11 Best Apps for Filmmakers in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Nowadays, creative people have many opportunities for self-realization. Previously, shooting and film enthusiasts had to study on special courses or at special universities, learn the most complicated editing programs, work with the camera and much more.

If you have a desire to make a great movie for a friend’s birthday or event, you can easily do it with just the functionality of a smartphone. A good camera, a small script, a clever plot, and a cool editing app – you can consider that you have collected the entire set of a novice director. 11 Best TikTok video editing apps may help you in becoming popular director.

We decided to help you and found the Best Apps for Filmmakers in 2024 for Android & iOS.

KineMaster – Video Editor, Video Maker

KineMaster - Video Editor, Video MakerKineMaster is one of the most popular video editing applications. It allows you to modify, edit and enhance all the footage you shoot on your tablets, smartphones or other devices.

At the same time, KineMaster has a huge number of free features that are available to you right after downloading. If those aren’t enough for you, you can buy a Premium subscription in a couple of clicks to expand your options.

So, what did the users like about the application? Firstly, it is worth mentioning that KineMaster offers a great option to edit the color and the lighting. You can dramatically change the quality of the picture by simply adjusting the brightness and contrast settings.

You can also overlay music or subtitles on the main video sequence if necessary, voice-over everything yourself or perform mixing of the clip and the song. KineMaster has a basic set of editing tools such as trimming, splicing, cutting, speeding up and so on.

KineMaster - Video Editor, Video Maker1

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PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

PowerDirector - Video Editor App, Best Video MakerPowerDirector is another cool video editing and montage application that contains a lot of really handy tools. Here you’ll be able to create real movies – even in 4K resolution, if your mobile phone allows it. You’ll also be able to publish your movies as soon as the editing process is complete, without having to wait for processing.

PowerDirector has an intuitive interface so that even people who have never held a professional camera in their hands will be able to feel part of the film industry.

The application has already been installed by millions of users with different purposes – someone creates his own videos, someone makes movies for the holidays, and someone just mounts funny videos for social networks. But you can’t help but notice that PowerDirector offers users much more than they use at work.

PowerDirector - Video Editor App, Best Video Maker1

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Kodak Cinema Tools

Kodak Cinema ToolsIt’s hard to find someone who is interested in photography and doesn’t know about Kodak. Even though film-based cameras and camcorders are hard to find in use these days, there are still people who prefer them to more modern models.

We’d like to tell you about the Kodak Cinema Tools app, which will help you calculate all the parameters for the perfect picture in the frame. For example, knowing the focal length of your camera, you can always calculate how you need to zoom in on your subject, where to point the lens and so on.

We think you’ve encountered the unpleasant situation when the video doesn’t turn out the way you thought and imagined it. With Kodak Cinema Tools, this won’t happen.

For all the calculations, you will need to enter certain parameters of your camera in the application, and you will be shown all the settings you have to set as a result. You’ll also be able to check out the Kodak worldwide catalog, which can tell you about incredible cameras, films or filming formats.

Kodak Cinema Tools1 Kodak Cinema Tools2

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Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

Funimate Video Editor & Music Clip Star EffectsCreate a unique video with a bunch of extra visual effects? Easy with the Funimate app. Videos here are created in seconds, and all you have to do is pick up effects, music, or stickers.

Funimate lets you share your results on social networks or save them to your library to show them later to your friends and followers. The app is designed for regular users who just want to make a cool video and aren’t professionals.

The developers note that their effects and editing methods improve videos so much that they are more likely to make it into TikTok recommendations or interesting posts on Instagram. Whether that’s true or not is up to you, but you can always easily check it out.

Funimate makes the video more creative and visually interesting, as well as allows you to try modern trends on yourself. For example, to record a video with lip sync, you no longer need a special app or a separate service.

Funimate Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects1 Funimate Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects2

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ShotList- Movie Shoot Planning

ShotList- Movie Shoot PlanningIt’s worth noting that smartphones can help you not only shoot and edit the material you have. For example, many directors and producers make a lot of notes in their notebooks, diaries and other documents in the process of work.

Now you can make a complete plan of action in the ShotList app, keeping track of all the progress and process you make. This app was developed in conjunction with companies that are really into movies and creating great pictures.

In ShotList, you can save details, locations, scenes and sketches that you come up with. For each scene from an elaborate plot, you can write down the details you want to take note of.

Such notes will be convenient to look into during the shooting process, as well as to dedicate the team to your ideas. With ShotList, you’ll be an excellent organizer of the shooting process, who won’t miss an important plot twist or sudden scene under any circumstances.

ShotList- Movie Shoot Planning1 ShotList- Movie Shoot Planning2


FilmoraGo – Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTube

FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTubeFilmoraGo is one of the apps that can always be found in the lists of the best video editing services. It has thousands of users editing videos every day for social media, video hosting and other purposes.

You can record your daily life, then turn it into a cool video with FilmoraGo. Filters, effects, color correction, and even playback speed are easily changed with a couple of taps on the screen.

With FilmoraGo, it’s easy to add a sticker or make a cover on your video – and it doesn’t take you long to make changes. The app also lets you adapt the video’s resolution and format to a particular social network, trimming it as you want.

By the way, the transitions between frames and scenes that will be available to you are often used in today’s movie industry. Make smooth transition effects to make the result look just perfect.

FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTube1 FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTube2


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Footej Camera 2

Footej Camera 2Footej Camera 2 is a dedicated shooting app that you can use at any time, even without having to set additional options and settings. The interface of the app is simple and easy to use, and the quality of the resulting videos and photos will amaze you – of course, if your smartphone has a good camera.

You can take pictures as single or continuous shots as well as videos. Footej Camera 2 will allow you to take content in the same format and resolution as if you were doing it with a professional camera or camera.

While recording video in the app, you can also take photos of special moments that you like. Footej Camera 2 also has a timelapse feature and you can set the frequency and the time interval at which the footage is taken.

The intervals can even be more than 10 seconds! You’ll create perfect clips and shots using only your smartphone’s built-in cameras and nothing else.

Footej Camera 21


HedgeCam 2: Advanced Camera

HedgeCam 2 Advanced CameraLooking for a camera where you can easily adjust the quality of your photos and videos? Then we can recommend the app HedgeCam 2, where you get flexible photo and video quality settings, the ability to customize the interface and functionality yourself and much more.

The same application allows you to set certain hotkeys on your smartphone, for each of which you can set the functions yourself. For example, increasing the volume will be responsible for snapshots, and decreasing the volume will be responsible for video.

HedgeCam 2 displays the angle of the shooting device, recognizes faces, automatically aligns the image and much more. You’ll use the app for absolutely any kind of shooting – professional and work as well as amateur.

Widgets offered to you by HedgeCam 2 also have auto-start capabilities, parameter adjustments and more. Save your photos in RAW format, so you have access to advanced editing later.

HedgeCam 2 Advanced Camera1


Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 LiteThe Camera FV-5 Lite app has been created for all professional photographers who would like to get started in photography on their phone or enthusiasts. Here you will be able to control all the settings just like on a classic camera.

Now you will not be limited by the standard smartphone camera settings or other moments – you will only be limited by your imagination and ability to take beautiful pictures and videos.

To shoot video in Camera FV-5 Lite you can set the exposure metering, aperture, change the timelapse interval or even the shooting speed. You can even track the path of the sun during sunset or sunrise with the slow motion mode – trust me, the video will turn out amazing.

The manual shutter speed is also worth mentioning, which will give you the most out of your camera. Camera FV-5 Lite saves all captured video and photos in the same format as it usually happens with classic devices – you won’t notice how everything looks even better.

Camera FV-5 Lite1


ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )

ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )The developers assure that the ProCam X app will turn your smartphone into a real camera. You get full control over settings, exposure, white balance and other functions and parameters.

The basic ProCam X settings are even available to change in the free version, giving you 100% control over your camera and continuous shooting. All the features are great for slow motion, burst photos and more.

ProCam X allows you to manually control everything. Also, the screen always displays a grid, so you won’t drift off or lose the middle of the frame when shooting video. The camera is incredibly fast, all you have to do is click on the settings you want.

Like other applications of this kind, ProCam X is customizable with volume keys for quick operations like starting to take a picture. You can also set the start timer for easy access. Turn your smartphone into a high resolution camera and eliminate the need to carry a camera.

ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )1 ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )2


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Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera

Protake - Mobile Cinema CameraProtake is an app that gives you the functionality of professional movie cameras on your smartphone. No matter where exactly you are shooting and for what occasions, you can always find the perfect shot.

Daily vlogging, commercial filming, directing and more – all this will be available to you. Especially since Protake offers you an automatic mode, where the app adjusts color correction and composition independently.

Protake has virtual assistants that express themselves in notifications regarding settings and the frame. You’ll get notifications the moment the middle of the frame shifts, lighting changes, proportions change, and so on.

The app also automatically normalizes the frame rate so that the resulting video looks of high quality. All the parameters of your device Protake automatically records in the metadata of the resulting files – ISO, shutter speed, location, and so on.

Protake - Mobile Cinema Camera1

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Of course, many of these apps have similar functionality. That said, you may like just one of them – the combination of features and interface, colors and design, color correction capabilities, and other details.

You can work very efficiently and create great shots without having a professional camera on your shoulder – just a smartphone in your pocket. We hope we were able to help you in your search – because now you know where you can take gorgeous, cinematic shots without too much expense or searching.

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