11 Best apps that make you look skinny

There are not enough words to emphasize how crazy our world is about body image. It is praised, it is criticized, it is desired, it is hated, but it’s always been important. Good body shape has always been an attractive feature, meaning about the person’s health.

Though lately this trend was attempted to be changed, millions are still striving for athletic body shape. Well, it’s a natural instinct. And unfortunately, this feature is accessible not to all the people. But thanks to our favorite app developers, they figured out a way to lift our mood.

You can’t slim yourself in the real life effortlessly in seconds, but you can do that on the picture. And actually, who cares, if they’ve never seen you in reality? We are going virtual nowadays. So go to use these apps and finally get the desired shape of your body.

Perfect Me

It is a known fact that the camera makes people look thicker than they actually are in real life. That’s why probably many of us don’t like taking pictures. And yes, some people possess the techniques of posing quite well, but it is just impossible to get all tensed for a picture every single time. And, of course, it may happen that you really like your face of the photo, but the body posture is to be wished for the better… It can be fixed though.

This app gives you a chance to slim any body parts you are not satisfied with: face, legs, arms – everything. Or maybe you would like to edit the tattoo on your body a little bit. Make your whole body look proportional and symmetrical by applying the technologies of this app. You can make your waist look thinner and define your abs for them to look more prominent, and, can you imagine, make your legs longer.

Retouching yourself can be a fun way to spend time and this app sure has a lot of tools to help you with that. Practice your skills of body editing and you will become better and better with time. The more you practice, the more natural your editing will look. Although, the retouch looks already quite decent even if you use the app for the 1st time. With its intuitive control and scanning system, it identifies the parts of your body and changes their size.

Another function here is that you can soften your face and remove acne from your skin. With the facelift function, you can make your face look slimmer and younger. Whiten teeth, nudge your smile, plump up lips, grow a taller nose bridge – basically, you can change your look completely to the extent you like.

You don’t have to use additional progs to add filters to your photos if you don’t want to – there are some filters built in the app. Also, with stickers, you can add flush, hat, crown, and glasses to dress up your face. In case you don’t like the background of a photo you can replace it. The same works if there are some unwanted objects in it – you can blur them. In general, it is a full photo editor with the accent on body editing tools.



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How many perfect pictures of celebrities and bloggers showing off their perfect bodies have you seen on Instagram? Probably, tons and tons of them, without any particular idea why does such a creature like you even exist on Earth if such perfect people like those co-exist in the same era with you. Luckily, it is clear now that nobody is that perfect as they impose themselves on pictures. Simply, it’s the matter of a good editing app.

And here is another one. This app will literally make a portfolio out of your photos. More than 15 million users can prove you this. You probably think now, that in order to make your body look realistically skinny you will have to understand all these complicated aspects of the photoshop. The app will reassure you.

What you do is you upload a photo of yourself. Then you have to just choose what you want to alter. In the bars below the photo you will see different categories: body, face, photo, accessories. Tap on “body” section if you want to make it look slimmer. You can add slight changes as well as significant changes and look totally different.

Considering the face you can remove wrinkles, slim your cheeks, slim your nose, plump your lips and many more. All the defects of your appearance can be concealed with this app. You can also add beautiful hair, suntan, remove tattoos, make your boobs bigger, your eyes bigger, waist smaller – basically, any manipulations are possible.



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Want to have a body like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian? Or maybe you want to look super skinny like Kate Moss? Do you want to have a new type of figure every day? Some people might say it is an unrealistic dream, but we both know – with apps that we can get, there is nothing unrealistic for us.

BodyTune will make you look as you want on the photo. The app will automatically identify the parts of your body so you can choose what actions you want to take on it. You can choose the shape of your belly and waistline, for example. The app will demonstrate to you several variations and you just choose one which fits better into the picture.

Depending on your choice, you can slim or widen your hips. Or you can make you look taller by making your legs longer. Depending on the style of the picture, you can add tattoos on your body, there are really interesting options.



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Many girls are constantly promising to lose weight for the summer season. Actually, not only girls. However, those who really work hard on their body and achieve that goal are pretty rare. In most cases people make excuses procrastinate, then they say it is too late and eventually they stay the same.

This app is a little bit different from the previous ones in the sense that it targets a little different type of audience. It is probably will be appreciated by both boys and girls, more grown audience and half-professional photographers. The key feature is that it makes you look skinny in a natural way without any hard manipulations.

It is advantage form one side because thus it is impossible to identify your photo has been edited. On the other hand, it is not so detailed. But if you have a group picture and you want to slim just yourself you can do that. Head resizing is also possible. Who knows, maybe you aren’t satisfied with the way how your neck looks and you want to slim it.

Manually choose the area of your face for natural resizing instead of inaccurate auto face recognition. You can also make yourself taller and your head look smaller so you look more proportionally in general.



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Make me thin fat body editor

Photoshop and picture editing are severely criticized today however, photo editing can be a fun art which brings you a possibility to see how could you look if you were slimmer/thicker/shorter/taller and so on. Almost everyone is editing their picture nowadays since society puts high expectations on how we should look. So what to be surprised about when people find out new ways to hack the system?

Many girls are not satisfied with the size of their buttocks and they would like to change their share without losing the curves. This app makes it possible. To make you whole body look proportional, you can also make your bust bigger or smaller, change the size of your waistline and the shape of the head.

It’s really great that now you don’t have to spend tons of money on makeup and skincare products and get depressed because of every new pimple on your face. This editor can make your skin look flawless, even if you have cellulite. If you are not confident in your editing skills you can first practice with a photo of a celebrity which is already uploaded in the app.

Nowadays the trend is honesty – in a sense that it is remarkably popular now to compare your photos before and after editing. This app has a function of comparison before/after. But the app has one disadvantage – to actually download the photo you get, you need to buy a premium version.



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Body Editor

How often do you edit your pictures? If you don’t do that frequently you don’t really notice the difference between a photoshopped photo and the original one. And many people are actually getting depressed because of that – they think it’s something wrong with them and they are fated to look ugly in pictures.

In fact, everyone has not such great photos. The difference is just how we edit them. And those who have no clue about it have to stay in the shade. Well, her is your discovery. Use this app and realize you can look like a start in just a few taps.

Every person what to have parts of their body slimmer. A wide range of correction tools will let you correct the curves of your body. See, nowadays you don’t even need plastic surgery to look the way you want. Men will definitely find a function of abs adding useful. It also allows changing the form of the beard and mustache. Or slim your body up to hilarious effect and share this picture with your friends. Have fun together!

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We all got used to think that the ones who are concerned with their body image are women. But the statistic actually shows that lately, men have been obsessed with their physical appearance almost at the same level! It is fair enough to say that girls are more concerned about their face and the men are more concerned about their body. And, of course, not all men look as athletic as they would like to.

So this app will make you look like a greek god or goddess without a gym. Well, on the picture, of course. For women, you can change the size of your waistline, size of your bust and butt, thinner your legs, make them longer. For men, they can add muscles to their body, thinner the body in general, add abs to their belly, remove or add a beard.

For a new type of body, you can also adjust a skin tone. There are various shades of tan that you can choose from. People can add tattoos to their bodies. Each editing tools has the depth of its intensiveness and different forms.

For example, you can choose the form of abs which you like more or which will look better on your body. The app also intuitively adds shades to body parts so even edited they look very natural.



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Trim Slim Tall

Stop taking millions of shots each time trying to get a perfect picture on accident. Now you don’t have to torture yourself and everyone around of striving to look slimmer. This app will help you look skinny from top to the bottom at any picture you decide to edit.

Change the shape of your face, your features, apply filters, stickers, frames and many more. The app is divided into 3 sections. The first one is called Editing Tool. There you can change the shape of your body parts separately. You can establish the height of your picture so your whole body looks slimmer in this section.

The second section is called Feature. Here you can edit the shape and features of your face to make your eyes bigger or smaller or conceal the double chin. There you can also apply stickers and filters to make the look of the whole picture more coherent. If you want, add frames.

And the third section is called My Work – well, here you can share your results and pictures with other users and your friends. The app synchronizes with social media so it is easy. Besides here you can delete your images as well.


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Body Plastic Surgery

Many of us want to look slimmer in photos to impress their followers and friends. But it’s not the rare case at all when we fail to do that and ending up frustrated. But wait, the contemporary world actually does guarantee us that our plans will come true. Whether you want to get revenge on your ex or to make your friends jealous or motivate your subscribers – now you can get perfect pictures for that using Body Plastic Surgery app.

But who knows, maybe you are really looking to getting plastic surgery and you would like to see the results in advance so you don’t make a terrible mistake? In this case, the app is a great help. You can apply changes to your body shape and they will still look as natural as possible.

And if you are that lazy to slim your body even at the picture – you’re welcome to use a partial template that the app has. It can be applied to a particular area. just move your photo to the red-guide line and get your awesome photo like slim waist, narrow shoulders and more.

It may happen sometimes if the editing is elaborate that parts which have been retouched, they look weird. In these cases, the layering of effects and shades helps. Here you can choose to apply the effects only on the area market by you and therefore, make the part look more natural.


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Slim & Skinny

Have you heard these scary stories when girls were trying to get skinny so hard that they were earning bulimia and anorexia? A great example of social pressure. Of course, not all the cases were so bad, but many people definitely had to suffer to get in shape before holidays or to prove others’ expectations.

Well, these days are gone. Now you don’t have to starve yourself to death only to look slim in the pic. All you have to do is to know the right editor. This app detects your head, face, and body automatically on the photo. Using the function called “Slider” you can make separate parts of your body look slimmer and more proportional.

For entertaining purposes, there is a function allowing you to make comparisons before/after. Make a collage and share the result on social media to remind people, that photos and real life don’t always match. Well, they don’t have to.



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Body Editor

And here goes the last but never the least app on our list. People today are really stressing on how they look at pictures. With all this hysteric panic it could be highly beneficial to learn how to edit photos and people’s bodies on pictures and then provide this service to others.

And this app could be your great helper. Here you got all the necessary tools to change the image of a person. Try to edit a photo and you will see that a person who barely looks like they’re going to the gym can look like a fitness model on pictures.

Make experiments with your image in each direction. You can change the color of your hair, eyes, features of your face, the shape of your body. Men can add more muscles to their body. Women can narrow the waist. Did you think all these gym billboards are real? In real life, people barely ever have such a perfect body no matter how hard they train.

And you also won’t need to go to the dentist to whiten your teeth anymore and make them suffer. The app provides the function of teeth whitening. Add cool tattoos to your body, and you don’t have to hurt yourself indeed. Create photo collage with hundreds of layouts in seconds. Edit photos with filters, stickers, texts and much more.


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