App Builder Software Review

Have you always wanted to create mobile and desktop applications in a simple, fast and convenient way? Then it is the right time to act!

Another cool type of software that we can advise for your phone device is the one for hiding the apps – don’t let others access your personal data!

We’re going to tell you about the professional visual development environment DecSoft App Builder. It enables the creation of HTML5 apps, web apps, progressive web apps, web extensions, and ones for modern mobile and desktop browsers, as well as platforms such as Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows.


To create modern apps that work in all mobile and desktop browsers, as well as platforms like Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows, you must more or less know HTML, CSS, and Javascript – nothing else! And it will all work with the same underlying code with DecSoft App Builder.

Want to write your code as quickly as possible? The JavaScript fast code editor will help you by offering a list of quick codes with all available control properties, methods, and more.

It would seem, what could be better? The answer is – contextual help. Just press the F1 key in the IDE and it will point you exactly to the control, property, event reference, etc.


An interesting feature of the App Builder is the app.translate module, which allows you to translate applications into different languages. You can start translation right at runtime having added any number of languages beforehand.

Another interesting type of apps that is quite popular nowadays is the fake conversation apps – you can see the best example here and create an app like that!

You can have peace of mind about how your application design will display on screens of different sizes. Can set fixed and scaled styles as well as auto-scale style. Lots of themes are also available for your application.

Let’s take a look at the advantages DecSoft App Builder provides, named and new ones:

  • Easy to use
  • Apache Cordova
  • List of quick codes
  • Application file manager
  • User functions
  • Application Resources Manager
  • Integrated application translator
  • Automatic scaling
  • Contextual help

And a number of other benefits.


Plus, you can check out the best auto-clicker apps that will make the part of your job for you. You will find them on this list.

There are video tutorials on YouTube in case you need help getting comfortable with the DecSoft App Builder. Isn’t that just what you’ve wanted?


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