11 Free Apps that Make You Look Older (Android & iOS)

This year the apps that make you old were just booming everywhere. Every single person seems to upload a picture of them 60 years older. Do people really want to know that bad how they are going to look when they old? Well, it seems like it.

You can also join this mass obsession and try to become an elder in seconds. These new apps are using new technologies which to grow old your face. Some of them even attempt to predict your future. Well, try them out – and in the future, we will see how true it all was.

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Now it is fair enough to say that people have almost invented the time machine. You have a great opportunity to transcend to the future and see how you’re going to look in 50 years. Crazy, right?

You just need to upload your photo or selfie and age yourself. Then you will get results. You can use this app together with your friends and you all will probably see how you’re going to look when you’re old. Then when you get results you can share them via Facebook, What’s Up, or mail.

The app will detect your face automatically and make the necessary crops. And by the way, the app works even without the Internet, so your face can be aged even without a connection. To see results before and after you need to shake your phone.

There is also an additional option of how you can alter your face. You can also make yourself fat, bald, ugly or stache. Just remember that this app is simply for fun and it gives you no guarantees of the actual look when you are old.


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Face Changer 2

At some point, it’s crazy how in the age of science and technology people still believe in paranormal existence. Sometimes it seems that all these predictions, magical tricks, and spirituality are actually getting more and more popular along with how the Internet gains more and more present in our lives.

However, let’s move away from all those depressive-mystic topics and just enjoy the fun that nowadays apps are able to bring to us. This app was called the most trending app of 2016 by Google Play – and it still remains popular even nowadays. It gives you a chance to make a number of manipulations to your face – including morphing it.

What you need to do is to upload your picture and then choose the necessary filter to see how your face (or maybe not yours) grows old. It is also important to highlight the cool and colorful interface design of Face Changer 2 – this app is really easy to use and it is a lot of fun, especially together with your friends!


Face Secret Pro

They say you can understand a lot about a person by their facial expression. Or their facial features? If you agree, you should download this app and learn more about yourself and others.

In the option “age camera” you can, obviously, grow your face old and see how you’re going to look when you are old.

However, this is not only the app for face morphing, but they’re also a number of fun features along with making your face look old. Ethnicity scanner will analyze your face’s features showing you who your ancestors are.

And maybe you’re interested in how your baby is going to look like or you want to know your future in general. Yes, there is a future predictor that will tell you what to expect in the next years.

Here, just like in the app that was described before you can make beauty comparisons and see your horoscope forecasts. In other words, send you time with fun and flatter your self-esteem!



Some people may get afraid of the idea of seeing themselves old. But we all grow old one day and some people are just rushing the times. Not that curiosity a bad thing, just some of us might get shocked by the way they are going to look in the old ages.

This app has been accused of Google Play quite a short time ago, but it doesn’t matter because it does its job perfectly – all you need is to upload a portrait photo of yourself or the photo of your friend and it will make them look old!

It detects the mouth and eye area automatically – and grows your face old proportionally and extremely realistically. If you’re not satisfied with the original result, you can tap on the “retry” button.


Age Face – Make me OLD

The trend of growing your face older on the picture was a thing a couple of years ago. Then there was a gradient that was allowed to see what celebrity do you look like.

However, if you suddenly feel nostalgic or you need to see how your face going to look in late years for your personal reasons – you can go for this app as well.

To be completely honest, Age Face is not the most popular software for that on the market, and on some gadgets, it might just not work. On the other hand, you can always try. Moreover, it works a little bit differently than the other apps.

If in the previous app you were supposed to upload your picture and the app would morth it automatically, then here you can actually choose the “old” filter after you upload your image.

Try different variants and see which one looks the most real on your face. After that, you can either download a photo or share it with your friends.


Old Face Maker

Have you ever thought of how you’re going to look when you’re old? Well, maybe you should see it and prevent some changes that will happen to your face. You can make the face of anyone look older, not just yours.

It’s a great way to have fun with your friends. You can use different stickers and effects to make your face old even more. Add grey hair for the more realistic effect. Make a huge transformation with Old Face Camera. Old yourself instantly. With grandpa’s glasses, gray beard, and brows you will make an older face.

You just take a selfie and upload it to the app. Then you will see yourself looking like an old man or an old woman. Then, when you get results you can see whether you look like your grandparents or not.

Make a huge transformation with Old Face Camera. Old yourself instantly. With grandpa’s glasses, gray beard, and brows you will make an older faces.


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Old Face Camera

Many people get surprised how similar they look to their parents when they grow old. Want to check that as well? Then try this app. It was really popular recently to make your face look old. Probably, you saw all your friends have already done that. Instagram was just full of these photos back then.

This particular app is a little bit disgusting in a sense that old pictures of people that it create can look quite ugly, because the old filters that can be found here, sometimes have quite strange colors.

Apart from the aging booth effects, here you will find the funny masks, and you can also regulate the effects. You can choose whether you want to age your face 20 or 40 years ahead.


Magic Face

Magic Face is an entertaining program that provides you with unusual photo editing tools. With this app, it is possible to age the face, rejuvenate the face in a portrait, and do other manipulations.

State-of-the-art technology for scanning facial features makes it possible to look into the future. HiddenMe’s option will surprise you by transforming your portrait into a young face. It will virtually send you back to your childhood and adolescent years.

A couple in love, using the app features, will be able to predict the appearance of their child together based on their portraits. The program scans the faces of the future mother and father and displays the baby’s face.

Other bold experiments with the image on the portrait are available in the program. For example, gender reassignment, ethnicity analysis, and other manipulations of the photo.

Using the effects does not require knowledge of complex graphic editing and photomontage tools.


Old Face

It is fair enough to say that some people do look better when they are older. Ages give them some kind of charm and wittiness in their eyes. That’s why the images of aged, wise-looking characters are so demanded in movies. Remember Morna Freeman? It seems like he’s been old his whole life.

Want to see how you would as like one of those characters? Then apply this app. It’s really simple with no distracting functions. Here you find only one purpose – to make you face old and show you how would you look as a grandpa or grandma.

What would happen if we would try this app on actual old people? If you’d like to find it out, then do that.  The app has a function of sharing the results on social media, so share your experiments with your friends and family. They will probably have fun with you.


Face Truth

Face Truth is a photo processing app. It is possible to age your face using artificial intelligence technology. Several effects are also available.

This utility allows you to age your face and see how you will look in 10, 30, or 30 years. It is also possible to scan a photo and get extra information about your character and health.

To use the app, you need to allow access to the camera and the phone’s internal memory. Next, you should create a picture or select a ready-made photo from the gallery. The principle of operation of the utility is based on the use of the capabilities of artificial intelligence. It automatically recognizes faces.

The main function of this photo editor is to age your pictures. You will be able to find out how you will look in a few decades. Besides, there is an opportunity to change your nationality and try on one of the styles of the peoples of the world.

This utility allows you to perform a facial scan to get more information. For example, you can find out your health status and the most striking traits of your character.


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Old Face Predictor

And lastly, it is cool finding out how you are going to look like when you’re old, but we should never forget to enjoy the present. No one can predict the future, we can only try, Though, people created pretty decent tools for that, and see, it is extremely demanded.

This app is concentrating more on the 3D images of people. Here it’s like you’re creating a mask choosing the features that you will have when you’re old. What you need to do is to choose a photo from your library, then add it to the app and add effects on it. Then you will see an old version of you.

Hair color, glasses, beards, wrinkles, moles – these are all customizable. You can even choose the shape of your mouth. In general, it is a very simple app and here you can only grow your face old with a mix of 3D effects. Well, those who prefer such graphics may be interested.

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