11 Free Cartoon Filter Apps for Android & iOS

Cartoon filters are on top of hype these days, and with good reason. It’s a simple way to add a whimsical touch to your pics, and it seems to go viral on socials.

Luckily, we’ve picked up the best free cartoon filter apps for Android & iOS you could try. These apps let you cartoon yourself in lots of different ways, and try a bunch of fun styles as well. Whatever you wanna try, from 3D toons to anime, these apps got you covered. You won’t even need to do much, just select a pick and wait for the magic to happen. Let’s dive in!


This app is a one-stop solution if you’re looking to achieve a trendy cartoon look. It’s AI-powered and offers tons of fun filters you could try. Of course, the cartoon one is on top of trends now, and the app has perfected its classic version for now. All you need is one tap to get a Pixar-looking pic of yourself.

That’s right, the app turns you into a cute little 3D cartoon in a blink of an eye. Just make sure to pick a nice pic, and you’re ready to go. The cool thing is, the app is able to identify multiple people in the pic, so you can turn your fave group photo into cartoons as well. And that’s not all, the filter also works with animals! Cats, dogs, even hamsters – it’s literally the cutest thing ever!

In fact, there are several other filters you could try here. There are various options for artistic filters. You can try the styles of the 15th, 18th, and 20th centuries if needed. The only downfall is the app is only free for a limited amount of time, and you’ll have to get a sub-pack after that. Considering there are not too many features, it’s quite pricey too.


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This app lets you make trendy cartoon avatars within secs. In case you’re very picky when it comes to filters, and don’t like most of the cartoon styles apps tend to offer, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. The thing is, the app offers numerous types of cartoon filters, so you can pick the one you like most. All the types offer different levels of cartoonification, too.

For instance, there’s a filter that turns you into a classic 3D character, one is a classic 2D, and there’s even one with a pinup vibe. Of course, the good-old big-headed cartoon is there too, no worries. The app is fully automated: all you need is to select a stunning image of yourself and wait for a few secs for the filter to apply.

The app is able to identify multiple people, but it won’t always look the best way, especially with the cartoon filter (you could still try, though, it depends on the pic). And if you want to take a step further, there are tons of templates with cool backgrounds to use here as well.



It’s an app with a bunch of cartoon-style filters you could try. Whatever the vibe is, this app will get it right. There are literally dozens of options to try here: from classic ones to fantasy anime, and all that. The app operates with AI, so you’ll get good-looking results pretty fast.

Plus, it’s a great tool to use if you need a new avatar for socials. Just load your fave portrait and wait for the magic to happen. When it comes to avatars, the app usually generates several results at once, so you could pick the one you like most. It may not work the best when it comes to more than two people in pic, unfortunately.

As for the other tool, the app features cool video filters you’ve probably seen on TikTok (the ones that make you feel like the main character). It’s some kind of face swapping: your face gets attached to cool fantasy characters, and you can get a real video for your socials within secs. You can also test to see what animal you resemble the most or see how you’ll look 20 years from now.



If you’re looking for an app to create trendy content with, this is definitely the one. It brings together all the viral filters, editing techniques, presets, and all that. Its cartoon filter tool is AI-based, and what makes it incredibly cool is the variety of styles. And these are not just random styles: they recreate the cartoon style of your fave movies and shows.

For instance, there’s a filter that draws you as one of the Arcane characters, one for cute anime style, and more. The new options get added regularly, so you won’t run out of material. The filters look great, and you can use them for all kinds of pics. The app is also able to generate multiple AI avatars based on your photos (this tool is not free, though).

More to that, there are tons of stylish video templates for any aesthetic you can think of such as teal and peachy colors, retro, vibes kid core, sparkles, and more. It’s so easy to make eye-catching content with this app, all you need is to select the vids and pics from the gallery. There are also tons of additional effects and stickers for you to play with, the possibilities are practically endless.


Cartoon Face

As its name suggests, this app lets you turn yourself into a toon character without any effort. It will work nicely if you require a new avatar or some content for socials in general. The app offers a variety of cartoon effects you could try, all have unique styles and vibes to them. The mechanic is always the same: you load a pic, select a filter and wait till it’s done.

So if you’re a fan of Disney, you should try a 3D cartoon as it makes you look like one of the Tangled characters. If you want to look like a real prince (or prince), there’s a special filter for that as well. This one will just add a few sparkles and a magical castle to the background.

Beyond that, there’s a tool that makes you look like a character straight from a fairy tale, one that looks like a sketch, and more. You may also try one of the old painting styles if needed. The avatar generator tool is paid to use, and it can make up to 70 pics for you within minutes.


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That’s an editing app that lets you toon yourself and get stunning pics for socials. The app uses AI techs to transform your pics into anime, 3D, or 2D toon style as quickly as possible. You won’t have to do much: just select an image for the AI to work with and wait for the results.

The coolest thing is, all these different options actually look like cartoons. The drawing style may be different, but the results are always great looking. For instance, there’s a style that makes you look like a cartoon baby, one for a fantasy princess, one for a fairy, and all that. There are hundreds of styles in general, and you can add some to your faves for further usage.

Plus, the app can easily make you stunning toon avatars if needed. Once the filter is applied, you can play with additional decorations of all kinds. You may also edit the background to match the vibe more. The app lets you replace it with one tap, so feel free to get extra creative.


Toon Lab

It’s another app that lets you toon yourself in different styles. Well, it should be said right away: if you’re looking for the 3D Disney filter (and you probably are), you’re not gonna find it there. There’s a 3D style included, but it won’t look as you expect it to.

Does it mean this app is not worth trying? No! It offers multiple filter styles to have fun. There’s one for comic style and anime, a sketch one, a fairy tale one, and more. Plus, you won’t have to do many things manually here: just load a pic and see how it turns out. The filters are also free, so why not give the app a try?

Along with that, the app has a powerful bg eraser. It is AI-based, so removing the bg takes literal secs. The app seems to do a great job even with complex images, which is great. It also features over 100 templates to replace the original bg with. You can also try multiple effects to spice up the image after.



This app lets you turn yourself into art. Just like the previous one, it covers multiple toons styles you could try. But you know how it can go: you look at the name of the filter and don’t quite know what to expect from it. Well, it definitely won’t happen with this app in particular.

The thing is, the filters recreate drawing styles of popular cartoons. For instance, there’s a classic 3D toon (a safe choice when you don’t have any preferences), Disney style, Pixar style, and more. The filters get applied in secs, and you get a high-quality pic for your socials with no watermarks.

In fact, there’s a built-in quality enhancer to fix blurry pics if needed. But you want to know the best thing? This filter works on pets! Feel free to pick your fave selfie with your furry friend and watch it being transformed into a cartoon. In case you want to make complex cartoon artwork, there are tons of templates you could try.



Although this app is not that unique by concept, it offers some features that will make you want to try it. But first things first: it’s an AI-based program that transforms your photos with the help of artistic filters. There are multiple types of filters to choose from, so whatever your toons preferences are, there’s smth you will want to try.

Of course, the app is not limited to just cartoon filters. It also recreated old painting styles, letting you see how you will age, how you would look if you had a different gender, and all that. You may also use the app to make full-on artwork with AI. You’ll need to describe what should be drawn and maybe add reference pics.

The unique thing about this app is that there’s a built-in cam, so you could try the effects live. That’s right, you can record a vid with a toon filter on and save it without watermarks. The app also comes with a face breeder that lets you generate an original character.


Pandora Al

If you think all these apps lack an anime filter, this app is your cup of tea. As you may guess by the name, it’s an AI app you can use to cartoon your pics with a few simple steps. It covers various kinds of filter styles for any vibe and occasion you could think of.

Wanna look like a fantasy anime prince? Yeah, done. In the mood to look like a cartoon villain? The app can easily make it happen as well. There are literally dozens of filters that imitate all your fave toon series, including 3D ones. The only reason the anime style was mentioned first is that the app does it very well.

Beyond that, you can use the app to generate avatars, including the ones that make you look like an animal. The app can also swap genders or let you see how you’ll age if needed. The new filters come out regularly, so you’ll always have something new to play with. Make sure to mark your fave ones if you don’t want to lose them.


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And lastly, we have a one-stop editing app. Apart from the previous ones, this app is not fully focused on cartoon filters or anything like it. No, it’s just a casual app for photo editing that just happened to include the viral filter as well. The filter works pretty well, it does a great job identifying your facial features.

The app covers tons of other effects, there are over 100 options you could try. The variety of presets is wide as well, so you can spend quite a long time perfecting your photos there. It also comes with a full-on retouch section for the face and body if needed.

As for the other tools, there’s a one-touch background eraser based on AI. You can turn your image into PNG within secs and replace the bg with one of the offered pics (or load your own one). The app also covers collage templates of all kinds: all you need to do here is to select the pics and the app will place them in the best way.

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