11 Best apps for martial arts practitioners (Android & iOS)

The martial arts are called that for a reason. It is difficult enough to possess them and can be called a real art. The way people move during a battle, how concentrated and accurate they are in their actions.

Usually, people start training from an early age so that they can hone their skills and abilities to perfection. We can convince you that you can be a fighter at any age – even if you are over 30 years old.

You can find absolutely everything on Google now. Fighting techniques, precise instructions and much more can be found both in video format and as instructions. If you decide to improve your combat skills, you don’t need to hire a personal trainer and work with him.

This approach is suitable for those people who already know the basics of martial arts and know how important it is to follow the technique. We have found 11 applications for you, where you can sharpen your skills a little and bring them almost to perfection.

Fighting Trainer by Critical Bit

fighting trainerMixed Martial Arts is perhaps one of the most popular martial arts trends. If you’ve dealt with combat before, or just practiced sports, the Fighting Trainer app can help you upgrade your current skill level. In the app, you will see a full demonstration of real techniques, which you can include in your daily training.

The Fighting Trainer includes more than 90 different combat techniques to sharpen your skills. If you learn how to pay attention to your body or protect yourself, it will only benefit you.

All the movements you are advised to study are recorded with a professional martial arts master. Each movement is made in perfect animation. Your virtual coach is the world champion in karate, so you can be sure in his qualifications.

The timer, which is built into the Fighting Trainer, will help you practice the movement for a certain period of time, and you will understand how to move your body better to execute the moves. If the move is too complex – slow down the animation and rotate it – the technique becomes clearer.

fighting trainer1 fighting trainer2



mma trainer ufc mma ufc gymYou will need to train constantly in order to become stronger and more confident every day. The MMAtrainer is designed so that you can even do what you do with your trainer at home.

Your daily workout will be more varied as you learn new techniques and movements in the app every day. It’s also a great way to protect yourself from unexpected attacks.

The MMAtrainer is designed for professionals and beginners alike. If you’ve been in combat or martial arts before, you’ll be able to hone your skills, balance and even combat techniques better.

Beginner fighters will be able to learn about new techniques in the app and create personal big training. MMAtrainer includes jujitsu, judo, karate and much more.
The techniques are available from different fighting techniques.

When you install the application, you get free access to hundreds of moves and techniques that athletes use in real-life competition. Animation in MMAtrainer is made of high quality, and you will notice all the nuances of each movement of the fighter.

mma trainer ufc mma ufc gym1 mma trainer ufc mma ufc gym2


SweetScience Box

sweetscience boxEvery training requires prior planning. With the SweetScience Box app you can create your own workout with the special exercises you need.

You can also keep track of your entire workout. In order to exercise strictly in time, you can enable the timer mode. It simulates rounds in sparring or boxing, which gives you a sense of reality.

SweetScience Box is also designed for high-intensity training, which helps you not only to improve your skills in sports, but also to lose extra weight. In the application you can also find for yourself sparring partners who are ready to meet you for a joint workout.

If you are really a boxing fan, SweetScience Box will even tell you about all the upcoming boxing events in the United States. Your training and sports skills needs will be met. If you don’t know your technique yet – just look at the training videos and repeat after the professionals.

sweetscience box1 sweetscience box2


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MMA Spartan System Female – Home Workouts Free

mma spartan system femaleGirls and women around the world are actively involved in sports and its various forms. What used to be considered a purely male activity, is easily amenable to girls.

MMA Spartan System Female is a special application for girls, which will help to improve your performance in sports and endurance. All training in the app is considered effective and contains competent and quality exercises.

MMA Spartan System Female is considered universal because it will help you both in training and in everyday life. For example, professionals who work with developers can help you develop a nutrition plan that takes into account all your specific needs.

If, at some point, training becomes too easy for you, create your own training plans. This way, by increasing your workload, you will achieve great results in weight loss or sports.

The purpose of the app is to keep girls motivated for sports. MMA Spartan System Female will help you turn your dream of boxing into reality.

mma spartan system female1 mma spartan system female2


iBJJ Lite

ibjj liteJujitsu has been practiced by athletes for a long time. To achieve a really high level of skill, a person has to train and practice for a long time.

However, if you want to learn a new martial art from scratch, iBJJ Lite will be your assistant and instructor. This variation of the application is a demo version and is designed only for your acquaintance with its functionality.

In iBJJ Lite the whole technique is divided into separate parts and stages of execution. Gathering them together, you will get a full picture of classes and trainings. If you miss something in the demos, you’ll be able to navigate through the text on the screen.

Some of the exercises may be pleasing to you or too complicated to be repeated the first time. You can save them as Favorites right in the app for quick access. The key footage highlighted in the video will help you better understand what jujitsu is. iBJJ Lite will make you move as you really need it with a good workout.

ibjj lite1 ibjj lite2


Wing Chun Trainer

wing chun trainerIt is not always possible to connect to the Internet during a workout. The Wing Chun Trainer app supports offline mode so you can continue your training anywhere without disrupting your schedule.

In fact, you will be learning a special kind of boxing that will make you focus. By the way, as you learn new techniques, you will notice that many of them are actively used in action movies and other films.

If you like MMA or other martial arts, you will like Wing Chun Trainer. Wing Chun is a scientific kind of boxing that is designed for your agility and reaction speed. The techniques can be used in close combat, where you will gain an advantage over your opponent.

All the exercises can be viewed in 3D mode, as well as viewed from all sides. You will set up your own training speed and the scale of the demonstration. By the way, if you do not work out alone, but with your friends – start multiplayer training mode and you can spend time cheerfully and with benefit to your body.

wing chun trainer1


Shaolin Kung Fu

shaolin kung fu

It’s never too late to start kung fu. This art can be studied by anyone, especially if they have video material available. Shaolin Kung Fu was designed so that you can learn the basics of technique and even the correct body positions on your own.

The course presented in the application is taught by Master Yang, who will teach you body alignment, striking techniques, and even correct the most common mistakes.

Shaolin Kung Fu is freely available for download. The content consists of several video courses that explain the basics of Kung Fu technique in order. For example, the 1st course teaches the fundamentals of kung fu, while the 2nd course introduces you to the kung fu technique and how to control your lower body.

You will have to pay for full access to the video lessons, but the cost is several times less than with a personal trainer. You only have to pay once.

Your body will be more flexible throughout the course, and you will learn completely incredible punches and techniques. It is worth mentioning that Shaolin Kung Fu contains several hours of video lessons, during which you will be able to learn basic concepts.

shaolin kung fu1


Karate Training Program

karate trainingKarate constantly appears in Asian films, action movies, TV series, and even cartoons. Many boys in childhood wanted to be like the heroes of these films – strong, clear in blows, and dangerous.

Karate Training Program will help you learn karate even if you are a beginner – and age does not play a role. You will learn the basics of karate technique, as well as to distribute their weight in the combat stance so that you can always start to act.

Since Karate Training Program helps to develop your skills, you can modify each application. By progressing in your training level, you will increase the intensity of each technique – only in this way you will be able to improve your skills.

If you are interested in karate not only for self-development but also for self-defense, you will find separate programs in the application.

You will also be accompanied by a digital trainer during the training, who will give you recommendations and guidelines for action. New training sessions are updated weekly in order to diversify your training. Before each of them, you can watch an introductory video.

karate training1 karate training2 karate training3


BJJBuddy – BJJ Tracker Journal


An interesting design is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at the BJJBuddy app. The formidable kimono karate player literally lets you know right away that he has serious training intentions.

BJJBuddy is a tracker that lets you keep track of all your workouts, moves, and auditions. Once your workout is over, the app will show you clear charts.

In addition to tracking, you will also be able to learn more about Brazilian Jujitsu. The application will find the most interesting and useful video recommendations for you by drawing conclusions from your workout data.

You can study them before your next session to improve your own results. BJJBuddy will also show you at what points you have “gaps” in your training and how you can fix them.

Take notes about your own feelings and progress right in the app so you can get a full picture of your Jujitsu training in the future. You can also send your scores to friends or your personal trainer!

bjjbuddy1 bjjbuddy2


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Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense


Sport can help you change your own body, principles, and life in general. Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense is a training app that lets you learn the art of kickboxing and combine it with standard fitness training.

If the results in a particular sport are not so important to you and you just want to be in shape, this app is an excellent option.

Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense allows you to combine energetic training with combat techniques. This system is especially suitable for you if you need to improve coordination and learn self-defense techniques.

The training takes place in the format of fitness and kickboxing. Standard training with cardio equipment can be boring, and such exercises will awaken interest in the sport.

All training processes are grouped according to difficulty levels, and you will have to get acquainted with them and find a more suitable one. Training time also varies – from 10 to 30 minutes per day.

kickboxing1 kickboxing2


Mastering Taekwondo – Get Black Belt at Home

mastering taekwondo

Getting a black belt is real for any level of training with proper training. Courses can really help you advance in your sports training, starting from the lowest level.

Mastering Taekwondo represents several courses for each person. If you want to practice sports at home, the app will give you good support and a complete guide to action.

Mastering Taekwondo contains video lessons that will show you the correct technique. You can learn something new anywhere and anytime – of course, if you have a short break for sports.

If you want to get rank, Mastering Taekwondo will also improve your performance. The video shows kicks at various levels – up to advanced training. Step by step you will master the martial arts.

By the way, each exercise can be viewed from any angle – for more precise technique. You do not even need any special equipment – your body is the only thing you need for training.

mastering taekwondo1 mastering taekwondo2


If you practice martial arts, you know that it takes a long time to master the technique, new moves, and perfect grips. You will not need to go to Asia to see old trainers, look for specialized gyms and much more.

Using special applications, you can get detailed video instructions and tips from professionals without spending too much money. Of course, some applications require payment, but this amount cannot be compared to an hourly coach fee.

If you are sitting at home and have some free time, you can spend it to good use and practice. We hope that you have found new sources of information about martial arts and we have helped you.

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