15 Best Fake Email Generator Apps & Websites 2024

Do you want to be an anonymous user on the Internet? It is really useful. You can use fake emails to log in or reply to a message. You can get rid of annoying spam emails.

Create a lot of fake emails or websites and be happy. Don’t worry about your personal information. It will always be protected. Choose the name you want and use a new email.

There is a list of best fake email generator apps and websites.

Temp Mail – Temporary Email

Do you want to protect your emails from spam? This app can do it without any problems. The app works free. Create disposable emails and feel protection. Nowadays, it is very important to have secure mail. Forget about spam and junk emails. Thanks to this app, your real mail will remain protected and clean.

How to use the app? It is easy. Download and install the app. The app creates temporary emails for you. Publish temporary e-mail on sites and wait for new messages. The app will notify you about any emails. You will always be aware of them.

The app has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Developers frequently update the app. They add improvements and innovations. Try it and all your emails will be protected.


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Instant Email Address – Multipurpose free email!

You can create disposable email addresses for any purpose. If you need a lot of emails, the app will easily handle it. Use it as you want. Your new emails will be used temporarily. Don’t use your permanent email address to sign up on the website. Nobody wants to get spam.

Create a fake email and use it for unnecessary information and letters. Don’t tell everyone your real email. Create a temporary email address and use it for work. Do you want to be in touch with a lot of people? Create a special email address to chat with them. Use your new address as you want.

Don’t forget to turn on the notifications. You will be always aware of new emails. The app has been installed more than 1 million times. It is useful app can make all your Internet conversations easier. Create tons of emails and use them as you want!


Temporary Email Generator

Temporary Email Generator is designed to help you get a disposable email address. You will no longer have to provide your real email to suspicious sources. This feature is useful for users who lead a busy online life and use their Email addresses frequently.

To reduce the risk of your real mailbox being hacked, you can create and use a brand-new address. This app generates a new address to which you can receive any emails. They can contain attachments, attached audio and video files. Finally, you will forget about spam and endless mailings.

Temporary email functions like a regular Email address. The new email can be opened from different devices. All data is anonymous, which ensures the privacy of the customer’s personal data.

Once the new Email address is deleted, all emails will be destroyed automatically. The work of creating a new Email takes less than a minute and the number of addresses is unlimited.


Vanishmail – Temporary Email

If you are concerned about your safety in the online space, Vanishmail can help you keep your email address secret. Almost all websites and services require you to provide a real email address when registering. All the spam and junk emails fill up your valid inbox.

This app allows you to separate your personal life from advertising and mailings. With one click, create a new email address and specify it when needed. Temporary mail works like a regular inbox, keeping your personal information intact.

Receive and send emails without restrictions. Confirm your identity in online stores. You can create several full-fledged and anonymous e-mail addresses at the same time. Vanishmail is a great option for keeping your real e-mail account clean and safe. Now your data is well protected.

IMEI Generator & Phone Specs

This email generator can create a lot of temporary email addresses for you. Every email address is tested and work well. If you need a new email for work, use this app. If you need a new email for video games, use this app. If you need a new email for correspondence, use this app.

The design of the app is intuitive and perfect. Nothing will bother you. Sometimes it is annoying to be sent spam. The app can solve this problem. A lot of emails are never harmful. You can find a goal for them. Just open the app and use the generator. It will do all the work for you.

The app is popular. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. The app will allow you to create many emails for free. Your goal is to decide how to use them. Turn on the imagination.



It is one of the best websites to generate fake or temporary emails. You need to complete only 3 steps. Register any domain. You can create any domain.

Create DNS (Domain Name Servers). The website will help you with this step. And the last step, get messages. It is easy. You can have a lot of mailboxes. It helps you to prevent annoying spam.

You can be anonymous on the Internet. Don’t worry about your data. Now you can safely register on the sites. You can be protected from scammers.

Create a lot of email addresses for any needs. The great advantage of the app is the generation of fake Gmail addresses. This website will help you in any situation if you urgently need email.


The interface of the website is not difficult. You can use it without any problems. Avoid bothering letters and spam. You can make your real email address protected and clean. The website works quickly and reliably. You can trust it.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a powerful and proven temporary email address generator. This option will help you keep spam and flyers out of your main inbox. Create several new Emails to separate your personal life, work, and online activities.

Do not provide your real email address when registering. Just generate a temporary address that works on the same principle. It can easily be used to create a new account on social networks, pass registration in online markets, and various services.

Use your new e-mail for a long time. All actions with your box are anonymous, and information is not transferred to another server. Now you do not have to reveal your identity when registering on the Internet.

All e-mail boxes are collected in one place so you can keep track of the activity of each of them. Take care of your well-being in advance. With Temp Mail, you can avoid receiving spam and avoid phishing.


Temp Mail Pro – Multiple Email

Temp Mail Pro is a temporary email address generator for any purpose. If you need a mailbox to quickly and safely go through registration on various sites, anonymous mail will be a great option.

You will get a new email, while your personal email will remain secret. This approach greatly reduces the amount of information garbage in your main mailbox. Besides, you will hide your real data from scammers on the Internet.

You can receive any emails to the new address, including emails with images and audio files. Use the one-time address in any service, including online stores and online casinos.

TempMail Pro works free of charge in its entirety. You can create several temporary addresses and use them as intended. You don’t need to register and specify confidential information in the app. Just a few seconds of waiting and a new email address will be generated.



This website can help you to create free and temporary email addresses. If you need a new email as soon as possible, open this website. Only one clock and you have a new address. Create an individual email for work or friends. You don’t need to sign up. The website works well without it.

You can create temporary emails. They will be deleted after some hours. Don’t worry about your personal information. Created emails won’t have any data about you. The design of the website is funny and comfortable. The blue tone won’t bother you. All your emails will be auto-deleted after a few hours.


You can see the list of your temporary emails. Just open the site. It has been used all over the world. You can create fake email addresses anywhere and anytime. You can see your private domain. This website won’t let you waste your time. Don’t clean up your mailbox. You will never get spam.

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T Mail – Instant Free Temporary Email Address

Another app that we would advise in this category, even though it includes some in-app purchases.

The most essential distinguishing feature of this app is that you can generate about ten temporary email addresses.

By tapping on the Create Button, you can come up with a new email. If haven’t any ideas, press on the Random Create button. The app will generate an Email address automatically.

If you have more than two email addresses, you can cope with them by clicking on the Switch button. There you will see the list of your email addresses and check the messages.

Click on the button with the image of the bin if you want to delete one of the addresses. By using this app, you protect your permanent personal email address from spam.

To open one email in the mail, you need to watch an advertising video. The number of emails to open is limited. You can only check twenty emails per day.

If you want to dispose of ads and check more emails daily, then buy the premium version.



This website gives you a one-time email address to use. It is useful for temporary registrations. Open the website and it creates your an email.

There is a lot of temporary email addresses. They never end. The website will generate new ones. When websites request your email do not give them the real. Give them the fake one.

You won’t get spam. Nothing will bother you. You can’t send emails from fakes emails. The website doesn’t allow it. The website creates temporary email addresses that work only 24 hours. Don’t worry about them. The website makes all the work for you. You can see any received letter for 24 hours.


The website shows you if the email address is ready. Don’t forget that your fake email isn’t secured. Anyone can get access to it. Sometimes we just need a temporary email. This website will help you with this. The beautiful design will make working with it enjoyable.


TempMail+ is a great tool that will prevent you from getting tons of spam on your email.

This app works just like a regular email. To create your Tempmail address pick a name for your address and fill in your real email to get a code to register. You won’t get any more emails on your main email. All the junk emails will go to your Tempmail account.

To choose for how long you wish an email to stay go to “Settings”, where you will see the option to choose mailbox lifetime – 10 min, 60 min, 2, or 7 days.

Use your Tempmail to register on websites, share this mail whenever asked at the stores and sign up for games.

The app is rather lightweight weighing only 2.7 Ms.

The graphics are simple, which makes sending emails very quick. This app would be perfect for those who get tons of unwanted spam on their temporary emails.


Email Generator

This website has a lot of features. It generates temporary email addresses. You can use it to confirm your email address on the website.

You can also sign up for the websites using fake email addresses. It also allows you to sign up for social networks. The website allows you not only to create fake email addresses. You can also create temp mail and test account.

Don’t worry about annoying spam. You can protect your real email address. Just create fake emails and use them for work or games. You can create your own domain. Use the email as long as the domain works. This is a great way to protect your email from spam and junk. You can choose the name of your fake email.

Email Generator

Many large companies need this website. It will protect your data from spam and ads. Nothing will bother you. You can dive into the work.  This website can give Internet freedom and happiness. Don’t be afraid of spam. Your permanent email address will be protected.

Temporary Email Address

The Temporary Email Address app quickly creates temporary email addresses for all users. They have no restrictions and can be used as a regular email. Immediately after creating a new address, you can receive emails and messages to it.

All tabs and attached links are retained. Keep your real email address for personal use. Separate your work from your personal life. Make sure that your personal mailbox is not filled with spam and unnecessary brochures.

The generated address is disposable, anonymous, and free of charge. Use this feature the next time you register at any online resource. The maximum simplicity and instant operation of the app ensure user comfort.

Temporary Email Address is a multilingual platform. With a Premium subscription, you will be able to create custom Emails, save important messages, and not be distracted by ads.


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10 Minute Mail – Disposable temporary email

This application will free your temporary email from spam.

It is easy to use, no registration is required. All the spam you get will be stored for only 10 or 60 minutes (with a free version). You will be asked to enable notifications, which you probably should do to stay on track with your emails.

This app would work best to use for registration at untrustworthy websites or using it to get Wi-Fi access through your email.

The solid interface of 10 Minute Mail means that any user will be able to figure out how to manipulate the app.

The app is not totally free, it has a premium subscription that doesn’t have ads, allows you to set any time you want on the timer, gives access to multiple mailboxes, and improves the protection of your security. The amount of ads on the free version is excessive making it hard to use.

It’s also questionable why the developers say that a premium subscription is better for security reasons. It seems like they don’t care about the security of the users who are unable to pay for the subscription. Some users are complaining that they don’t get notifications from the app.

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