11 Free Sales Tax Calculator Apps & Websites 2024

Nowadays, one in two people has a personal business, which means that there are also people who have to calculate sales tax.

That is well aware that in the age of digitalization, it is essential to work with the mind and not work too hard. In this case, we want to present to you the free sales tac calculator apps & websites that will make your life significantly easier.

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EasyTax – Sales Tax Calculator

The list is topped by the EasyTax – Sales Tax Calculator app, which is favored by users. Now, let’s do an overview and elaborate on the tips and flaws of this app, and whether it’s worth downloading at all.

This app can be used not only for working people but also for ordinary customers to calculate the number of your goods without reaching the cash register.

You may also use this app to calculate item discounts, which makes it a one-stop tax calculator and discount calculator. EasyTax keeps calculating sales tax and rebates incredibly handy for consumers and owners of small businesses alike.

Shop or run your business without worrying about being scammed, since you can verify the honesty of your transactions and acquisitions right at the cash register.

The application’s menu may seem intimidating to newcomers and to those who don’t know how to use these types of applications. Everything is simple, and we would even say very simple since the application automatically counts all the amounts itself.

On the main screen, you will see 4 squares of blank fields, and at the bottom of each one, the tax types are written. At the bottom, you can write the amount using a set of numbers.


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Sales Tax Calculator – Tax Me

Another no less widely used application for calculating sales tax. Looking at the icon of the app will probably scare you, but it’s not that bad. The app is easy to use on your smartphone or tablet.

All you have to do to calculate the amount of tax or its percentage is one click. Then the app will calculate the total amount by itself.

The interface is quite simple and not complicated to figure out what’s what. So you won’t get lost in the application and get confused about how to use it. On the main screen, you can enter the amount and percentage of tax, and on the lower screen, you will see the total amount of tax.

Also, another advantage of the app is that you can save tax bills that you’ve already solved in the app and view them from the list. However, one of the drawbacks of the app is that the much-improved features remain in the pro versions, which means you will have to buy the paid version.

Enhanced functions such as reverse calculation of tax amounts and percentages, which can’t be done in the regular version of the app. We think it would be a lot easier if all of these features were in one place with free access. Otherwise, the app is popular with users and has over three thousand positive reviews.


Sales Tax Calculator – TaxJar

Third on our list is an online sales tax calculation website, TaxJar.  No doubt the site is one of the best options you will have. On this site, you can not only make an online calculation but also find a lot of useful information and answers to your questions.

The site describes in detail the types of taxes, how to properly do calculations of the percentages of these taxes, and so on. In a nutshell, if you do not yet have a clue about sales taxes the site is what you need.

Once you know all the intricacies of sales taxes, you will surely try to calculate their amount. This process, too, can be made faster and easier with a few clicks on the keyboard. You will find the sales tax calculator in the resource box.

To make a quick calculation, the site will give you something like a questionnaire, where you write the name of your street and, if necessary, zip code and select your country.

So if you’re a small business owner or something like that, you can register on the site and keep up with changes in sales tax and other tax-related issues.

On the top menu, you’ll notice several boxes, each of which is signed. For example, in the box labeled Solutions, you can find taxes on retail, medical, small business, and so on.



Since we are discussing websites, we would also like to add to this list a site – calculator.net. You are probably already aware of this site or you have heard about it at least once.

And if you did not aware of it, this is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with it. Let’s do a short review of this site together and talk about why this site is a great alternative.

The site is quite simple and easy to use, and all because the most relevant information and functions of the site are visible on the main menu. Like the previous site we mentioned above, it contains all the useful information about taxes in the United States and about taxes in general.

There is also complete information about the different types of taxes and detailed information about the history of such a concept as a tax. And the biggest advantage of this site is that there is a table with tax percentages for the various states. The calculator itself is also quite straightforward.

On the main screen of the site is a window with a calculator, where you should write Before Tax Price, Sales Tax Rate, and After Tax Price and only need to get the result of the computation. This site is the best online financial calculator, ie it can calculate the amount not only the sales tax and other types of financial assets.



All right, now here’s a more advanced site with advanced features and functions. This is the site most often advised by network users for calculating sales tax because of its fast and correct computation.

During the first use of this site you may have all kinds of questions and times when you feel lost, believe me, everyone has been through this. But despite this, the Avalara calculator remains at the top of the most used and popular among users.

The reason why new users get lost on the site is that there are so many different boxes. At this point, you will need to familiarize yourself with the data on the site and find out what data is useful for you and how you may need it for your future work on the site. You can find a sales tax calculator in the tools box.

On the bottom screen, you can find helpful tips and resource picks from the tax site. If you want to learn more about sales tax rates, you can leave your email address on the site to receive emails. Or, you can register on the site, which has its perks, too.

If you have any questions, you can contact the virtual assistant. Otherwise, at the very bottom of the window that opens, there are answers to frequently asked questions, you can search for answers to your questions there.


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Sales Tax Calculator

The next app on our list is Sales Tax Calculator. This application is an affordable and lightweight calculator for calculating sales tax. The application is in no way inferior to similar programs for calculating tax but has its advantages and disadvantages. And now let’s analyze what’s what.

Let’s start, as usual, with the UI, and let’s look at the options and functionalities of the app. The interface of the application is quite usual without any cramps or unnecessary buttons.

On the main panel, we have a calculator, there is only a field to enter the amount and a field to enter the percentage of the tax. You enter the amount there and get an instant computation. Also, for later use of these amounts from the sales tax calculation, you can save them in the app.

That’s all we can tell you in the review, as we mentioned above, no superfluous shortcuts, screens, and the other stuff. The most conventional application, where you can easily navigate.

The cons of the app are that it hasn’t been updated for a long time so there may be some bugs. It’s a pretty good app that is very well received by its users.



We, like other people, realize how tedious it is to work with numbers and various calculations, so we tried to collect the easiest sites for your convenience.

Among analogous ones we have not missed this site, where it is not complicated to work with and it is easy to get what’s what at once. This website is just as easy and understandable for users and has several positive aspects. So what are we waiting for?

What we liked about this site is that it’s so easy that even dummies can understand it. The reason is that everything is described here in detail and there is information about how this whole online sales tax calculator works.

And in the calculator itself, there is an example of how sales tax percentages are calculated at the bottom of the record. Next to it, there’s also information on how to use the calculator correctly, so you don’t mess with your head.

If you need a sales tax calculator for a particular state, there are helpful links on the bottom screen, you can click on them and do the calculation in a new tab that opens. There are no disadvantages to this site, so we can say with confidence that the site is top-notch.


Omni Calculator

While sorting through the sales tax websites, we also came across the Omni Calculator website. Going to the site, the first thing we noticed was that the main screen of the site is unassembled.

All of the useful links and other information is scattered and for the one who will try to use this site for the first time, it will be difficult to navigate. Work with the site and the presence of various promotional posts, so you can lose track of where you left off.

The online calculator itself is located on the left side of the screen, so using a laptop you may be a little confused at first. Despite the unorganized nature of the site, it’s also full of all sorts of useful things for your calculation.

There’s also information on what sales tax is and tricks on how to use it, well, what without it? The online calculator is just like the others, you type in the amount and percentage of the tax, and it gives you an automatic calculation. Handy and fast.

This site is recommended for users who already have an understanding of online calculators to calculate sales tax. Even though we started by criticizing the site, it doesn’t change the fact that we could have added it to the list. The review is short, so you can follow the link and test it yourself.


Calculate Staff

The next site on our list is Calculate staff. This is one of the simplest sites on this list because there are not even separate pages with definitions of what the tax is and what types it has. For advanced users who already understand how to do sales tax calculations, this site is the best.

The site with the usual interface, where everything is conveniently arranged: on each of its windows on top there are different calculators for different situations.

You can find a sales tax calculator in the Business menu. There you will be given a list of various calculators and you can choose the right one for you.

After that, everything is, as usual, the site will automatically calculate the amount of sales tax. This site is very convenient for owners of small and midsize businesses, as it is easy to understand the structure of the site.

And about the flaws of the site is not visible, even if there are, it is fixable bugs, so the site should be to your liking. Looking at all of this, the website could well be called one of the best.

For a complete look at the site, we suggest you go to the website. Therefore, if in the future will need any kind of online financial calculator you can safely use this website.



The first thing that catches your eye on this site is its online calculator. Before you start working with the site, or before you start calculating sales tax, you will need to enter data such as your location, base price, and zip code.

Then you will go to a new window where you will need to enter the amount as well as the percentage of tax to calculate.

The first column will show the amount before tax, the second will show the percentage of tax, the third will show the amount of tax, and the last column will show the total amount.

The site can be used not only by residents of certain states but also by other states. This means that you can use the site from anywhere in the world when you need it.

In brief, this site is one of the most useful and convenient, special attention deserves its adaptability to any device. Also, you have the opportunity to register on this site and use its services not only for your business but also for other industries.

In the upper right corner of the site is a button to sign up for a free period of using the site. This allows you to use the site and explore the site from start to finish.


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Sales Tax – Calculator

The app is the same calculator that we all have on our cell phones. But this calculator is, let’s say, much smarter and more capable than the usual ones. Its layout resembles that of an ordinary calculator, but it also has several options.

The application is easy to use if you already know the necessary amounts to calculate sales tax. And now let’s proceed to the review of this app, and find out why it is so often recommended.

With the app, you can calculate the amount and percentage of tax in one click, and you can also do discount calculations and so on.

You see how cool this app is, you won’t have to question whether you’ve calculated correctly and all that, the app will do that for you. Since the application is completely free, you will not need to think about an internet connection, that is, you can work offline.

The application is created in a very light form, so working in it will be easy. The review on the app is short, as it does not have any other special features. By looking at the review people should already get an idea of how uncomplicated this app is.

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