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You don’t have to go to India to learn yoga. You can practice with your coach or find videos online. But all of this requires different resources, which are often not available to most people. For example, time spent on the road or searching for videos.

Also, in the second case, you may have questions or problems, especially if you are not experienced in this. Then why waste so much time and nerves when you can use an application where all the necessary information is gathered in one place. And besides, there are answers to frequently asked questions and other tips that will greatly simplify the yoga process.

track yoga logoTo do this, there is a huge number of smartphone apps, with which you can learn the basics and even become a professional in the field. One of the best applications for this purpose is Track Yoga. With its help you will be able to understand different yoga practices and even develop a habit of practicing yoga regularly.

Here you will be able to track the progress that you have made during your classes. Set your daily goals to get more motivation. The first time you launch the application you can enable notifications so that you don’t forget about the next class. You can also do that in the app’s settings.

Yoga classes

This app contains the best yoga lessons. They are grouped into different directions and goals. For example, there is yoga for beginners, for developing flexibility, yoga against depression, and even fitness yoga. Also thanks to these classes you can get rid of such problems as back pain, stress, and slow metabolism.

You can also choose programs for morning exercises or for a short period of time if you are too busy. Each person will be able to choose a program from which classes are suitable for specific wishes and goals.


With Track Yoga you can also gradually learn yoga from scratch and learn all the subtleties. You can set a goal for each week and track your progress. Thanks to the reminder function, you’ll develop a habit of practicing regularly and not missing training.

Track Yoga also contains short lessons that are suitable for those who have no experience or very little time for training.

Short sets are very handy for morning exercises. Video is available, so beginners can see the sequence of actions first, and then perform them. By the way, there are also breathing exercises in yoga programs.

track yoga screen 1 track yoga screen 2

For each lesson the user gets points (the longer the lesson – the more points), and also earns badges. Points can be exchanged for a paid set or the whole program (it is, of course, more expensive), and badges are a way of motivation.

In your personal profile you can view the number of points and unlocked badges. Also here you can remember what sessions and when you had, what exercises you downloaded, set goals and reminders.

If you want to do yoga, but you can’t spend time or other resources with your trainer, Track Yoga is the best choice for you.

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