7 Best Apps for Black Background on Photos (Android & iOS)

Adding a black background to pics can be a great way to get a dramatic, professional look. Luckily, now you don’t need any special skills to do so.

Here’s our list of the best apps for black backgrounds on photos for Android and iOS you could try. These apps let you remove the background in secs and replace it with any image of your liking. Whether you’re looking to make your Instagram feed stand out, diversify your portfolio, or present one of your products, these apps got you covered. Take a look!


If your goal is to find a simple app to replace the bg on pics, this is the one. It’s a one-stop editing app with a bunch of cool features you could try. This app is amazing for newbies, as the majority of its tools are fully automated and don’t require almost any effort from you.

It takes one tap to remove the bg from any image here. The app operates on AI and does a great job identifying objects on images. It tends to work nicely even with complex backgrounds, but mistakes may still happen. If so, just use a brush tool and erase all the unneeded stuff. The app also covers an instant object remover if needed.

Once it’s done, it’s time to replace the bg with something. The app covers multiple options to choose from, including plain colors (which is what you’re here for). Plus, there are various gradients and HQ pics you can use for free. You can also add text captions, there are multiple fonts available. All these tools are completely free, so no worries.


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Background Changer & Eraser 

This app is fully dedicated to background editing. It lets you make the bg of your pic transparent with a single tap. The app seems to be quite accurate when it comes to identifying important objects, but even if it won’t, you can fix it manually with a brush tool.

Along with that, the app covers a vast collection of instant bgs to replace your original one. There are hundreds of pics and gradient patterns of all kinds, feel free to use a search bar to find the one you need. Of course, there’s a full range of plain colors too, including black. You may also load a custom image if needed.

The app also offers multiple frames and pic borders to level up your pic. It covers over 20 fonts you can use for free as well. All the classic color-correcting tools are here as well: you’ll get to regulate brightness, play with color curves, and all that. And to add some finishing touches, there are multiple presets and effects if needed.



Here’s a powerful photo editor that lets you use professional tools without any skills. The app is all about making your life more simple, and it practically does all the work for you. It lets you remove unwanted objects from images with a single tap. Herewith, the app won’t just blur the object but replace it with other parts of the pic to make it blend.

There’s a smart bg eraser as well. You may rather use an auto mode to cut out the image by yourself here. The auto version works quite well, but you can fix the imperfections manually as well. Besides, there’s a wide range of HQ images you can use to replace the original bg. There’s a pack of plain colors as well, so you can easily make the background black.

As for the other tools, there’s a blending tool that lets you achieve a stunning double-exposure look. There are also over 100 filters to experiment with. And if that’s not enough, there’s a full-on retouch tool to perfect your skin and all that.


PhotoCut Pro

As its name suggests, this one lets you erase and replace the bg on images. There are numerous ways to cut out the image here, so you can pick the one you like most. First of all, there’s a so-called magic brush, that practically does the job for you. Well, not really, you’ll still need to mark the object, but you won’t need to try hard and get all the borders right.

In case you want to get extra accuracy and make sure all the edges are clear, you should go for a smart select brush. This tool requires more work, of course, but it may be the right choice when it comes to more complex objects. Once the cut-out is done, you can modify the result and smooth out the edges if needed.

The app offers multiple options for bg replacement as well. It covers tons of plain colors, including black, a bunch of patterns, and some high-quality images too. Plus, there’s a compilation of presets to use for one-tap editing.


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Well, bet you have seen that one coming. It seems like no pic editing list can be complete without this app in it. And it’s no surprise, you can also use it to replace the bg. There are tons of instruments there, some are paid, but the one for bg editing is luckily free, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Even if you haven’t used such apps once in your life, you’ll be able to make it right with this one. All you need to do is to tap one button to make the background transparent. It gets done automatically, and most of the time all the edges are accurate. In case not, you can use an erasing tool to get rid of all the unneeded objects.

In fact, you can actually skip the transparent part and go straight to turning the bg black (it may not always be the best if you plan to alter the edge manually, though). The app offers hundreds of bgs to choose from, and the plain colors are all there. You can also use a custom image for that if needed.



That’s another all-in-one editing app with a bg-removing tool. It operated on AI, which makes getting rid of the bg a lot easier and quicker. It only takes one click to do so, and the app seems to do a great job even with complex images.

In case there are any issues, you can fix them manually by erasing the unneeded parts or restoring the ones that shouldn’t have been deleted in the first place. You can zoom in on the image for more accurate results and blur up the edges if needed. Then, you can replace the bg with one of the app’s images or load a custom one.

The app does cover plain bgs, so you can add a black one with one tap as well. And to top it off, there’s a one-tap enhancer to balance the light and tone of the image. There’s also a tool to improve the overall quality of your image if needed. You can also add trendy captions and stickers.


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Background Eraser

And lastly, there’s an app for barrier-free background removal. It lets you cut out the pics automatically with little to no effort. Herewith, the app is pixel-accurate, even with a couple of bgs. You may rather use an AI mode to make the bg transparent automatically or go for one of the manual tools.

The AI mode recognizes all kinds of objects nicely, so there’s no need to bother, really. Once the image gets cut out, you’ll get to erase the unneeded parts or restore the ones that were deleted accidentally. You’ll also get to smooth the edges. The zoom tool lets you delete pixels one by one to get the clearest edge ever.

Then, the app will offer multiple images to replace the bg with, including a plain back color. More to that, there’s a shape mode that lets you crop the image into a circle, square, heart, or any other shape if needed (this one is perfect if you want to make stickers). All these tools are free to use, so no worries.

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