7 Free Monthly Car Insurance Calculators (Apps & Websites)

Car insurance significantly reduces the risks of driving. In different countries, insurance companies offer plans for different periods – monthly insurance, 3, 6, or 12-month contracts.

By the way, these cheapest car insurance apps in the USA will help you find the most favorable plan.

In this review, we have collected apps and websites that help you calculate your monthly payment. Thus, let’s take a look at these free monthly car insurance calculators.

Motors Insurance Calculator by Uv TechSoft

Motors Insurance Calculator is a mobile app that helps you get the cost of taking out an insurance policy for your car. Choose the best insurance option and save time and money.

The app contains convenient functionality to analyze and calculate the cost of insurance, which allows you to take into account all the necessary factors. Enter information about your car to make the calculation as accurate as possible.

Specify extra factors. For example, add the presence of a security system, and the most suitable type of insurance. Then, activate the appropriate discounts. The app offers to analyze the data and calculate the impact of various factors on the cost of insurance.

Change the parameters to track the upward or downward trend in the cost of the insurance policy. Check which factors are most important for you and which insurance company will offer favorable terms.

The app supports different methods of calculating the insurance premium, so you can choose one of them. Each method has its own peculiarities and takes into account certain factors. Compare different offers of insurance terms from companies.

Study the tariffs, payment terms, discounts, and other data offered by the companies that will help you make the right decision when choosing insurance. Save the results of calculations and previous transactions to utilize the data in the future.

Track changes in insurance activation conditions and change your policy on time to save money and time. Sign documents through the app and be sure of your safety.


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Car Insurance Calculator

This is a mobile app for quick and easy calculation of car insurance costs. It will help you to be aware of all the details of your insurance. With this app, you can easily choose and pay for the best insurance for your car.

The app has a wide range of functionality that allows you to get an accurate calculation of the cost of insurance, as well as detailed information about different types of insurance. Study and analyze offers from different insurance companies and choose the most profitable solution for you.

Get an approximate insurance cost for your car by entering information about the model, year of manufacture, condition of the car, and other criteria. The app will automatically analyze the data and provide an estimated insurance cost. It takes into account the individual needs of each user.

The program offers a wide range of insurance policies and extra options. Choose the most suitable option for you, taking into account your financial capabilities and insurance requirements. Compare offers of different insurance companies before making a final choice.

Get and study detailed information about tariff plans, insurance terms, premium amounts, cash payments, and other important parameters. Such analysis will help you choose a reliable and favorable insurance company.

If necessary, contact the support service, where you can get answers to all your insurance questions. Qualified employees of the service will help the user understand the intricacies of insurance, help with the choice of optimal parameters, and make the best tariff plan.


Motor Insurance Calculator Pro by Go Software Kolkata

Motor Insurance Calculator Pro is for all car owners who want to quickly and as accurately as possible determine the cost of insurance. Enter all the necessary data about your car. Describe the model, year of manufacture, place of registration, and other parameters that affect the cost of the policy.

After entering all the data, the app automatically calculates the cost of insurance. It offers several different types of insurance, so each car owner will be able to choose the best option.

Choose the desired type of insurance and get detailed information about the policy. Calculate the amount of insurance and get data about possible payments during the insured event.

Go through different offers from presented insurance companies. Compare them by cost, policy, payout amount, and other parameters. Add the greatest options to your favorites and use them to make a final decision.

The app also provides extra information about car insurance. Familiarize yourself with the explanation of basic concepts and terms that are directly related to insurance, and get useful tips on choosing a reliable company.

Save ready data with insurance calculations to use them in the future. The app allows you to save time and money, as well as make informed decisions to buy the most favorable insurance policy for your car.


Motor Insurance Premium

This app helps you estimate the cost of insurance for your car by clarifying some information. Calculate the cost of several types of insurance.

To do this, choose the option that suits you and enter the relevant data in the empty cells. After that, the app will automatically calculate the cost of insurance and display the data on the screen.

The app uses your car data to calculate the premium. Be sure to write the car model and date of manufacture, fill in the mileage details, and the amount of insurance coverage. Add parameters that can also affect the cost of insurance.

Specify the place of insurance coverage – depending on your residence, the place where you live or where you plan to use the car. Depending on the selected parameters, the insurance premium will be different.

You can also choose extra insurance terms and conditions to increase your payouts when an insured event occurs. Analyze and compare insurance rates of different companies. This will help you choose the most favorable offer in the market and save money.

Save the calculations in the storage of your device, and then you can come back to them later to compare different options and choose the most suitable one. The app also ensures high accuracy of payout calculations based on precise algorithms and up-to-date data on insurance rates.


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Compare The Market

This online service will calculate the cost of car insurance for you and help you find the most favorable terms from different insurance companies. This service is designed to make the process of choosing car insurance easier and save you time and money.

Enter information about your car into the insurance calculator. Add the year of manufacture, model, and other characteristics. This data will help determine the approximate cost of insurance. Enter information about yourself and your driving skills.

Specify the desired duration of the insurance policy and other parameters. Research information about how much you will receive from damages. Add theft insurance to the terms and conditions. Write the details of the desired payout in case of an accident and add other extras.

The more parameters will be specified, the more accurate the result will be. After entering all the necessary data, the system will analyze offers from different insurance companies and provide you with a list of the most suitable options.

You will be able to compare offers by cost, insurance terms, and other factors to choose the most favorable option. It is important to note that the cost of insurance can vary, depending on the risks covered, your place of residence, and other factors.

Thus, the calculator will allow you to get the most accurate information about the cost of insurance based on your individual preferences. Reject the offer and look for other options if you are not satisfied with the results.

Money Geek

This online service will calculate the amount of car insurance for you and help you find the most favorable offers from different organizations.

Just add all the information that affects the cost of the insurance policy to the app and get the results. Thanks to them, you will be able to find the most favorable and convenient offer for insurance for your car from any company.

Fill in all the information in stages, so you will not need the help of a specialist, and you can calculate the approximate cost of the policy yourself. Find out what terms and conditions of insurance from the company you have chosen.

Adjust the data and calculate the cost of the policy again, if you want to change something in your tariff. The service allows you to add and change data according to the personal preferences and needs of the user.

Provide extra information about yourself as a driver, if you want to get the most accurate result. Share your calculations from the app with other users. Save intermediate calculation totals to compare offers from different companies and insurance agencies.

Choose the most comprehensive and favorable package based on the data you have entered in this calculator.

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The online service allows you to quickly and conveniently find the types of car insurance coverage you need. It helps to determine the most suitable insurance based on their individual needs and financial capabilities.

The insurance calculator is based on an algorithm that takes into account a number of factors that affect the cost of the policy. Enter data about the car model, period of use, and driving experience into the app.

Add your region of residence and other factors that may affect the cost and types of insurance.

Using the insurance calculator is easy. First, you need to select your country of residence. Then enter information about your car. To do this, select the items or enter the data in the appropriate cells.

Additionally, specify information about the driver. Add your name, date of birth, gender, and driving experience to the app. Next, the insurance calculator asks for your region of residence to determine the cost. Once you have entered all the information, you can start calculating the price of the policy.

Moreover, the calculator offers different insurance policy options, so everyone can choose the most suitable for themselves. Analyze all insurance variants with different price categories and choose the best one for yourself.

The insurance price is calculated based on the information provided and can be changed by editing one or more parameters. Get more information about the type of insurance and the company’s terms and conditions by going to the page with a detailed description of each type of insurance.

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