7 Best Medical Apps for patients (Android & iOS)

The current information era has affected not only medicine but changed the patient. Now, consultation and the next discharge of a hospital prescription are not enough for us.

We want to know exactly who is treating us, how and what. We want to buy drugs from trusted manufacturers and keep abreast of the medical news.

There are a huge number of applications for this. This list contains the best medical apps for patients. With their help, you can learn information about medicines, control their intake, check your health and much more.

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Explain Medicine

Explain Medicine is one of the best apps, which contains information from the field of medicine and health.

The app offers links to diseases, the latest medical news, and educational resources.

After installing the application and the first launch, you need to register. You can do this using an email or account on any social network. So, you can use this application as a medical social network.

The main advantage of the application is that your main page can be customized to your medical field. Just choose what interests you the most. So you will always have access to all the necessary information.

The application Explain Medicine has 2 main tabs:

  • Reference Information. The application offers a reference database of more than 8000 drugs. 4000 diseases and conditions. Thousands of images and video procedures, medical calculators.
  • The app offers daily medicine news and notifications tailored to your interests. You can save news, brief descriptions of drugs and other information in a profile.

This application Explain Medicine has a large number of extra features. For example, you can add your body parameters or set a reminder for taking pills. To do this, the application has several buttons:

  • “Add medicine.” Here you need to fill out the name. Then, choose a schedule of administration, dosage, and appearance of the tablet itself.
  • “Add measurements”. This button handles certain analyzes and indicators that need to be filled.
  • “Add a dose.” Here you can increase the dosage of the drug.

Install this free app. So that the necessary information about the medicine is always with you.


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MyTherapy: Medication Reminder

The MyTherapy: Medication Reminder application is an excellent assistant for patients taking medications.

It allows you to receive reminders about taking the medication. It has the function of recording the dosages of medicines.

In the application, 3 types of the main screen are available. In the side menu, you need to open the Create profile section. Fill in all the necessary data in the questionnaire.

You can immediately select the color of the application theme. Next, you need to register via email. Next, you can add a person.

For example, a child. This will help you keep track of his medication. At the ward, you can mark measurements, visits to the doctor, and add doctors.

When adding the drug, a window with a hint pops up. Here you will see the full name and image of the drug.

The reception time is adjustable in several ways. Frequency (1 – 12 times a day), intervals (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 hours) and time. Immediately set the number of doses for a single dose.

You can also create a medication schedule. Set the date when the course of taking the drug begins. Set the duration in days, days of administration and the intervals between them. This is a very convenient feature, as some drugs are drunk with intermittent courses.

When you receive a notification about the need for medication, you will see three buttons. Accept, postpone and skip.

If you want to postpone the reminder, you need to choose after how much the app MyTherapy: Medication Reminder will notify you again about this. If you want to skip taking the medicine, then you need to state the reason.



The Diabetes:M app is suitable for people with diabetes. It calculates insulin doses, shows visual statistics and synchronizes data between devices.

It’s not necessary to master the program for a long time. At the first launch, an introduction is waiting for you.

Here the application tells about its capabilities and key advantages. We are talking about the quick entry of information in the diary and useful statistics.

To start using the application Diabetes:M, you need to go through the registration stage.

To create an account, you must specify the date of birth, type of diabetes and gender. Besides, it is necessary to clarify the preferred value of carbohydrates. As well as indicators of target and high sugar.

The recommended characteristics are height, weight, carbohydrate coefficient, and insulin sensitivity factor. The final parameter is the mode of administration of insulin.

At this preparatory stage can be considered complete. The application Diabetes:M is ready to go.

The main menu interface is minimalistic. The upper third of the screen is reserved for entering parameters. Among them are sugar, food, short and extended insulin, as well as your comments. The rest of the display is for showing recording history.

Filling out a diary is easy. Just click on one of the tabs and specify the appropriate indicator. You can switch between them by clicking directly from the data entry menu.

The application Diabetes:M has a visual summary statistics. It is designed to show average results for a day, week or month. Thanks to this, it will be possible to see the trend and draw the right conclusions.

This is a convenient electronic diary for monitoring sugar levels. Its functionality will make it possible to trace the course of diabetes. So you can take action in time to improve your well-being.


Mr. Pillster

Mr. Pillster is another application for taking medications.

First, you need to enter the name of the medicine. Also, add the date and time of admission. At the indicated hours you will receive relevant notifications.

You can set reminders yourself. This is available in the More tab. Choose Settings – General Settings – Medication Reminders.

In the same settings, you can enable the Morning Reminder function. That is, at a given hour, the application Mr. Pillster will remind you to take the medication with you.

An evening reminder will show what you missed during the day. This will help you restore your medication and prevent a break. Weekend mode allows you to set a schedule for taking medication on the weekend.

Alerts are also configurable: sound, vibration, light signal.

Application Mr. Pillster features:

  • Reminds about taking medications and vitamins
  • Reminds you of visits to doctors
  • Reminds you to make an appointment with a doctor for a massage, examination, and treatment
  • Notes weight during daily weighing

Besides, in this application, you can add visits to the doctor. Adding a reminder is very simple and straightforward. This process is like entering drug data. Something like notes.

You can see the reports on the medications taken. You can also select a specific drug and see a report on it. Period – day, week, month, year. The period can also be adjusted manually.

You can send a status report to your doctor, a loved one, or to yourself by e-mail. Keep a diary on the app Mr. Pillster. Record symptoms or something else important about health.

This free app will also notify you if your medications run out. So you will always be aware of the current amount of your medicines.


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Drugs.com Medication Guide

The Drugs.com Medication Guide app allows you to check the medicine immediately after buy.

Just scan the barcode using the app. This is important because a poor-quality or counterfeit drug can harm your health.

Take your medication on a schedule with convenient reminders. The administration of tablets and other dosage forms is easy to configure.

The app Drugs.com Medication Guide changes the remains in your medicine cabinet as you take the medicine.

You can always see the full description of the medicine. Instructions, manufacturer, and country of manufacture, composition, and methods of application.

Before taking the medicine, check the list of contraindications and determine the dosage.

Scan the packages and start keeping track of drug balances and controlling end dates. Be sure that your medicine cabinet always has the medicine you need.

Without leaving your home, you can find out the cost of the drug and book it at the pharmacy. The application Drugs.com Medication Guide will collect the order based on your preferences. Choose what is right for you.

Addresses and phone numbers of pharmacies will always be at hand. Purchased medicines themselves will be added to your first-aid kit. Here you can also track how much money you spent on a specific amount of medicine.

This free application is useful to everyone because we all sometimes get sick. It works without restrictions and does not need in-app purchases.


Medisafe Medication Management

With the Medisafe Medication Management app, you will never forget about your next medication. It is so persistent that you will receive notifications before, during and even after taking medication.

If the phone is turned on, but you have not yet taken the tablet, the application will vibrate and emit signals. And that is until you click Accept.

Right at the entrance, you will see a pillbox. This is such a calendar for the day, which is divided into 4 parts. Here are the pills you should take on this day.

Also, flipping through the app Medisafe Medication Management, you can see what you have in the future and what has already been completed. To add medicine you need to click on the plus sign in the lower right corner and enter the data.

Take notes. To do this, go to the Diary and add a note. Another useful feature is the ability to add contacts to your healthcare providers. So you can send them your reports by email.

By the way, the report can be viewed on the entire course taken or on individual drugs. You can choose the frequency of reception manually. Data is also available for the day, week, month and year.

Add measurements to your body’s parameters. You can enter weight, height, blood type, health data, and more.

The free Medisafe Medication Management app will be a great help for you in taking medications. It has an intuitive interface and a nice design.


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Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor

The Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor app allows you to measure and store indicators of your blood pressure. Record and store readings correctly. Observe the dynamics and track what affects it.

Also now you can get specialist advice about pressure. To do this, open the special “Help” tab. The doctor will answer all your questions.

This application will become your reliable assistant and will allow you to live a full life.

The application Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor can:

  • Save and display the data you entered – blood pressure, heart rate
  • Divide into morning or evening readings
  • Set alarms
  • Build pressure change graphs
  • Provide relevant and interesting health tips relevant to you
  • Provide specialist advice

If you need to measure the pressure regularly, then you can use special reminders. Set the time or part of the day in which you need to measure pressure.

The application Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor will notify you of this need. After measuring blood pressure, you need to enter the data into the app manually. Also, the app can automatically enter data if you measure the pulse using your phone.

The heart rate check uses your device’s camera to measure your heart rate (heart rate). Install the application Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor and touch the back camera lens with your fingertip.

Using a camera, the heart rate tracking detects microscopic changes in blood pressure. It uses this data to calculate the heart rate.

This is a useful and very easy-to-use assistant to check your heart rate and blood pressure.

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