7 Best Vegetable Market Apps in the USA

Farmers’ markets are the cool thing! They usually offer products of much better quality and all the food there is grown organically. No wonder those markets have gained huge popularity. In the article down below we found the best vegetable market apps in the USA that you should try.

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SimplyLocal – Farmers Market

SimplyLocal is an online farmer market app that is great to use. It sells not only vegetables but meat as well (just in case). Moreover, among other vegetable market apps, this one has the best reputation.

The only thing is that the user interface design is a little bit intricate to use. Therefore, here is a quick guide on how to start with this app:

  • Enter the app and add your location
  • Create your profile
  • Explore all categories bu clicking the “more” arrow at the top of the screen
  • Find the “vegetables” section

Then, in the section, you will see the list of markets from where you are able to order the veggies. You can read reviews about it and see the assortment that they offer. It’s also remarkable that some markets have pictures of their foods.

You can contact any market by calling, emailing, or just visiting their website. Because of the rating system, the farmers try their best to win the competition and offer the best products possible.

SimplyLocal - Farmers Market1

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Soko Farmers’ Market App

Another more or less decent app that helps you to find the local farmer markets. Soko Farmers’ is quite multifunctional – here is the list of what you can do:

  • Discover the local farmer marekts nearby on the map in the app
  • Farmers can send notifications about their new products
  • Customers can send a request to a certain farmer about products
  • Customers can order specific products from a specific farmer
  • Possibility to order vegetables online from farmers (doesn’t work for every of them though)

One distinctive feature of the app is its cool interface design. Soko Farmers’ Market is easy in usage – it works like a social network for farmers and buyers.

Customers can also share the pictures of the markets they visited, so others could have an idea how does the local market look like. Moreover, each user can leave a review of a farmer or about the market in general.

Soko Farmers' Market App1

Maano – Virtual Farmers Market

Even despite the primitive interface design of this app, Maano is a popular online market for vegetables. But the main thing of this app is its multifunctionality – the app is suitable both for fermers and consumers.

Farmers can visit the “produce” section and find out how they can find the customers. Customers can view the options or leave a reuest for a certain product in the special section.

Almost all farmers place the pictures of vegetables and other products. If you want to buy something from a certain farmer, you can easily find their contacts in the app.

Maano - Virtual Farmers Market1

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Farmers Market USA

A simple and a little bit obsolete, but still decent app with the map of all farmer markets in the United States. The best thing about it is that Farmers Market allows its users not just finding those on maps, but to filter them out according to the categories.

And these are not just categories, like meat, eggs and vegetables – in the app you will find the detailed ones, such as herbs, honey, seafood, flowers, cheese, plants, poultry, and so on. Explore the nearest markets nearby!

However, keep in mind that for some markets the infromation hasn’t been updated for years, so call to the place before trying visiting.

Farmers Market USA1

Vegetable Market

This is an online store for vegetables and fruits. It works like your regular online grocery store app. You explore the options, add them to your cart and then wait for the delivery.

It’s also worth mentioning there is few analogs on the market for this app. However, before placing an order you need to make sure the app functions in your region. At the moment, Vegetable Market mainly operates in the large aglomerations only.

Vegetable Market1

American Farmers Markets

Even though this app looks like it hasn’t been updated for years, it is a nice choice for those who just want to discover local vegetable marekets on the map and don’t really invest the time into it anymore.

In the main menu, you can filter out the markets by the category, and you can choose “vegetables” and see if there are any markets around you. And here goes one big advantage of this app – even with its lean looks, it contains quite reliable and up-to-date infromation about all farmer markers in the USA.

American Farmers Markets1

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Farmers’ Market Locator

Basically an analogue of the preivous app, however, the developers of it decided to make it paid for some reason. And even though the price is not serious at all, any users would expect some exclusive infromation and features for the money they paid.

However, we are entering the app and what do we see? Quite a basic interface design, and one only otpion – ability to choose a State from the list for a more specific filtration.

The markets will be shown on the map. No more categories to filter the markets out, nothing. The only advantge is that all the info is quite reliable and trustworthy – if you are ready to pay that couple of dollars for that, it’s up to you.

Farmers' Market Locator1
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