11 Best mouth talking apps for Android & iOS

A moving picture is a very unusual and interesting way to diversify your ribbon on social networks. It will also be a great option when you have already exhausted all the ideas for photos and videos.

GIFs are becoming more and more popular among users. Static photos and memes are losing their popularity and losing to more dynamic content.

You have probably already seen such pictures among your friends’ accounts, strangers’ accounts or just somewhere on social networks. You can see objects and body parts moving on photos.

The funniest version is when the person’s mouth moves in the photo and the rest of the face is static. You can also frame the mouth of another person or creature!

We’ve found 11 best apps for you that will make your mouth a completely independent organ because only the mouth will move!

Face Changer Video by Scoompa

face changer video1Face Changer Video is a great way to get your picture to talk. Ever thought you could animate a static face, put moving objects on top of an image or make yourself talk? In that case, Face Changer Video will do all the work for you.

People in your photos can acquire the ability to talk and move, even if they were just smiling and doing nothing when the picture was taken. Face Changer Video gives you a whole catalog of animated objects – body parts and objects – that you can use when editing.

You can change the photo itself a little bit – for example, to make a person fat or vice versa, incredibly thin. All of the animations can even create a single story – like someone being hammered by a hammer and then started to talk!

face changer video face changer video2


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Photo that talks

photo that talksIf you don’t care about morality at all, or if you like to joke around a little, we’ve found a funny app for you. Photo that talks is a service that allows you to make fun of other people – or rather, their photos.

Are you tired of your boss or is your colleague bothering you with his stupid stories? Well, it’s time to get even, and you can do it in Photo that talks.

You’ll need a picture of this man. Here you can spank them, make them say stupid things and shoot the whole process on video. Of course, it’s unethical, but it can be fun and even enjoyable.

You can edit the photo itself or make it a caricature – changing facial features or adding new details and accessories. By the way, you can also change the voice – for example, make it squeaky or nasty.

Whenever you virtually hit a dummy in the photo it will get new bruises and abrasions, as well as talk about his regret. If you have a strong hatred for someone, you can throw it out in Photo that talks.

photo that talks1 photo that talks2


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Lipsmash – Make Photos Talk

lipsmashThis app perfectly duplicates your voice and overlays it on the picture you want to take. Making a new video is very easy and fast, the whole process takes only a few seconds. It only takes a few simple steps to get a fun result.

First, you will need to choose a picture with your lips flat. Lipsmash will automatically detect their contour, but you only need to align it. Then you will need to record your audio for this photo.

Turn on your imagination and come up with something really original! Let the person in the photo look funny and entertaining, and your friends will be laughing at it.

Lipsmash will put audio on this photo and create a full-length video for you. You can even congratulate your friends – let their favorite celebrity wish them a happy birthday.

lipsmash1 lipsmash2


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Funny Movie Maker – FMM

funny movie makerA lot of movie actors and characters have their own catchphrases. However, they can be presented so that even the most serious statement will look ridiculous or even absurd.

In the Funny Movie Maker application, you can choose any person – celebrities, great personalities, your friends or even your own – and make them a real meme. Come up with the phrase that will make you laugh the most and start editing.

Even your pets or toys can speak. You can even use pictures from the Internet, and don’t bother editing them – Funny Movie Maker even has special funny face templates.

In order to make your result even funnier and hilarious, you can change the pitch of your voice or even its pronunciation. By saving faces in the app’s gallery, you can use them in your other movies later.

Record your movies and share them everywhere, so not only you but also your subscribers can laugh.

funny movie maker1 funny movie maker2


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Talking Pets – Make your Cats and Dogs Speak

talking petsSome people have long wanted their pets to be able to talk. Some even try to voice their thoughts or assume what they really think.

You can make this kind of video in real life by making it yourself. It won’t take you much time or effort – all the actions in Talking Pets are incredibly simple and clear.

You’ll need to choose a picture of your pet or take it right in the app. Talking Pets will ask you to select the main points of your pet’s face – mouth, eyes, and chin. This is done to determine your pet’s exact facial expressions and muscles.

All you have to do is record what your pet has to say. It could be their thoughts (in your opinion) or some kind of funny joke.

The rest of the settings will be done by Talking Pets for you. Add some filters and color correction and you can share the video with your friends!

talking pets1 talking pets2


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iFunFace – Talking Photos, eCards and Funny Videos

ifunfaceTechnology has gone too far and you can transform any content into something unique. To create a video from a regular photo, you only need to use one application.

iFunFace is perfect for you. With this app, you won’t need to learn any special skills or learn how to process your photos. Everyone will do it for you!

To generate the right mouth movement, you’ll need to create an audio recording. iFunFace automatically creates animation using a special technology. You, your friends and many others will be able to participate in fun new movies.

You can even choose from funny voice filters that make all your phrases even more unique. Add new accessories like hats and mustaches to match your friends’ style. Share with friends as soon as you finish your project – sure they’ll appreciate it.

ifunface1 ifunface2


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Prankster Mouth Off

prankster mouth offHave you ever been alone with your children? They become really restless and noisy creatures who want to play and have fun. We know how you can entertain them or at least just get their attention – with Prankster Mouth Off!

It is very easy to use, but despite its simplicity, it effectively attracts the attention of many people in a large room.

You will need to bring your phone directly to your mouth – so that the screen is turned to the viewer and covers your lips. This way, you will be able to say something, sing, laugh and Prankster Mouth Off will generate lip movements in a new format.

Maybe you’ll get the mouth of some scary monster! In total there are 16 kinds of mouths in Prankster Mouth Off collection from which you can choose.

Make fun of the kids and take advantage of the moment to make such a prankster Mouth Off happen unexpectedly. Now your mouth will be a monster!

prankster mouth off1 prankster mouth off2


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Watch Ya Mouth Mouthguard game™

watch ya mouth mouthguardWatch Ya Mouth is a great game that can lead to entertainment for the whole company. In this game, you can play not only with your friends but also with your family and people who share your beliefs. Play as a company to have a little competition among themselves.

In the beginning, you will be asked to choose a specific package. These can be biblical expressions, family competitions and more. Also, in Watch Ya Mouth you will be able to learn the most basic rules of the game – you will be explained to them in more detail if necessary.

The game is very fast, and the countdown timer will help you control the time. You also do not need to monitor the score of the competition – the game will count it all by itself. By the way, it is worth noting that the number of players is not limited – you can divide the company into 2-4 teams with an unlimited number of people.

watch ya mouth mouthguard1 watch ya mouth mouthguard2


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Talking Face Bot

talking face botYou don’t have to move the person’s mouth itself in the picture. You can simply add a mouth or other body parts to the pictures!

This way, in the Talking Face Bot application you can not only make people talk but even bring completely inanimate objects to life. For example, you can easily have a banana talking or an orange staring at you.

As we said, Talking Face Bot has animated stickers. Mostly it’s the eyes and mouth that you put on the picture yourself. Eyes are easy to control – they will keep a keen eye on the movement of your fingers on the screen, and all you have to do is make the necessary manipulations.

Your own videos can be sent to social media or emailed to make it easier for you. Don’t just bring your friends’ photos to life, but also the things that are around you – like a talking laptop?

talking face bot1 talking face bot2


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Talking Photos – Picture

talking photosYour pictures can come to life! Not only can Talking Photos bring your own photos and pictures to life, but also pictures of pets, family and friends.

You can have fun with your friends or congratulate them in a very original way. What to create in the app is up to you. For example, you can see how a picture of Mona Lisa talks or some popular people and actors.

Your pictures will be able to talk after a long time of silence. Unfreeze them and the characters will be able to talk. You can make the character sing, laugh, tell poems, or just talk.

In Talking Photos, you can create animations from any picture, as well as add stickers and some memes. Send the results to your friends or show them at parties, so you can have fun.

talking photos1 talking photos2


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Talking Mouth Photo Editor-Funny sticker for photos

talking mouth photo editorHere you can also edit already prepared photos. Now you don’t have to highlight the line of your mouth, make any marks on top of your photos, and so on.
Here you can create beautiful personal photos without hurting anyone! Effects and filters only help to improve the impression of your photo.

In Talking Mouth Photo Editor you get a whole collection of stickers, which are responsible for your “conversations” in photos. In general, you decorate your own photo in various ways.

In order to “talk”, you will need to choose a certain photo and a suitable sticker-mouth. In total, there are about 30 of them to choose from, and you can change them yourself.

You can change parameters such as scale, tilt angle, rotation and others using only your fingers. Talking Mouth Photo Editor will make the whole process of editing a photo and bringing it to life very fast and easy.

talking mouth photo editor1 talking mouth photo editor2


Of course, it’s quite difficult to understand this topic. For each type of modification, there are separate applications, functions and much more. We were able to present for you only 11 versions of such applications that will move your mouth or “attach” to the face of new lips.

All you have to do is figure out what you want to do with your photos and videos. Some of these apps can be used as games and entertainment in the company, and that’s what we recommend you do.

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