16 Best Garage & Yard Sale Apps for Android & iOS

How often do you look around your room and realize that it is cluttered? Even if there is perfect order, you realize that there are a lot of things that you don’t use, they are no longer needed or have been bought spontaneously.

Many people have the same situation. But throwing things away in a beautiful state is incredibly pathetic because they can be linked to memories, as well as pity for the money spent. If you don’t want to do it in your own home, you can become one of the sellers at such group events.

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Garage Sales is an incredible treasure trove of interesting things. Vintage furniture, fashionable clothes, and trivial little things that make life brighter – all this can be found in sales from other people.

We don’t even know how many of these things you can find around you. In today’s world, even applications have been developed to find such sales. We have collected the best examples of such services for you. Download what you like and go looking for interesting things.

VarageSale: Sell simply, buy safely

It is not always possible to get to a real garage sale. And it often happens that you don’t have a lot of unnecessary things to organize a small festival right in your yard. In this case, you can use the opportunity to participate in a virtual sale. VarageSale is your virtual garage where you can sell or buy things.

Looking for something specific? Take advantage of the search and VarageSale will show you all the relevant results. This way you can contact the seller and buy what you need. Or do you want to get rid of something yourself? Just take a picture of the item and in a few moments, it will be available to buyers!

All registration is done through Facebook authentication. You will not be able to be fooled – all the data about the owners are real, so you can buy what you want without risk!


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Listia: Buy, Sell, Free Stuff. Crypto Marketplace

Sometimes you’re absolutely not interested in the benefits. For example, you already have for ages something and it is not important for you whether you get money for it or not.

But it is a pity to give for nothing – because you have invested in it. It is not always possible to find an equivalent exchange with the buyer. For such cases, there is an application Listia.

Listia offers you to give things to other people for virtual currency. This currency will allow you to further buy without investments already necessary subjects. That is, the more you give, the more you can get in return.

Take a picture of the product and put it up for sale – the buyers around will see it and will be able to buy it. And so do you – turn on the search and find things nearby. Listia has already made more than 100 million deals and many people are happy to shop. Get what you want without an investment, while getting rid of the extra stuff!



Wallapop is a huge marketplace that unites millions of people with the desire to buy or sell something. Real garage sales in the past – now they can be right in your pocket and in your smartphone. You don’t spend money on expensive shipping like in other markets, and you don’t waste time waiting.

If you have already encountered the fact that the purchased product does not match the description, looks different in the photo or the price is higher than the stated one, you can forget about such troubles.

On Wallapop you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want. See what your neighbors sell or post ads yourself. All offers are sorted by distance from you while keeping your location confidential. That is, the place of purchase is shown to the buyer with a certain radius.

You can search for items in many categories. If you are interested in profitable applications, just find the most suitable one by using filters. All transactions are made in person and directly so that no loss of funds will occur. Download Wallapop and you will immediately lose the need to organize sales in your backyard!


Yard Sale Treasure Map

If you still need the atmosphere of a real garage sale, as well as you, want to directly examine, feel (or even smell) the product before buying, then you need to know where these sales are held. It’s hard to keep up to date with big cities in general, but Yard Sale Treasure Map will help you.

Yard Sale Treasure Map is an application that will help you to find real treasures at garage sales. Why do we say treasures? Yes, because many people sell charming vintage items or expensive good items at a very low price. You pay minimal money on beautiful goods.

Want to visit several sales at once? Yard Sale Treasure Map will help you develop and optimize your route. You can also see what’s in the garage right away – for example, only kitchen utensils are sold somewhere, and someone can arrange thematic points of sale. Find something you like while giving away a minimum amount of money – all with Yard Sale Treasure Map.


OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up

Tired of having to make a permanent announcement or a garage sale? Don’t you want to be a salesman yourself or go to other people’s yards? OfferUp Marketplace will be your salvation – here you can easily put up for sale unnecessary things and earn money or buy something at a great discount.

With the help of a search, you can find the best offer for you. Just click – you will have access to information about the seller and the product in full. Photo and description, cost and time of use – this is incredibly important to you as a buyer.

You can also see the seller’s rating – it will help you decide if you should make a deal with him. All communication between you takes place in a personal chat room, where messages are encrypted.

The community of OfferUp sellers and buyers is huge. It is used daily by millions of people, creating their reputation and earning money on everything – old clothes, shelves, electronics – and everything that you can find in your garage. Unnecessary thing? OfferUp will help you to get rid of it.


letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff, Cars, Furniture

Now you don’t need to go to the flea market or small sales in search of interesting or necessary things. letgo is a unique place, the internet market, where you can buy everything from an old brooch for 1 cent up to a used car. You can also create and find free ads – the category “give for free” is popular.

Like many similar applications, letgo takes your location into account. Priority is given to products nearby, but you can look for the right items anywhere.

By the way, you can also bargain with the seller. There is a special button that allows you to offer the seller your price, either lower or higher. And all communication between you takes place in a fast messenger inside the application itself. Download letgo and earn easily on unnecessary but in general useful and working things.


5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuff Locally

The security of 5miles is guaranteed by the fact that both sellers and buyers can only register with their Facebook account. 5miles also shows you ads in the area: though you don’t have to turn on the GPS, you can just type in your address or postcode.

If you don’t want to meet the seller (sociophobia is an unpleasant disease), you can order the delivery of the purchased goods. You can sell anything you want, or buy anything. You could even consider that you have a permanent garage sale, which starts and ends when you need it.

In addition to selling things, you can also find a place to live or work, as well as view the summary of other people. Looking for a nanny, gardener, or new home? Even with these 5miles: help you. You will literally be able to move without having to move – maybe the house next door is rented out!

Ads are absolutely free, but you can promote them for a fee. You can also share them on your Twitter and Facebook pages. All transactions in 5miles are secure – no additional transaction fees are included when buying or selling within the application.



Many fashionistas and people just watching the trends know that fashion is cyclical. What’s popular today is most likely to have happened before in people’s lives.

That’s why among these stylish people second hand is popular. There you can find inexpensive branded things in excellent condition. But what if now at low prices you can buy clothes with only your mobile phone?

Depop will be your guide in the world of fashion and the latest trends. People often order clothes which are not suitable for their style or size, become annoying, or just don’t like them after purchase.

They put it on display at Depop at a low cost. A lot of brands – both streetwear like Adidas or Nike, as well as Yeezy. Want to follow the trends without spending thousands on clothes? Find the right item with the detailed filter on Depop.

Vintage items, accessories, branded sneakers… You can get acquainted with new designers and images in the application, as well as participate in some events organized by the developers. The community constantly arranges meetings with famous designers and artists that instill good taste and talk about fashion.


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Carousell used to be one of the most popular apps on the market for reselling things on Garage sales, but lately, it seems to be slightly giving up its positions. Still, you are able to find thousands of interesting offers here and find the buyers for your old stuff.

The main advantage of Carousell is that this is a very classy yeard and garage sale app and as soon as you install and launch it you can start browsing for the items. Well if you plan to sell something then you will have to create at least your account and make an announcement – but this process is fast in Carousell.

On the main page, you can see that all the goods are divided into categories. If you’re not sure which category the item you are looking for belongs to, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen. If you found exactly what you’ve been looking for (or not exactly) you can immediately start a chat with a seller.

All chats are safe and monitored by the community. Carousell provides total security from the frauds. Each seller can build their reputation by earning positive reviews from the customers.

If you are selling something on Carousell on the regular basis you should pay attention to this part. In this app, it is possible to buy literally everything – a new house for your cat or the new apartment for you.



If you’re been looking for a certain item forever but still haven’t found it in any of the garage sale apps, then maybe you should try out the Facebook marketplace.

The reality of the nowadays world is that many people prefer to have everything in just one app. And since Facebook is the most used social network, the emerging of the marketplace groups was just the question of time. At the moment almost every small town has its own marketplace community on Facebook.

Moreover, according to the statistics, Facebook is one of the first places where people go to check if there is an item for sale that they are looking for – this information is for those who want to sell something. For the bigger cities, the groups are available not only in different specifications but in different languages.

The rules of each marketplace group are different – some are more strict, some are more liberated. A little tip for customers – choose the groups with the more conservative rules – thus you will be more protected from frauds.

For the sellers, on the opposite, it is easier to choose those groups, where you know you can make posts freely or where you will be accepted by admins within one day. However, always watch out for any type of fraud.

The deals on Facebook are not protected by any legislation so the whole process is private. Don’t send any money or goods if you’re not sure about the responsive actions.


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Garage Sale Map

Still, there are some benefits to real sales. You immediately see the product, you can agree on a price and get it immediately after you have paid. There is no need to wait or worry about the payment, which may be delayed on one of the accounts.

To find real garage sales, you need to know the locations. People often post-sales announcements on real services that Garage Sale Map works with.

Garage Sale Map collects information from dozens of services, such as EstateSales, YardSaleSearch, and others. The application determines your location and shows all the offers nearby. The design is in the form of a map, which displays the icons of the nearest sales outlets.

You can also learn about their themes – for example, furniture or books. You can also see the offers in the form of a list sorted by distance from you. To the selected point Garage Sale Map will even build you a route! Look for keyword suggestions and go shopping in someone’s backyard.


Village – Buy & Sell Locally

Village – Buy & Sell Locally is an app that looks like a cute little village fair. Popularity-wise, it’s not exactly the talk of the town or the go-to destination for everyone­, but it is making efforts to establish itself as a note­worthy player in the local buy-and-sell marke­t.

Basically, it aids you in buying or se­lling various items, ranging from electronics to furniture­ to clothing – with a focus on the local community. The app includes a map view, which is essential for locating potential treasures in your local area. Additionally, you can e­ngage with your neighbours and create groups.

In practical terms, the tool seems fairly stable, with a neat interface in lovely light pastels. When it comes to storage, at 106 MB it may take up too much space on your phone­ if you’re short on memory or have an older model.

While there are ads on the­ app, they are not overly intrusive. At the same time, there are no listing fees. However, there are paid fe­atures available for those who are­ looking for some additional options.

Village - Buy & Sell Locally,
Village - Buy & Sell Locally,

Listed Near Me – Buy and sell

Another digital marke­tplace, this app works as a little neighbourhood yard sale. It allows you to buy or sell a broad range of items, including ele­ctronics, clothing, and furniture. The app shows you new items that are listed in your vicinity every day. You have an opportunity to chat with buyers or sellers via the tool’s interface.

The app looks like a reliable platform for browsing for hidden gems without any frustrating crashes. The interface is intuitive and very accessible. Like with many similar apps, a map view that allows you to easily locate nearby offers is included.

There are­ ads, though – and in-app purchases that allow you to bypass those ads with the premium features. The app does not feature­ groups or listing fees. The tool is fairly lightweight at 27 MB.

However, I came across one serious drawback. Apparently, the app is full of scammers who start calling you immediately after you list your item, and try to cheat you out of your money by asking for your verification code. So note you need to be quite vigilant while using this app.

Listed Near Me - Buy and sell
Listed Near Me - Buy and sell


If you want to explore literally everything that does your local market has to offer, then you should get this app as well. It’s not the most popular garage sale app ever, but not the least one either. In other words, you should explore OFFERit as well – what is you will find something truly interesting here? Or, on the other hand, will finally sell that old sofa.

OFFERit is an extremely convenient app both for customers and sellers. Creating a new post here won’t take you longer than 30 seconds. For buyers – the app often has its own sales promotions when sellers make huge discounts to their offers. The app includes all kinds of goods: electronics, baby items, books, furniture, cars, home decor elements, and so on.

Each customer can leave the feedback about the seller and that’s how the reputation is formed on OFFERit. Each user can read the reviews of others, to understand if the vendor is trustworthy or not. The developers of the app claim it has more than a million users. Well, it’s rather exaggerated, but there are some people, definitely.



One of the most trending apps where you can find the best local offers on yard sales. Well, to be completely honest, Nextdoor is not the yard and garage sale specifically, it is more the app that helps you to keep your hand on the pulse of everything that is happening in your neighborhood.

However, how the practice shows, people often use this local news app to post announcements about something they want to sell or buy. Thus, because Nextdoor is quite a popular app, you can find interesting local offers. When you just launch the app you can select the topic you are most interested in.

The app will be offering you the feed based on your preferences. The sales posts look really similar to the ones that you might have seen on Facebook. First, there goes the general description, then the type of the product, and then the price. You can find the reviews of other buyers about the seller if you click on their avatar.


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Shpock: Buy & Sell Marketplace

Shpock is one more app for buying and selling stuff, with a special focus on the UK market. It has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play. You can list and buy pretty much anything: from electronics and clothes to furniture and cars. Plus, like in a real marketplace, you can bargain.

In terms of functionality, the app is quite stable, with a neat minimalistic interface. It comes with a map view, too showing you hidden gems are lurking in your area. So you can use it to buy stuff locally, or alternatively to get your items delivered nationwide: there’s this option, too.

You can chat with other users, obviously. Here’s a little downside: like it often happens with apps like this, there are people who are not genuine buyers, but who would rather try to scam you. Bear in mind that you need to be careful with your personal details.

In terms of memory, it won’t hog your phone’s storage.

The app is free, and there are no listing fees – but the free version is, obviously, limited, and you’ll get nudged to pay for premium features or to escape the ads.



As we have found out, it does not matter – you have a garage, your own house or a small shop for sale. Now you can simply sell what you don’t need via the Internet – just raise your fingers and you don’t even have to get up from the couch.

Want to sell a lot of goods at once or just one – it does not matter. So for customers: with the help of services you do not need to spend hours looking for the right item of good quality. You can view all the characteristics directly from home.

For lovers of real sales, there are also services for navigation to the points of sale. Other people’s garages, backyards, filled with things of the owners – maybe someone enjoys the process itself. In any case, for all fans, we have found the application to your liking – you only need to choose and install them on your smartphone.

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