11 Best apps like Rabbit for Android & iOS

What is Rabbit? Earlier it was a popular platform where users shared videos and broadcasts with their friends and family, watched movies and TV series in real-time.

You could just start watching something, and your friend in his apartment could also see it and share his emotions with you at the same time. Unfortunately, the platform stopped working and users had to look for an alternative.

In addition to Rabbit, there are many other platforms for shared viewing. All of them have different functionality, interface, and features, but the point is the same – you and your friends will be watching movies and TV series using the same service.

However, even among the many alternatives, it’s hard enough to find a really high-quality platform that will satisfy all your needs.

We’ve found 11 of the best applications to compare with Rabbit. Among them, you can choose the most suitable one for you, as well as recommend it to friends for sharing.

Rave – Videos with Friends

raveYou should agree that watching TV series and movies are more enjoyable in the company. It doesn’t matter exactly what you’re going to watch – the latest Netflix show or YouTube video – you can sync the video anyway. From now on, you won’t be watching anything alone, because you will have the company remotely.

Besides shows and TV series, you can watch videos from special hosting sites and listen to music together. You can also have a big movie night by uploading a file to your Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage.

While watching, you can talk to your friends or chat, and your phones can be synced to an entire speaker system. In Rave, you’ll need quick signup, so you can log in all the time.

rave1 rave2


CYA LIVE – Watch Together

cya liveCertain platforms for shared viewing combine not only the ability to view content but also the streaming, live communication.

CYA LIVE is one of those platforms that are really lively and interactive because it has real communication of people around the world. If you want to watch a movie and communicate at the same time, it will be a good choice.

CYA LIVE offers you to connect with anyone from anywhere in the world to watch something together. Above all, anyone can join you to watch a live movie – sometimes even celebrities.

You’ll see it and you can chat with them live – just join the scene. They interact via video chat, and you can ask them questions. Anyone can create their own event – that’s how your friends will join you in watching.

cya live1 cya live2



myCircleTvmyCircleTV is an application that has the simplest and even the most common interface. But it allows you to watch different social videos together at the same pace, synchronizing your screens with your friends. You simply send a friend an invitation to watch, and the person joins your private room via a link.

In your room, you can chat and show your emotions to friends – just pause the video or movie and start talking. You can all control your video player so that everyone can talk. When you’re in landscape mode, all your videos are also available, so it expands to your entire screen.

By the way, you can also upload your own videos to myCircleTV for watching – for example, what you have filmed yourself from memories or downloaded from another service. In any case, the content will be transferred to your friends and synchronized everywhere.

myCircleTv1 myCircleTv2


Nanocine – Watch Together

nanocineWhenever you get bored, one of the good ways to spend time is to watch movies or TV series. Nanocine contains the whole package of standard entertainment so you won’t get bored.

Here you will watch movies, but not necessarily with your friends. Yes, you may have already understood that in Nanocine you will get to meet new people while watching movies or watching TV series.

In Nanocine you will find the best content, which was selected specially for users by the developers. In addition to the movies, the app also offers the latest major news, information on events and new technologies, and much more.

The application creates separate interest groups, where you can invite friends or enter by yourself to meet someone.

You will not need to search for entertainment content on different sites, because everything will be in Nanocine. Here you will be able to watch the most interesting movies and TV series and find the company in just a few seconds.

nanocine1 nanocine2


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Wowza GoCoder

wowza gocoder1If you are using an Android device, there is a huge selection of video and audio capture applications for you. One of them is Wowza GoCoder, which is mainly used for broadcasting.

You can stream the broadcasts on the go, anywhere – you just need to show off your screen to stream the video. The capture is done in real time, so everything will happen online.

Wowza GoCoder shows all the videos in HD quality, which is convenient for watching videos and movies. The latency of the streaming video is minimal and you can hardly feel it, so your friends will see what you see.

The use of both front and back cameras is supported if you want to showcase yourself online. All video settings are set automatically, but you can change them yourself. It also automatically restarts if you have problems with the Internet. It can be concluded that Wowza GoCoder is ideal for Streams.

wowza gocoder


Explorii – Watch Together

exploriiVirtual rooms are a tool that very often uses services similar to Rabbit. With Explorii, you can create separate rooms where you can gather with your friends or family from your smartphones or laptops.

You can watch the hottest sports games, watch TV shows, listen to music and just talk while you’re watching, so it feels like you’re sitting next to them.

In addition to watching, Explorii has all the latest world news – viral videos, loud events, videos, and more. You can also share your own content – if that’s what you want.

You get a platform on your smartphone where you can share what you’ve been impressed with, or have movie nights. Explorii also offers you a choice of your favorite categories to recommend articles and videos.

explorii1 explorii2


Kast – Watch Together

kastKast is the first platform to replace Rabbit. This application is most often considered as an alternative, but there are also a few nuances.

First, there’s still not a lot of activity here – so if you want to find content right in the application, you may not get it.

Secondly, there are ads in the app that may not appeal to some users. But in any case, Kast should be regarded exclusively as a good platform for shared viewing.

Here you can create whole parties with your friends and watch your favorite shows together. Some of your friends can also invite you to a private party and you will become part of the company.

You can talk or video chat while watching, so the feeling of closeness is even stronger. Your conversations with friends are now real even over long distances. Arrange a virtual party and start the fun.

kast1 kast2


Lifetime: Watch Shows & Movies

lifetimeIf you really want to share your favorite shows with your friends, you can start watching with them. You can use the Lifetime service to do this. It’s the application that lets you stream your favorite movies, shows, TV shows, and shows on the go!

The live broadcast is streamed live in the app and your friend can use the service on any device – a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Most importantly, Lifetime already has the latest episodes of popular shows. All you have to do is choose what you want to watch and start broadcasting right away. Content is shown in the app and you don’t need to download the entire episode or movie.

Here, for example, you can find Marrying Millions, The Rap Game, and other popular shows. In Lifetime, you’ll get a whole range of entertainment and maybe even find something new. It also records the time you left off so you can continue watching.

lifetime1 lifetime2


Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies

huluHulu is a service that will require a subscription from you. But after its registration, you will have access to a huge amount of content for which you will not be charged.

All of this, of course, you will be able to broadcast and watch simultaneously with friends to brighten up the evening. You can find the latest series and real gold hits in the app. The library has modern shows and even classic hits, which your parents loved so much.

Hulu has several subscription plans, from which you can choose the most appropriate one. One of them includes online TV broadcasts, there are combined plans, as well as a simple non-advertising and free movie and TV series format.

You can create up to 6 personalized profiles, each with its own TV series or shows added to your favorites category. You can watch all the shows on your smartphone, wherever you are. Most importantly, you won’t be charged extra once you subscribe!



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Airtime: Watch Together

airtimeCollaborative viewing services are becoming more and more popular among users. You may have already heard of Airtime – it’s a great platform that allows you to combine watching and video chatting in one application.

Here you can really enjoy watching, as you can chat and discuss whatever you want. There is no need to share your popcorn anymore since everyone involved in the party is at home.

Airtime allows you to be close to other people no matter how far away you are. Your entire viewing will be social as you watch the content with the people you love.

Video chat allows you to add up to 10 users at a time – which is a big enough company. You can also react with additional instruments – stickers or sound reactions.

airtime1 airtime2


The CW

the cwLooking for a free broadcast for several people at once? Then we would like to tell you about The CW. This application allows you to broadcast all your favorite shows for free – and you don’t even need to register!

Surprisingly, that’s a pure truth. Once installed, you’ll be able to watch all the latest popular shows with your friends, even if you’ve previously bought a subscription for it.

Full episodes of popular shows and series are available in The CW for free. If you missed the last episode or would like to review it, you can do so as well. There is no need to subscribe or add your credit card details, as all content is free.

You can also set up notifications for each episode or show you like, so you and your friends will be among the first to watch the latest episodes. You can also watch trailers for the next episodes, warming up your interest.

the cw1 the cw2


Online movie theaters for watching movies, TV series, and cartoons are becoming more and more popular. All of them contain legal content, as well as videos of interest to you. A lot of services appear every day, and all you have to do is make the right choice.

Perhaps one of your friends is already using one of the presented platforms and you can start watching them right away. Even if you can’t meet your friends or invite them over to your house, you can have a shared view – even with popcorn and nachos!

We suggest you invite them to watch your favorite movie or TV series and get their opinion about your favorite content right away.

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