3D Bones and Organs app review

3D Bones and Organs logo3D Bones and Organs is a great alternative to regular textbooks. In addition to studying basic human anatomy, bone and organ viewing is also available.

This can be very useful for students who are just beginning their medical careers. The developers claim that all information is taken from Wikipedia and the anatomy textbook.

To make it easier to navigate the information, the developers have created a bookmark feature.

It allows you to quickly return to the right page. And also there is a possibility to rotate 3D-models, to increase or decrease the scale of a necessary organ.

3D models of 3D bones and organs have every bone and organ in the human body. Besides, 3D Bones and Organs also have 3D quizzes to test the knowledge base of medical students.

Interface and settings

When you first launch the application, you will see the collections that are available for your viewing. There are the skeleton, muscle, brain, heart, organs, female and male sex organs, brush, 3D Anatomy section, Ear Quiz, and the application site. You can switch languages at the top of the window.

You can choose between English, French, Spanish, and German. Each section has its own menu. Here you can search, layers to which you can divide the model of the human body.

Settings, where you can select the sex of the model of the person, viewing information, section “visa”.  There is also a help section, where you can find basic gestures, with which you can view the model. Besides, in each section, you can click on a separate body part. For example, the selected bone or muscle. Then you can view information about the part you have chosen.


The application is executed in quiet and sufficiently standard colors. Everything looks like an encyclopedia of human body anatomy. The colors chosen by the developer are blue, black, and white. Human body parts are made in natural colors. This is very interesting because this way you can know what color each part of your body is.

3D Bones and Organs screen 1 3D Bones and Organs screen 2

This wonderful and informative app will be especially useful for those who study in the medical or sports faculty. It will also be an interesting knowledge base for those who are just interested in the anatomy of the human body. There are even the tiniest details of the human body, so you will know exactly how your body works.

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