Ruler App: Measure centimeters1

Quick Measure

In Quick Measure, users can easily measure the distance between the camera and a certain object.

When you first launch the app, make sure that several permissions are enabled. Thereafter, you can start the measurement process.

There is nothing complicated there, the first thing you need to do – just move the camera around a little bit.

Apart from the Distance measurement, the app allows users to carry out the following tasks:

  • Measure the length, width, and area of a square-shaped plane;
  • Measure the longest axis of each length, width, and height of 3D object;
  • Measure the entire height of the human body;
  • Measure the length between two points.

In addition to the aforesaid, Quick Measure comes with a very user-friendly interface. All the functions are located next to each other and you will not find anything excessive.

Quick Measure
Quick Measure


Measurements can be made for different purposes. You may have needed to find out the height of the walls for the house plan, or maybe you just wanted to know your height.

With CamToPlan you can measure anything with a virtual ruler and tape measure – both horizontally and vertically. Most work is done with square or flat surfaces in your home. By the way, this method works much more efficiently than laser meters.

CamToPlan makes a drawing of what exactly you measure. This way you can create a plan for your room, taking into account all sizes and scales. Such functionality will perfectly suit real estate specialists, builders, as well as those people who plan repairs in the near future.

ARCore is the basis of CamToPlan calculation algorithms. It allows you to use sensors on your smartphone as a measurement tool. By the way, for accurate measurements, you won’t even have to remove furniture from your room.

Tape measure Measurement ruler
Tape measure Measurement ruler

Ruler by Xalpha Lab

Ruler is the handy measurement app that brings precision to your fingertips. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an architect, or simply need to measure something quickly, this app is your digital measuring companion.

Ruler app empowers you to measure objects with ease using just your smartphone. From small household items to larger objects, this app can handle it all. By leveraging your device’s camera, Ruler employs augmented reality (AR) technology to measure distances and dimensions. 

It eliminates the need to carry physical measuring tools, making it a convenient solution on-the-go. Moreover, its AR capabilities enhance accuracy, ensuring you get precise measurements every time. Ruler boasts versatility in the units of measurement, allowing you to switch between imperial and metric systems, catering to your specific needs and preferences. 

In conclusion, Ruler is a must-have app for anyone seeking convenience and accuracy in measurements. Embrace the future of measurement with Ruler, and never let imprecise measurements slow you down again.



“ImageMeter – photo measure” is a versatile mobile application available on the Google Play Store that enables users to measure dimensions, distances, and angles directly from photos. This app offers a convenient solution for various measurement tasks, such as home renovation projects, real estate inspections, and construction site surveys.

To measure heights with ImageMeter, users need to capture a photo of the object or space they want to measure. Then, within the app, users can utilize tools like distance measurement, angle measurement, and object annotation to accurately determine the height or dimensions of the desired area.

Additionally, ImageMeter allows users to calibrate measurements based on known reference points in the photo, ensuring precise results.

In terms of usability, ImageMeter offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to comprehend and navigate. The app’s design prioritizes functionality and clarity, making it convenient for users to perform measurements effectively. The interface design appears modern and intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience.

Overall, ImageMeter is a convenient and reliable app for measuring heights and dimensions from photos, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and comprehend.


AR Ruler App: Tape Measure Cam

“ARuler – AR Ruler app, Measure tools, Bubble level” is a mobile application available on the Google Play Store that offers augmented reality (AR) features for measuring distances and dimensions. This app provides users with a convenient and accurate way to measure objects, spaces, and heights using their device’s camera and AR technology.

To measure heights with ARuler, users simply need to launch the app and point their device’s camera at the object or space they want to measure. The app overlays virtual measurement markers on the screen, allowing users to adjust and position them accordingly. By aligning the markers with the desired height or dimension, users can obtain accurate measurements in real-time.

In terms of convenience and usability, ARuler offers a straightforward interface that is easy to comprehend and navigate. The app’s design prioritizes functionality and clarity, making it convenient for users to perform measurements effectively. The interface design appears modern and intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience.

Overall, ARuler is a convenient and user-friendly app for measuring heights and dimensions using AR technology, with a modern interface design that enhances usability.

AR Ruler App1
AR Ruler App2

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Height Measure App

With the Height Measure App, you can determine the height of any object simply by pointing your smartphone’s camera at the subject of interest.

Using advanced image recognition and augmented reality technology, the app calculates the height swiftly and accurately, leaving no room for approximation.

Whether you need to measure the height of a building, tree, or even a friend, the Height Measure App saves you time and eliminates the need for traditional measuring tools.

It’s a practical and convenient solution, perfect for professionals in various fields, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone seeking accurate height measurements on the go.

The straightforward process involves a simple capture, and the app instantly displays the height measurement on the screen, minimizing any learning curve. Users can maintain a safe distance while capturing heights, especially when dealing with tall structures or inaccessible areas.

In conclusion, the Height Measure App combines technology and practicality to provide an efficient height-measuring solution, so you can rely on this app for your measurements.


It’s worth noting that no matter how precise the application is, there’s still the possibility of error. Even when measuring height or dimensions with different measuring tapes, you can still make a mistake or get different results.

However, if you automate this process, you can easily measure any object of interest to you. Finding out the height of your home, the trees around you or comparing your height with your friends will be easier and faster.

Yet for more accurate work, such as construction or design, we recommend that you use precise measuring tools to avoid errors and to ensure high design accuracy.

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