11 Free apps that make you look older (Android & iOS)

This year the apps that make you old were just booming everywhere. Every single person seems to upload a picture of them 60 years older. Do people really want to know that bad how they are going to look when they old? Well, it seems like it.

You can also join this mass obsession and try to become an elder in seconds. These new apps are using new technologies which to grow old your face. Some of them even attempt to predict your future. Well, try them out – and in the future, we will see how true it all was.


Now it is fair enough to say that people have almost invented the time machine. You have a great opportunity to transcend to the future and see how you’re going to look in 50 years. Crazy, right?

You just need to upload your photo or selfie and age yourself. Then you will get results. You can use this app together with your friends and you all will probably see how you’re going to look when you’re old. Then when you get results you can share them via Facebook, What’s Up or mail.

The app will detect your face automatically and make the necessary crops. And by the way, the app works even without the Internet, so your face can be aged even without a connection. To see results before and after you need to shake your phone.

There is also an additional option of how you can alter your face. You can also make yourself fat, bald, ugly or stache. Just remember that this app is simply for fun and it gives you no guarantees of the actual look when you are old.



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Face Secret

At some point, it’s crazy how in the age of science and technology people still believe in paranormal existence. Sometimes it seems that all these predictions, magical tricks, and spirituality are actually getting more and more popular along with how the Internet gains more and more presence in our lives.

This app will not only morth your face but it can also predict your destiny according to your palms’ image, it can predict who your future child will be, analyze ethnicity, it has beauty scanner where you can compare yourself with another person and see who is more beautiful and it can analyze your face features as well.

As you see, you will basically know everything about your life. There is also a horoscope forecast and if you are fond of it, then you can use this function as well. The main core of the app is built on the idea is that it analyzes features of your face and it gives you predictions and prophecies based on them. It can be useful, though.

And if you want to improve your relationship with your partner or just have fun there is horoscope compatibility. There you can explore the underlying reasong of you’re being together and perhaps find the solution for some of your problems. And also see how reliable your future is. Age your face together and see how you’re going to look as an old couple.


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Face Secret Pro

They say you can understand a lot about a person by their facial expression. Or their facial features? If you agree, you should download this app and learn more about yourself and others.

In the option “age camera” you can, obviously, grow your face old and see how you’re going to look when you are old. However, this is not only the app for face morphing, but they’re also a number of fun features along with making your face look old. Ethnicity scanner will analyze your face’s features showing you who your ancestors are.

And maybe you’re interested in how your baby is going to look like or you want to know your future in general. Yes, there is a future predictor which will tell you what to expect in the next years.  Here, just like in the app that was described before you can make beauty comparisons and see your horoscope forecasts. In other words, send you time with fun and flatter your self-esteem!



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Some people may get afraid of the idea of seeing themselves old. But we all grow old one day and some people are just rushing the times. Not that curiosity a bad thing, just some of us might get shocked by the way they are going to look in the old ages.

So this app is made only for aging your face. And it does it if that’s possible to say. professionally. You can upload your own pictures, pictures of your friends and see how you’re going to be. Besides, here you will find an interesting additional function. Oldify not only makes your face old but also animates it, so you can see how you blink, sigh, yawn cough and so on.



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Judging by the name, it is obvious that this app is a multi-tasking tool for manipulations with your face. As well as you can create your best selfies here, you can grow your face old. The app uses new neuron technology for facial changes and photo editing.

You can have a lot of fun, by changing your gender, hair and making other changes. What is more, you can add a smile to your face. You can find the unique style of your mustache or beard. Backgrounds can also be changed. In addition, you can apply various filters on your photos. Apply makeup on your face.

There is also a function where you can ask the artificial intelligence what is the best style for you. It lets you try the images of Hitman, Joker and so on. And besides just making your face old this app can also make your face look younger.




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Old Face Maker

Have you ever thought of how you’re going to look when you’re old? Well, maybe you should see it and prevent some changes that will happen to your face. You can make the face of anyone look older, not just yours.

It’s a great way to have fun with your friends. You can use different stickers and effects to make your face old even more. Add grey hair for the more realistic effect. Make a huge transformation with Old Face Camera. Old yourself instantly. With grandpa’s glasses, gray beard and brows you will make an older face.

You just take a selfie and upload it to the app. Then you will see yourself looking like an old man or an old woman. Then, when you get results you can see whether you look like your grandparents or not. Make a huge transformation with Old Face Camera. Old yourself instantly. With grandpa’s glasses, gray beard and brows you will make older face.


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Face Old: Old Face Changer

Many people get surprised how similar they look to their parents when they grow old. Want to check that as well? Then try this app. It was really popular recently to make your face look old. Probably, you saw all your friends have already done that. Instagram was just full of these photos back then.

You can make your face look old when you use this app. Apart from that, you have a possibility to make yourself look more attractive and also edit some imperfection on your face. When you change your face, you can also customize the changes and choose the exact shape of your profile, head, nose, and skin to look more unusual.


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Older Face

So if you want to follow everyone’s trend to make old your face then try at different variations. This app will scan your face, analyze it and then will show you the result. And all the other functions so you could have a fun time – aging shutter, baby predictor, gender changer and something else.

Your friends will love this app. It is so interesting and exciting finding out about your nationality roots together and laugh at future predictions. A great choice for a home party. predicting your future baby is even funnier. When you’re not taking it too seriously it can be a good reason to come all together and make new memories.

There is a palm scanner which can also, as it claims, predict your future. It analyzes your palm’s lines and shows suggestions about your nearest future. Why paying a lot of money to so-called magicians when you can simply download the app?


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Old Face

It is fair enough to say that some people do look better when they are older. Ages give them some kind of charm and wittiness in their eyes. That’s why the images of aged, wise-looking characters are so demanded in movies. Remember Morna Freeman? It seems like he’s been old his whole life.

Want to see how you would as like one of those characters? Then apply this app. It’s really simple with no distracting functions. Here you find only one purpose – to make you face old and show you how would you look as a grandpa or grandma.

What would happen if we would try this app on actual old people? If you’d like to find it out, then do that.  The app has a function of sharing the results on social media, so share your experiments with your friends and family. They will probably have fun with you.


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Make Me OLD

From our childhood, we’ve been taught to have great respect for elders. It’s natural when the younger generation takes care of the previous one, it is a law in society. However, do all the elders deserve all that respect they get? It’s a dubious claim. Sometimes elders act crazy, moreover, they could be aggressive and hostile to others.

Do you also have a grumpy friend who is not satisfied with anything ever? Well, download this app, make him/her old and show them what will happen to them if they won’t change their attitude. Use different stickers to add wrinkles and gray hair and easily make an older version of anyone.

This also could be a good idea to have fun with this app involving your whole family on the day-off. Pretend like you’re all old and enjoy your retirement. The face swap camera with high-quality photo effects was designed for fans of old face apps free.

Get theatrical and edit thoroughly your face with all the stickers and effect to achieve the most realistic effect of your oldness. Who knows, maybe you will end up with something curious and then you will want to share it with all your friends and family on social media (it is possible to do via the app).


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Old Face Predictor

And lastly, it is cool finding out how you are going to look like when you’re old, but we should never forget to enjoy the present. No one can predict the future, we can only try, Though, people created pretty decent tools for that, and see, it is extremely demanded.

This app is concentrating more on the 3D images of people. Here it’s like you’re creating a mask choosing the features that you will have when you’re old. What you need to do is to choose a photo from your library, then add it to the app and add effects on it. Then you will see an old version of you.

Hair color, glasses, beards, wrinkles, moles – these are all customizable. You can even choose the shape of your mouth. In general, it is a very simple app and here you can only grow your face old with a mix of 3D effects. Well, those who prefer such graphics may be interested.


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