AI Image Enlarger Software Review

AI Image Enlarger is a versatile tool that can scale small images without losing quality. This tool is fully compatible with all Windows versions. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you can safely download and run AI Image Enlarger on your Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 computer.

This software solution allows you to quickly convert low-resolution images to high-resolution photos.

Press the center button to download a low-resolution image. Set the options for how you want to update your image. There is a recommended default setting, “High Grade, 4x”, which should give the most satisfactory result. Click Start.

The top-quality pictures that you created using the image enlarger you can use to create cool banners – by the way, we can offer a list of those.

AI Image Enlarger1

The complete process is pretty straightforward and straightforward thanks to the AI Image Enlarger’s intuitive user interface. All you have to do is drag and drop the image you want to enhance, select the image styles and aspect ratios you want, and then click the Submit button.

AI Image Enlarger works based on proprietary AI and allows you to zoom up to 8x, while not installing any third-party software. The basic free plan offers the ability to upload images up to 5 MB and a resolution of up to 1200×1200 pixels. There is also a limit on the number of treatments per day. A maximum fourfold increase is available on the free plan.

AI Image Enlarger2

The premium and enterprise-paid packages cost $9 and $19 per month and can scale up to 8X and download up to 10 MB.

The buildings not only received clear outlines – it did as correctly the painting as possible, so even when enlarging it is difficult to notice any defects. AI Image Enlarger did an excellent job of upscaling not only the vegetation in the foreground but also correctly reproducing the background.

You can not only change the size of the image but also change its colors – just download one of the special apps.

We can call Al Image Enlarger one of the best services for increasing the resolution of images. If you need to upscale numerous photos, consider a paid subscription.

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