10 Day Project Management App Review

The recent situation with the pandemic made us revise lots of things that we were used to. Project management was one of the spheres that required major revision because of the new way of life because almost all the businesses went online. What is more, the demand for good project management increased so some of us started thinking about changing their job.

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But where do you actually start in order to even understand if you truly want to learn project management? Or even more, maybe the work you have now require the knowledge of project management as well…


Actually, there is a lot of cases when you might need the knowledge of it, and counting them all here doesn’t make any sense. Instead, we would like to present you with an app that will help you to understand the basics of project management in 10 days and therefore solve your problems in this field.

All you need is to open the main page and start from scratch. You will see that the whole subject is divided into 10 lessons and each lesson is divided into the theory and the quiz part. Unless you complete the previous lesson, you can’t start the following one.

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You will be introduced to the main techniques and principles that are usually used in effective project management. Later on, you will be asked how to apply them to practice in the quiz.


The course also contains such materials as key drivers, task listing, estimating, network diagrams, Gantt Charts – basically all the crucial elements of the subject of project management. If you liked this course, you can always explore more courses by this developer – they are cool and fun to learn.

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Overall, the app is extremely easy to use and it contains only the essential information about project management – nothing extra, only practice. It is a perfect choice both for beginners and for those who want to test their knowledge.


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