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Not so long ago, facial hair on men’s faces began to gain popularity. Many studies have concluded that men with beards look more attractive. Also, the beard helps to hide some defects in the face – for example, the second chin. Growing facial hair, a man gets a completely new look – and sometimes this can not even be predicted.

You shouldn’t make the brain visualize too much. You should not constantly imagine and think about what will change in appearance with the hair on the face. It’s worth noting that a beard, mustache or sideburns will easily make a completely different person out of you.

Before you decide to change your appearance, you should at least understand how you will look with it. We decided to help you see how the beard or mustache will change your face. We have selected 11 apps that can add some interesting details to your look.

Beard Man

beard manPerhaps you are occasionally interested in the question of what you are going to look like with a beard? With the Beard Man app you can see what the result will be.

There is a whole salon, which displays a huge range of different beards and whiskers on your screen. In addition to the beard, the app can edit your current hairstyle and change it as you like.

If you are planning a trip to the barbershop, you should definitely try on a new look. There are separate tools for changing hair color – there are about 30 of the most fashionable colors available at the moment. You can think that you get into a hairdresser’s shop, where you can change the process yourself.

beard man1 beard man2


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Beard Booth Photo Editor

beard booth photo editorYou shouldn’t wait for your real beard to grow. The Beard Booth Photo Editor will help you grow it right now and show you exactly what it will look like. For each type of face there is a specific beard style that suits you.

You control the length of your hair, the color of your beard, and its position. In order to consult with friends, you can take a photo in the Beard Booth Photo Editor and send it immediately.

Choose your ready photo from the gallery or use the built-in camera function. All you have to do next is resize your beard and select it more carefully based on your face.

beard booth photo editor1 beard booth photo editor2


Mooch – Beard & Mustache Photo Editor for Men Face

moochMooch is not the most realistic application for facial hair. But you’ll be able to see exactly what your face will look like with a beard or bristles. Mooch will let you add a beard to your face to impress your friends or family.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t automatically detect your face position – you’ll have to adjust all the details yourself. Size, color, style, and even length are also customizable by the user.

At the same time, Mooch has a very simple interface, that includes also a variety of different samples of beard and mustache. Scale, rotate, change different settings, and then you get an approximate result that you would like to see in real life.

mooch1 mooch2


Grooming: styling & shaving

groomingPhilips is the world’s largest manufacturer of all kinds of equipment, including cutting devices. The company has released its own app that gives you all the information you need about masculine care – clean and smooth shaving, beard styles, and more.

The Grooming app has a personalization feature – that is, all the information presented on your smartphone screen is designed just for you. In addition to personalized advice and shaving and haircutting tips, you can also try on a new look.

In a separate category there are photorealistic previews of cuts and different types of beards. There are more than 20 of them in total, and you can try them on and appreciate the result.

grooming1 grooming2


Beard Booth Studio

beard booth studioWould you like a small beard studio on your smartphone? Then Beard Booth Studio will tell you what to do with the facial hair. If you are too young to have a thick beard or just don’t know what to do with your style, it’s best to start by considering different options.

With Beard Booth Studio, you can try out a whole range of mustaches and beards – from classic models to modern and manly ones. For a realistic look, you can rotate the ‘beard’, change its tilt angle, and much more.

In order to immediately send photos to your friends (perhaps you want to make a joke), the application has built-in easy sharing via Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Try a wig first before you grow a thick beard.

beard booth studio1

Mustache Camera – Grow a Beard

mustache cameraMustache Camera is another joke application that puts a mustache or beard over your face. This way of changing your appearance is suitable for jokes and pranks, as you can immediately see that the photo is fake.

Here you will amuse yourself with a mustache or beard and get the perfect look of a funny guy. All you have to do is upload or take a photo and start processing.

Optionally, you can even add text or make a slight correction. Still, it’s worth noting that the beards presented in Mustache Camera are far from being real and ideal.

mustache camera1 mustache camera2


Beardify – Beard Photo Booth

beardifyA beard isn’t just some kind of hair. It can define the whole style of a person, making him more manly and respectable. It can be considered your second hairstyle!

Beardify will allow you to be with or without your beard. You won’t need to spend several hours in the chair of a hairdresser to find out how you will look with these changes.

There are hundreds of realistic examples of beards in Beardify, and you can even choose from a variety of styles.

To keep track of your appearance in any situation, try blinking, sneezing, or laughing at the camera in Beardify – that way you’ll know what you’ll look like to others.

beardify1 beardify2


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Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live

beard photo editorEveryone would like to try different kinds and styles of beards. But it is not always possible – someone’s facial hair grows too slowly, and another does not grow at all.

With the Beard Photo Editor you can pick the perfect one for yourself and even send it to your barber. In the Beard Photo Editor, the beard is matched to the position of your head so you can see it from all angles.

Its position is automatically detected, so you don’t have to edit anything yourself. Combine adding a beard with the processing of the photo and you’ll get a ready-to-use publication for your social media.

beard photo editor1 beard photo editor2


Beard & Abs Photo Editor for Bodybuilding – Macho

beard abs photo editorBeard is always associated with courage and strength. If you don’t have either, it’s no reason to despair – you can try it all on in a separate application Beard & Abs Photo Editor for Bodybuilding.

Everything is taken into account here: different body styles, different cuts and beards, and even hair color. Hair and beard are customized by you – you just choose the look you want, change its color and density, and get the perfect result for you.

Obviously, as the name of the application suggests, it will be possible to add abs and change the relief of the body.

beard abs photo editor1 beard abs photo editor2


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Beard Photo Editor

beard photo editor alvinaEveryone wants to change their appearance sometimes. Before deciding to make radical changes, it is best to at least imagine how it will look. In the Beard Photo Editor application you can add a beard or mustache, change the color of your hair, and in general edit your photo.

Each beard is presented here as a sticker that you control by yourself. There are also different sticker angles for photos from different angles. In addition to the standard models of beards, you can also find crazy or funny options in the Beard Photo Editor.

In a matter of seconds, you can change your appearance dramatically. For a more realistic look, you can edit each sticker in detail.

beard photo editor alvina1 beard photo editor alvina2


Live Beard Photo Editor by DDR

live beard photo editorTurn the camera on and start making changes. The Live Beard Photo Editor lets you try out literally every type of facial hair – so you can not only impress your friends but also try out something new for yourself.

The simple interface of the application will allow you to immediately select the option you are interested in – and then just apply it to the photo. In any mode, the app automatically checks the angle from which the photo was taken to make your beard look realistic.

Also, each model looks realistic – changing parameters such as contrast, lighting, saturation, and more. Most importantly, the beards look natural!

live beard photo editor1 live beard photo editor2


You shouldn’t try to imagine whether this or that look will suit you. It is much better to immediately see how you will change. In apps you can try on different images – macho with a beard, stylish Italian with a mustache, or other types of facial hair.

Not only hairstyle can radically change the way you look! In special applications you will grow a beard much faster than you can imagine. If you are ready, install the apps and start playing with your style and appearance. Do not make too quick decisions!

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