11 Best Ad blocker apps for Android & iOS

With no exceptions, every smartphone user has ever faced annoying ads, popping on the screen of their devices at the most inappropriate moment. As much as it is irritating, it is also harmful to your data and your phone.

Sometimes we can click on the ads just by a mistake and then have sad consequences because of the choice which was made not by us. The solution for this major problem is here – the developers created special apps that are aimed to block all the banners and programs advertising something.

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Forget about the ads in your Browser like a nightmare and choose that suits you the best.

Adblock Browser

Now you got a chance to end all these annoying add banners with an ad-blocking browser. Launch it and you will be able to surf the Internet with no extra factors. This is also the most popular app among programs like this, it has more than 400 million downloads.

It is simple to use, it is protected and safe. Adblock browser consumes less energy, saves your traffic, and uncharges your battery less slow. We all know how it is when irritating add banners are messing on our screen, they also can carry various spy programs and viruses in them. Moreover, if you still can’t understand what it is that literally wastes your battery’s energy level, then it can probably be ads.

With an app like this, you can save up to 50% of your battery level. By the way, you are in control of all the blockings the browser does, so you can reset in your own way. If you want, you can exclude from blocking your favorite web sites. The functioning system is easy to understand, you will see it working with different pages. Finally, this app guarantees the protection of your privacy which is also essential for the Internet nowadays.



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This is also one of the most effective programs to add blocking, which you probably heard of. Using it you can accelerate your web, protect your privacy, and remove the add that you hate.

You will notice how the speed of your work has changed in a good way. In a modern world, where privacy is often destroyed by different factors, including adds, having an app like this is really life-changing.

You may say that the add system is complicated now and it is dubious that all the amount of it will be blocked. Well, the app includes more than 50 tools for setting which guarantees the removal of all the quantity of the ads.

For advanced users, the app has such tools as EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboys Annoyances, Malware Domains. It means you will get even double protection.

Adguard is the first ad blocker that allows you to use specific regional filters. It filters even web sources in other languages. Trackers and social widgets will be also blocked. The easy and pretty interface will be an added bonus while working with AdGuard.



Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: Web Security & AppLock

Another anti-virus which will help you to fight the ads on your phone. It will provide the safety of the data on your phone and its work. The new option of data protection will aid to cover your private information from hackers.

The system of the app includes several steps of protection and add blocking. Fast-check will scan your device on Internet viruses. Antivirus blocks different harmful programs on your phone. App blocker will block dangerous apps. The anti-thief program will provide you a secure system of your data protection.

Web filters block any links and add you can find on the Internet. You will stay sure that nobody will steal your passwords and payment information.

What is more, you can even block irritating SMS and calls from promoters. You can just add them to the blacklist. The anti-fishing function will protect all your information which you don’t plan to share with anyone.



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Adblock Fast

You can now block ads without rooting your device or switching to another browser. This isn’t a browser, this is just an additional app which will require less space in your memory and will be filtering your Internet pages from the adds externally.

Moreover, if other apps have a function “acceptable ads” – Adblock Fast does not. It means you will see no ads at all. In order to launch it, you need to follow the instructions after the installation.

You will need to go to the settings of your phone, then choose a browser and toggle the “Adblock Fast” switch on. The speed of the browser and your phone’s work, in general, should accelerate.

What are more, Adblock fast hogs your CPU phone cycles. All in all, this app would be suitable for more advanced users who do well with internal phone settings or for those who want to remove only ads directly, without installing extra browsers and apps on their phones.




CC Cleaner has gained its reputation by being one of the most effective cleaning programs for your phone. If you’re feeling your phone works incorrectly, slowly, or just not in the way it is supposed to be working then this is your solution. CC Cleaner can help you in multiple amounts of ways.

Not only it can remove all the adds, but also increase the productivity of your gadget by cleaning it from useless files and trash, identify the files taking the most space in its memory, delete old and extra messages, observe the list of your apps so you could overview if you really need all of them, clean the space on your phone and save the files that you really need.

What is more, CC Cleaner can do it all automatically if you just choose the necessary options. As soon as some irrelevant or unsafe ads breaking on your screen, the app identifies it and blocks it. In general, this app will be a perfect match for those who don’t have much time to look for their phone’s program state.

It can work rather independently. On the other hand, sometimes it can have certain flaws since the app can get out of control and delete files that you need or start working at an inappropriate moment.


AdBlocker Browser for Chromecast

This is an extremely popular app among users who want to clean their phones from different kinds of ads. This is the Browser containing no ads in it. It was originally created as an app just for fun, but now it as evolved into an independent app with real benefits.

You can connect the app to your Chromecast and stream all videos from your favorite streaming site on your TV. What is more, it can even block YouTube ads.

We all know this problem when opening a trust unworthy page we face layers of ads – this app can manage such mess too. And it blocks all the redirection to the app store apps. All the redirections to dubious web sites, such as casinos, will also be blocked.

It also blocks ringtone subscription traps. If you are tired of apps with acceptable ads then this one is deprived of a possibility like this.

Moreover, forget about tracking, logging, grabbing, or selling your private information or data. The app doesn’t have a button push Spam as other apps do. It includes the new system of passcode protection. You can always de-activate adblocker in case if you need to do so.


Adblock Plus Samsung Internet

A specific app, which was created especially for Samsung devices. Now it is made to work with not only one company of gadget producers but with all Android devices. As usual, it allows you to block different types of ads and therefore save your traffic and nerves.

Besides that, it fights all the trackers, password-stealers, social networks buttons, and much other stuff. As the statistics say, this app is a world leader on the market since 2006 with more than 400 million downloads.

We all know that because of the advertisements web pages can load for a long period of time and the phone battery dies in several hours.

Save your traffic limits using Adblock Plus Samsung Internet! The app will block all the potential dangerous programs which can be hidden behind ad banners. Viruses caused by ads are also a problem that can be solved if you have this app.

If you need more proof about its benefits, then you can read that it was approved by Standford, California Universities, and also by EFF. Here all the aggressive ads are getting blocked meanwhile harmless not intrusive ads s shown on the screen. You can fix it if you go to the settings and choose to block all the ads.


Ad Skipper

You probably knew before than beside the fact that the ads on the Internet can be extremely annoying, it can also be harmful to your smartphone. Maybe it even happened to you before that you accidentally clicked on one of those ads and then it opens the page and your whole device gets blocked. Have you ever faced such a problem?

The greater risk of exposure to such digital threats is, first of all, the people who are trying to download free media content from the internet. The virus ads can catch you when you are searching for a torrent file. The ads on the websites that allow the pirate copies of movies, music, and so on have a much bigger concentration of these ads.

This is smart ad-blocking ads that don’t just block all the ads on your smartphone, but first, it analyzes your interests, your actions, and pages that you usually browse, and based on that data, it makes a list of “desirable” and “undesirable” ads. Sometimes you can actually see decent and useful ads on trustworthy websites and this app give you a chance to see it.

Moreover, this way the app helps to save the data on your phone – by skipping unnecessary ads. The one thing you need to remember before using this app is to turn off your battery saver – because it will be automatically switching this app off.



AdBlock for Mobile

Stop seeing ads on the web. This app is the number 1 ad blocker for Safari. It has been proved by more than 50 million users who experience the benefit of it every single day. It includes custom language so you could block ads in ay part of the world.

The app is really fast and easy to set up, with ad-blocking test functions. It gives you a chance to load only the content you like an ad that literally saves the level of your battery charge.

What is more, you will also save your money, because the amount the traffic you use will decrease. Web pages will be loading much faster and all distracting factors will be gone.

And, of course, the app takes care of your privacy. It has a number of anti-tracking functions so your data could stay safe and sound. You will also find a straightforward interface to get you blocking ads as quickly as possible. However, keep in mind that this app doesn’t block unintrusive ads.


Ads-Shield: Content Blocker

Get rid of all the ads on your device by launching Ads-Shield. As ad pop-ups are never going out of style and tend to leave malware behind as you click on them, Ads Shield Content Blocker provides security for your internet browser and blocks them instantly for the rest of your life.

It will also remove all the unrelevant cash and virus files from your phone so you will get extra space in your memory. Your Internet browser will start working much faster without ad banners and you will notice it. All the possible viruses will be blocked before they reach your gadget.

The app itself doesn’t require a lot of space but its benefit doesn’t lower because of it. All your activities will be protected from hackers, your history will be hidden and your passwords will stay secure.

The app doesn’t need extra plugins or support. In order to launch the app, you need to press the button “Get started” and “enable” so the system redirects you to your Internet browser. All the ads then will be blocked.


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Ad Blocker Turbo

This is not just an ad blocker, this is a fast-working browser that will protect you from seeing any unwanted ads. It is even more important to have something like this on your child’s phone since children are more exposed to the risk of being attacked by spammers and potentially harmful content.

Overall, this app would be cool for everyone – including young and adults. Apart from protecting you from all the possible ads popping in the browser, it will protect all your data, e.g. passwords, files, and so on, that you store in your cloud storage. Plus, AdBlocker Turbo can work as a VPN service allowing you to browse the net completely anonymously.



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