13 Best alarm clock apps for Android

Today there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t use alarm clocks on smartphones. Every morning we begin a new day with those terrible (or maybe for someone pleasant) sounds. The experience of waking up is a part of our daily routine. So why not to make it more enjoyable?

Replace your stock app with one of the fanciest alarm clock apps! We have found the most convenient ones both for light sleepers and for those who sleep like a log. Check out the list below and find your new everyday waker!

13 Best alarm clock apps for Android

sleep as android iconSleep as Android

Sleep as Android is a pleasant alarm clock, that can wake you up kindly and on time. If you are a heavy sleeper, you can activate the puzzle mode, in which you will have to solve puzzles in order to turn off the alarm. The puzzles are very nice. Start your mornings with searching for the awaken sheep or doing some math. You won’t certainly want to go to bed after such interesting tasks!

Sleep as Android is able to choose the right moment to wake you up – when your sleeping circle is in its most convenient phase for awakening. With the help of this feature, you will get up every morning fresh and fully rested! Just set the necessary time interval, for example, 7:00 – 7:30, and the app will pick the most optimal moment. The feature is available in free version only for two weeks. Give it a try!

This alarm clock app is great not only because of its waking feature, but also because of the ability to track your sleep pattern and give recommendations on how to improve your sleeping habits. You can view your sleep history and snore statistics; record your voice at night in case you are talking in sleep.

As we can see, Sleep as Android has the full package. One more advantage is a beautiful and intuitive design. Download this alarm clock today and have a nice wake-up tomorrow!

sleep as android screenshot

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i cant wake up iconI can’t wake up

I can’t wake up is an excellent choice for those who have troubles with getting out of bed on time. The app includes 8 different puzzles that will force your mind to think or your body to move. Train your memory, play the match game or stand up and go to a barcode (barcode is a spot at your place that you will have to scan with your camera)! You can choose whatever method you find the most efficient!

Apart from the puzzles, the app has some other cool features, like smooth wake-up, that makes your screen less bright and gradually increases the volume of the awakening tune, or snooze music, that plays enjoyable songs while you are snoozing. Get this app right now and explore the other great features! This one will definitely reduce the possibility of you being late!

i cant wake up screenshot

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alarm clock xtreme and timer iconAlarm Clock Xtreme and Timer

Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer is an amazing substitute for your default alarm clock app. Not only does it look better, but also has all the most useful features presented in such apps. To name just a few, smooth wake-up to make you wake up more naturally, sleep tracker to improve your sleeping habits, math to keep your morning mind alert and so on.

Moreover, this app works as a timer and as a stopwatch. Who knows, maybe these features will become useful for you someday! Get Alarm Clock Xtreme now and enjoy the whole variety of features for free. Unfortunately, the app has some ads that can be annoying sometimes. If you want to get rid of them, you can purchase the ad-free version.

alarm clock xtreme and timer screenshot

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alarmmon iconAlarmMon

AlarmMon can make your wake-ups more fun and enjoyable! A very cute app with characters for every alarm, cool mini-games and videos to keep you alert will certainly exceed your expectations.

The app allows you to choose the most appropriate sounds to make you awake – noisy or quiet ones, your own voice recording or voices of celebrities. It all depends on your personal preferences!

AlarmMon is also able to show you the weather and recent news as soon as you go through the funny challenges of turning off the alarm. Enough with boring routine alarm clocks! Download AlarmMon and get a charge of excellent mood every morning!

alarmmon screenshot

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alarmy iconAlarmy

Alarmy can get you out of your bed quickly and on time! Remember, what does a barcode mean? Well, this one is all about barcodes or, if you like, registered spots. Find a place at your home and take a picture of it. After that, be ready to go that place every morning in order to confirm that you are awake. What a great way to avoid oversleeping!

Alarmy is not only about registered spots, though. It also has less problematic ways to get you up – math puzzles and phone shaking. Besides, it can inform you about weather and news, tracks your sleeping history and offers different themes to choose from. Download this universal app right now and don’t ever be late again!

alarmy screenshot

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Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones iconFunny Morning Alarm Ringtones

The name gives it all. Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones has at least 41 hilarious tunes to wake you up. Are you tired of getting up with the same standard tune? Get this app now and enjoy the variety of choice!

All the tunes can also be used as ringtones or notification sounds. The design is pretty and intuitive, but there is a small ad-message at the bottom of the screen. Download Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones right now and pick a new crazy tune to start your mornings with!

funny morning alarm ringtonesscreenshot

Get it on Google Play

Good Morning Alarm Clock iconGood Morning Alarm Clock

Good Morning Alarm Clock boasts with its feature to choose the most optimal moment to wake you up. We have already encountered this feature on Sleep as Android. This app is relatively new, so you might be interested in it as well.

Thanks to an accelerometer, installed on Android devices, the app can identify moments when you are moving in your sleep (which, by the way, means that you are in a light phase of your sleeping circle). This is the time when it is better to get up in order to feel rested and be full of energy. And this is exactly when the alarm will go off!

The app also gives you recommendations on how to get the most out of your sleep. One more cool feature is pleasant natural sounds to help you fall asleep easily. Good Morning Alarm Clock has a laconic design, which is very nice to look at. Download the app now and make your sleeping habits healthier!

good morning alarm clock screenshot

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gentle alarm icon

timely iconTimely

Timely is another customizable alarm clock app. It has a fantastic bright interface, which is, in addition, very handy. The main advantage of this app is its simplicity. Nothing superfluous, just some basic features: alarm, timer and stopwatch.

Moving with the times though, the app has acquired some additional functions, including smart (or gentle) rise and puzzles. Timely works both on tablets and phones and can keep all of your devices in sync. Get the app now in order to brighten up your rise!

timely screenshot

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mimicker alarm iconMimicker Alarm

Mimicker Alarm is a brand-new alarm clock app, that presents one of the most joyful ways of waking up. In order to dismiss, you need to make a selfie expressing the given emotion. Sometimes the app might challenge you with a task that is slightly more difficult to accomplish in the morning, such as telling a tongue twister or finding a particular color in your bedroom.

This app is absolutely gorgeous. It will literally make you smile every time you wake up! Plus, you have got an opportunity to share your morning photos with friends (thank god, it is obligatory!) Get Mimicker now and enjoy yourself each morning!

mimicker screenshot


UNIQLO Wake Up is a truly unique alarm clock app. Soft colors and a pleasant voice telling you what date is it and what the weather is like can make anyone feel tranquil and relaxed. So if you don’t sleep like a baby, make this one your new alarm clock and enjoy peaceful awakening!

The app is very transformative. It changes music and a background color depending on what are the weather and the time of your wake-up. The cool feature is that you can share the details of your waking up experience with friends or people from all over the world. UNIQLO can send posts to Facebook and Twitter. Get the app now and have a nice morning tomorrow!

uniqlo wake up screenshot

morning routine alarm clock iconMorning Routine

Morning Routine Alarm Clock is another one with a barcode scan function. This one is also great and has many cool features to discover. If you don’t like to go to a registered spot every day, you can turn on a classic dismiss button.

After a wake-up, the app can show you the weather and open another app for you – the one that you usually use in the mornings. Instead of an app to open, you can set the website you would like to view. The design and functionality of this app are excellent. Get it now and enjoy your new alarm clock!

morning routine screenshot

the rock clock iconThe Rock Clock

The Rock Clock is one more great alarm clock app. In case you don’t know, Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson is a famous American wrestler and actor. With the help of this app, you can get motivational messages from him every morning!

The Rock Clock also includes 25 tunes to choose from, customised by Johnson himself. The cool feature is that you can set your long-term goal, of which the app will remind you daily. There is no snooze button, so you will have to get up and follow your dream rightaway! This brutal app is definitely worth a try!

the rock clock screenshot

Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm also aims at waking you up gently and in the right sleeping phase, but the method it uses is slightly different. At first, the app creates quiet sounds that can only be heard in the light phase of sleep. If you hear them, you wake up a little bit earlier and, nevertheless, feel better. If you don’t hear them, your usual alarm goes off.

The app is highly customizable. A user may change colors, fonts, tunes and so on. Aside from a gentle wake-up feature, you will find already familiar puzzles to make sure you are completely awake. There is also a smooth wake-up mode and many other interesting features to discover.

The free version of the app doesn’t work on Wednesdays (What’s wrong with Wednesdays, I wonder) and has some ads for you to check out. If you don’t want to check them out, you can get the paid version and enjoy all the functions to the full. Download Gentle Alarm today and wake up gently tomorrow!

gentle alarm screenshot

So, these were 13 best alarm clock apps for Android. Let your every morning begin with a smile and a charge of positive energy to get you through the day! Sleep well, wake up on time and, as always, be smart in choosing apps!


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