11 Best Apps for Movie Reviews

Many people like to watch movies, whether it’s old or new movie distribution. The goal of some movie buffs is to review the best and most legendary cinema paintings.

To date, the number of interesting films reaches an incredible amount. It takes a lot of time to watch all the movies. But do they really deserve the attention of the audience? And if not, how can I find out?

To do this, there are various sites on which all the information about the films is collected. But we do not always have the opportunity to find them to get the necessary data. Also, movie descriptions are not always able to convey the emotions of watching.

What to do? People who have already watched specific films come to the rescue. They are the ones who write the reviews. With their help, you can decide whether you really want to watch the desired movie.

Our phones have a huge variety of applications. Thus, movie review apps are also available for them. It is in them that you can find the best movie reviews. This list contains the best applications that have the best movie reviews.

Enjoy your favorite movies and series using these free websites to stream movies online without signing up.


Do you like to watch movies online and spend a lot of time looking for something interesting? Then you should pay attention to the Letterboxd application. It will help you choose the best movies or series.

The movies that are collected here will last you a long time. The collection is updated with new films and recognized masterpieces of past years. Regardless of who you are – a fan of energetic action movies or a fan of youth series. The plenty of the catalog will make you forget about all the other ways of spending leisure time.

In this application, you will find many interesting movie reviews. Reviews are written by real users who have already watched the selected movie or series.

The choice of movies is very wide and diverse. So everyone will find something interesting for themselves, whatever their tastes. This is the golden classic of Hollywood and soulful French comedies.

Temperamental Italian dramas, and noisy Indian music films. What do you prefer – a good old classic or a movie distribution novelty? No matter what your answer will be. It has everything, like reviews on paintings from the era of the birth of cinema, and on modern films.

In the application catalog you will find reviews of films of any genres:

  • movies about love
  • detective
  • action movie
  • western
  • fantasy
  • art house
  • comedy
  • films about the war
  • horror
  • thriller
  • documentaries

The app Letterboxd also provides reviews of short films, as well as TV shows. Are you interested in the most iconic films in a particular genre? The search system will help you navigate and find the necessary review.


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Taste – Movie & TV Recommendations

Movie reviews are an important part of every film. Any movie needs to be reviewed. Capacious information allows a viewer to understand the essence of the movie.

In the Taste – Movie & TV Recommendations application, all reviews are written by users. They have already watched specific films and series. Thus, reading them is not only informative but exciting and interesting.

Reviews of films provide an opportunity to delve into the genre of the reviewed film. Such information introduces you to the essence and history of the selected movie.

Reviews provide more complete and detailed information containing specific facts from the film. Getting acquainted with movie reviews is always practical and convenient. After all, without even watching a movie, you can have an idea about this film.

The movie portal daily processes the flow of movie news. It provides the reader with materials about world cinema. Here you will find:

  • reviews and reviews of new film distribution
  • background information on films and actors
  • detailed information (frames, trailers, schedule of movie releases)
  • rental results
  • interviews with movie newsmakers
  • news about awards, including exclusive reporting and photography from film festivals

Each film in this application has a rating, which is formed due to the reviews of various authors. The goal of the program is to provide readers with the widest possible list of opinions.

You can also add your review to the film. To do this, in the upper right corner of the application Taste – Movie & TV Recommendations there is a special “Add” button. You can put a link to a review on the Internet and fill in the fields yourself. All information from users undergoes preliminary moderation.



Movilty is an app that offers a free library for watching movies, TV shows, and listening to music. In the program, you can watch various reviews of new releases. Have you been wanting to find cool music bands, hobby sites, and the like for a long time? Then the app will definitely fit all your needs.

Watch reviews for anything that interests you, and you can also leave your impressions. Comment and rate as much as you can. In this way, the search forms some content that you like. Every day you can go to the app and see all the new stuff. You can win free movie tickets and more.

Get gifts from the brand itself. To be in the center of the prizes, all you have to do is watch movies often and take part in contests.

Share the program with your friends and watch your favorite movies. Send the link through social media. Users love Movilty because of its interface and good graphics. Use the handy search engine and find all the interesting stuff.


IMDb Movies & TV Shows Trailers, Reviews, Tickets

If you just want to keep up to date with the latest news from Hollywood, check out the IMDb Movies & TV Shows Trailers, Reviews, Tickets. This is one of the only movie news posts. Here you can find the current status of upcoming projects from the world of cinema.

Stay on top of making a movie from start to finish. See who is rumored to be joining the team. Find out who will officially be filming a particular film, and who will become the director. You can also get information about the release date of the film.

In the IMDb Movies & TV Shows Trailers, Reviews, Tickets you can find professional reviews for those films that interest you.

In fact, this is an encyclopedia of films. Everything you want to know about a particular movie can be found in this app.

This is a great resource for movies from the past. Also here you can find out what’s new in Hollywood. The database daily publishes news about the film industry. It includes new and upcoming films. You will learn about the development of future projects.

The application IMDb Movies & TV Shows Trailers, Reviews, Tickets contains ratings and reviews of films. By both professional critics and users of the application.

To use all the functions of the application, you need to register. When you log into your account, you can receive movie offers based on your interests and ratings. Create custom movie lists.

It is also a great tool for understanding how critics and fans react to various films. It is also a good source of the latest film and trailer news. The main feature of the application IMDb Movies & TV Shows Trailers, Reviews, Tickets is hundreds of reviews from critics.


CLZ Movies

If you like to sort the movies and organize them according to reviews, genre, actors, and so on, then this app is a nice choice for you. It looks a little bit obsolete but it brings that nostalgic vibe that many people like.

The application catalog contains all the brightest and most interesting reviews. You can browse for a move, then click on it, go to the comments section and see what other people say about it. It is cool in many ways – first of all, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can find out if it’s worth your time.

Or, if you have already seen the movies, you can share your opinions with others, find people who also like this movies and discuss it online.

As soon as the movie or a TV show is released in the app it is possible to leave the reviews about it. It is a lot of fun and there are truly hundreds of reviews.

The app contains a detailed description of each movie, including the director, the cast, year of release, and so on. It is also a nice app for searching for a good movie to watch.

You can search for new movies according to the genre, name of actors. What is more, you can add the movies to your favorites. Another interesting aspect of the CLZ movies is that you can scan the barcodes from the DVD and CD boxes and the app will find the movie in its library automatically. personalized recommendations are possible as well.

You can compile your own list of favorite movies and share them with friends. The only thing is that the app is free only for the first week of usage, then you will have to pay $14/month to be able to continue using it.



Friendspire is an app that makes it easy to find an interesting movie and good music. Surely you wanted to quickly find and watch your favorite movies for free? Then the program is for you.

Here you will be able to save videos, write reviews for them, and share them with your best friends and relatives. There is a huge variety of activities on this platform. It’s constantly getting updated, so finding what you need will be quick.

Stop the hassle of searching for movies on third-party services, this app is much more convenient to use. You will immediately see the genres of shows and movies, there are shows and other programs.

Friendspire will easily replace your book, there is also a huge number of novels and novellas. There are podcasts, if you’re a fan, it’s no problem to find Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Share the app with your friends, send your Instagram followers the link. Let as many people as possible know about such a great platform.

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

Spend a lot of time choosing the right movie? The Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes, will help make this process fast and fun. Rate movies and add favorites to your listings. The program will select the movies most relevant to your interests.

For convenience, the application Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes has sections by genre:

  • fantasy
  • sport
  • horrors
  • adventure
  • documentary
  • historical
  • thrillers
  • comedy
  • anime
  • cartoons
  • westerns
  • dramas
  • detectives
  • biography
  • melodramas
  • military
  • fighters

How does the app select the best reviews for movies or cartoons?

For example, you watched a movie about the war or you were fascinated by comedies and series. You just need to rate the movie. Based on your experience, the application’s algorithm analyzes which reviews to recommend.

The application algorithm takes into account all your preferences:

  • what genres you like (comedy, melodrama, horror, action, and much more)
  • in which country was the film made
  • film subjects (for example, historical, military or about love)
  • purpose (serious tapes, for girls, boys or children, “restricted area”, etc.)
  • format (video, series, animated series, feature films)

You can add your reviews to the movies and TV shows you like in the application. Each of your ratings and reviews will be taken into account by the application algorithm. Based on this, the desired movie will be searched. Save what you are interested in in a special tab.

With the application Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes, you will not only expand the list of watched films and learn all the latest movies. You can immerse yourself in the cinema world. Study the assessment, the cast and enjoy the trailers.


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Surely each of you is faced with the problem of choosing a movie for evening viewing. During the search, it seems that all the good films have already been revised. No one can help or suggest what to see after a tiring working day.

You have to watch trailers for a long time and read reviews. When a suitable film is found, there is no time left to watch it. The Redbox – Rent, Watch, Play app has an algorithm that will recommend movies based on your priorities. You can read reviews on recommended films.

The application works on the principle of Tinder. If you scroll to the right, it means that you have already watched the movie. Then the application offers to put a film rating on a ten-point scale. If left – the movie was not watched. You can choose one of three points: “I do not want to watch”, “I want to watch” and “I have not decided”.

At the beginning of the application Redbox – Rent, Watch, Play, you need to provide a basis for selection. The algorithm for selecting films works fast. The user is provided with information about ten films that he can check. After five marked films, the user rating is recalculated.

After that, the next ten cards are loaded with new ratings. If the user marks the film as “not defined”, then the application will offer to check the film in a few days. The list of recommendations for a particular person is in the “We recommend” section. The films selected for viewing are located in the “I want to see” section.

Each film is presented in the form of a card, by clicking on which you can see detailed information. Also here are the best movie reviews from popular users.


Movieguide Lite – Movie Reviews

In the Movieguide Lite – Movie Reviews application, you will find the latest information on the latest cinema news. Also here you can see the rating and user reviews of any films and TV shows.

The application algorithm takes into account many indicators. Genre, theme, country of production. At first, the application may be wrong, but this is normal. Over time, recommendations will become more accurate.

The application allows you to watch trailers and read news about movies and series. Do it in a convenient mobile format. You can view the lists of actors involved in each project and brief descriptions of the plots.

The application Movieguide Lite – Movie Reviews has convenient functionality. The Magnifier icon denotes a search with which you can quickly find the desired movie by its name. You can also change the display of the list of films. Two options are available – list or grid.

When you switch to the second option to display the list, more films enter the screen. But the information content decreases. Only the picture, title, and rating are available. There is no information about the year of release of the film and the actors.

By clicking the icon at the top of the screen, you can select the “Sort” item. Adjust the location of the films on the list according to the selected criterion.

Besides, the program Movieguide Lite – Movie Reviews helps to keep track of watched TV shows and movies. The user profile displays lists where you can add your favorite projects. Personal recommendations and lists based on ratings suggest what to watch next. By clicking on the selected movie, the app will display all kinds of information.

To the right of the poster, there is information about the rating of the film on various resources. The following is the assessment of users of the application.



Cinematics is an app that will find you any series, movie, show, program on demand. Did you want to find something to watch quickly without spending a lot of time? Then the program is for you. Here you can watch the reviews if you’re not sure if the movie you’ve chosen.

The program has a lot of useful features. There is a platform with free video access and a rating of movies and shows. You can create a folder of your favorite videos. Find clips by genre, by current trends. For example, a cartoon has already been released and you have to click on the novelty section.

What’s more, you can keep track of the next releases of long-awaited movies. Here you can read the history of a memorable TV movie and which actors were involved. With Rotten Tomatoes, you can see all the information you want.

By the way, get to know your favorite actors, read their biographies, and watch all the new releases with the people you love. There is a simple sorting of series genres with movies. Sset notifications for new releases so you won’t miss anything.

Cinematics is high rated by users because of its interface and quality graphics. The app is free, each user can find an interesting film and have a great time.


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Movie Mate

Movie Mate is a social network for fans of films and TV shows. It has developed into a universal service and the largest collection of reviews. Here the latest news from the world of cinema is published.

A huge database allows you to quickly find information about almost any film and series. Users of the resource actively contribute to the content of the site. They maintain lists of scanned, write, and translate reviews from various languages.

Besides, in this application, you will find a list of the best films and reviews on them. Here you will find a complete report on new releases, actors, and films. Learn new information about popular TV shows, their ratings, and get thematic collections.

The most interesting articles about films from leading world publications are available daily. Each month about 200 posts about the latest events in the world of cinema are published for you in the news section. Subscribe to the news and be the first to know all the latest events.

Movie Mate is not only a place of communication but also a personal diary of watched films. Each user can share their impressions of the film by writing a review. It will help other users navigate the vast universe of films and TV shows.

For films that get enough reviews, the app is rated average. It is based on all the trends found in reviews of critics. This information can help you quickly check your interest in the film.

The application Movie Mate contains an “audience rating”. This can be useful if you value public opinion about critics. The movie displays a high rating when 60 percent of users rated the movie 3.5 out of 5 or higher. If 60 percent of users rate it below the threshold of 3.5, a low rating is displayed instead.

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